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					         Limousine Association
             PO Box 472451 / Aurora, CO 80047-2451

         June, 2005 Newsletter

       Monthly meeting held at the

          Park Hill Golf Course

    4141 East 35th Ave / Denver, CO.

               June 15th 2005

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Educational / Information Forum
      7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Business Meeting
                   Limousine Association of Colorado

Vacant Position
                                   Limousine Association of Colorado
                                          Mission Statement
Mike Geissler
Colorado Corporate Coach, Inc   The Limousine Association of Colorado (LAOC) is an organization
PO Box 606                      established to unite and educate Colorado’s independently owned
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033           limousine operators, transportation service providers, and affiliated
303.940.2757                 industry members on national and local legislative issues that affect
                                the transportation industry, offer educational seminars on various
Vice-President                  topics, and provide a platform for discussion, both formally and
Franci Ouzounis                 informally, between its members and affiliates in an environment
White Dove Limousine
3825 Grape Street
                                that encourages integrity and openness while respecting everyone’s
Denver, CO 80207                individuality.
(303) 399-3683               The LAOC’s goals are to:
Adam Paul                             Promote the existing association through positive interaction
Colorado Corporate Car                 between its current members
1837 S. Cole Court                    Ensure, through positive discussion, that the purpose of the
Lakewood, CO 80228                     LAOC is consistent with its adopted bylaws
(303) 986-7855                  Educate members on issues that directly affect the
                                       limousine industry and its affiliates
Secretary                             Challenge the existing laws and regulations to be applied
Marilyn Wright
                                       fairly to the entire transportation industry
Colorado Car & Limousine
PO Box 29187
Denver, CO 80229                To fulfill these goals, the LAOC will:
(303) 480-3625               Facilitate discussion, debate, and dialogue in a warm,
Sergeant at Arms                       friendly, and open atmosphere that encourages individuals
John Hafer                             to feel free to speak their personal views, regardless of
A Custom Coach                         predisposition
5105 E. Missouri Avenue               Host lectures, conferences, and other events for
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 759-1376                         transportation providers, educators, vendors, and others                  interested
                                      Help establish and maintain the LAOC code of ethics
Associate Board Member                Earn a widespread reputation as a positive entity in the
John Opeka
1580 Logan Street                      transportation industry that assists any of its members in
OL 1 Room 101                          helping their business, regardless of the size of the company
Denver, CO 80203
303-894-2009                    As the LAOC diligently works to achieve these goals, its members
                                will not only establish valuable networks and affiliated industry
                                relationships, but Colorado will benefit by having reputable
                                transportation providers that are well informed and better educated.

                  Limousine Association of Colorado
     Agenda for the June 15, 2005 / Park Hill Golf Course / 4141 E 35 Ave / Denver
                      6:00 PM Educational & Information Forum
                             7:00 PM Business Meeting
Educational Forum
       6:00 PM – 7:00 PM –      Lancer Insurance – Identifying and Managing your Risk – A tough
                                process – Goal is to performing an operational analysis of the risk and
                                the impact on cost on a business.
        Introduction of active members, associate members and guests
        Fund raiser drawing
Call to Order

President’s Report
        Mike Geissler
                Review and approval of May meeting
                Cell phone protocol
                Introduction of new members
Vice President’s Report
        Franci Ouzounis
                Membership Incentives
Treasurer’s Report
        Adam Paul
                Treasurers Report
Legislative Report
        Rule Making - House Bills
DIA Report
        Reports on airports throughout the State
NLA Report
        Barb Curtis – NLA Report
        Revision to existing By-Laws
Other Committee
        Ethics Committee
        IT Committee
Old Business
        LAOC Website
        Parade of Lights – Application sent in for review
        Meeting in mountain region for Western Slope companies
New Business
        Insurance coverage for executive board members
        Next meeting to be held on July 20th 2005
        Mountain meeting to be held on July 13 2005, location TBD
        LAOC dinner – Vendor appreciation night in September
Next months educational / training
        Educational / Training Seminar next month will feature …….
        August Educational / Training Seminar – Benefits of being a Safety Association - Speaker

Issues considered for vote
Motion to accept the May minutes
Motion to approve the expenses incurred by the LAOC
Review and adoption of proposed budget – Adam Paul
Revision to existing By-Laws

Over the last few months I have been talking with a gentleman named Lee Martinez with an insurance
company based out of Las Vegas, NV. Our conversation has been geared towards bringing value to a
Limousine Associations and its members. He has mentioned that our Association as we know it can be
modified into a Safety Association. In a nut shell, it would require our current bylaws to be amended and
for us to develop a formal training program outlining safety issues which relate directly to our industry.
Training topics vary from loss control, filing insurance claims, drivers training, incident/scene
documentation and more. These topics may seems trivial to some of you, however if we are registered
with the State of Colorado as a Safety Association and your company has attended a minimum required
training sessions, then your company will be eligible to receive an insurance premium discount. (typically
10% or more) The reduced premiums are calculated differently for each state and are recognized by all
commercial insurance underwriters. This is something you don’t hear of and is a well kept secret of the
insurance industry.

Think about it - we are already doing some of these things. In March and April we showed training videos
for chauffeur etiquette. It would not take much to make the change to a safety related topic. We can
utilize the Educational / Information Forum scheduled between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM for this purpose. 10
% premium reduction may not seem much but if you add it up it can make quite a difference. Give it
some thought. In August, Lee will be visiting the LAOC meeting and explain this program in more detail.
I hope that you are interested in what he has to say and what we can do to reduce our own premiums.

This month, Bob Crescenzo, Vice President with Lancer Insurance Company will be speaking about
Identifying and managing your risk. His goal is for you to perform an operational analysis of the risk and
the impact on cost on your business. He will have a power point presentation and a lot of useful
information for us.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Mike Geissler
President LAOC

Vice President
Just a quick note on membership! The LAOC is actually in great shape as far as membership, we have
some fantastic Associate Members that are offering our business' some very valuable products and
services. We have new limousine members joining almost every month. We should all be proud of our
accomplishments. We can only get stronger and more united if we keep up the good work. Mike Geissler
has some great news he will be sharing concerning safety programs. This will be a wonderful money
saving benefit to our members. Thanks so much to all of our loyal members for your participation in the
LAOC. You are appreciated for all your hard work. Please feel free to bring any membership ideas
or issues to our attention at any time.

Franci Ouzounis
Vice President LAOC

Dear Members,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! The Treasury has been pretty quiet this month. As of this time
there are no new expenditures to list. Membership is strong this year! The LAOC represents 34
Limousine companies and we have 15 Associates members! With this comes money, and the LAOC is
starting to get ahead. We would like to put that money to work for you. I have a proposed budget that I will
present at the June meeting. Please make sure to attend so I can get your feedback.

Adam A. Paul
Treasurer LAOC

Sergeant at Arms
There are no DIA meetings scheduled for June or July 2005.

John Hafer
Sergeant at Arms

Minutes from the May 18, 2005, Limousine Association of Colorado meeting held at Park Hill Golf
Course, 4141 East 35 Avenue, Denver, Colorado:
Submitted by Marilyn Wright, Secretary

Educational & Information Forum:
At 6:12 pm Selena Dunham of Classique, LLC stated that they are offering a chauffeur training course on
       th                                        th      th
June 6 from 9:00 am to 5:00pm and on June 11 and 12 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The cost is $300
per person and the deadline for applications is May 27 . If interested call Selena at 303-775-8382. Jim
Sewell and Barry Wilson also spoke regarding the course and encouraged all to attend.

Brad Whittle spoke regarding a 2004 Court case, which requires independent contractors to maintain
Workmen’s Compensation. Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, stated
that they would like to work with us. After discussion, it was noted that Pinnacle provides a checklist as to
whether or not you are an independent contractor or an employee. Anyone interested in fighting this
legislation please contact the Board.

Call to Order:
President Mike Geissler called the meeting to order at 7:23 pm.

Members in attendance:
A Custom Coach – John Hafer
Brentwood Limousine – Ray & Beth Hamilton
Colorado Car & Limousine – Marilyn Wright
Colorado Corporate Car – Adam Paul
Colorado Corporate Coach – Mike Geissler
Denver Lincoln Limousine – Paul McKinney
Diamond Limousine – Peter Lupien
Evergreen Limousine – John Kenyon
ExecuCar Denver – Jim Cooley
Presidential Limousine – Lou Blacksheve
Ride on Time Limousine – Mike Jorstad
Town & Country – Robert Danko, James Haiskey
Two Step Limousine – Barb Curtis
White Dove Limousine – Franci Ouzounis

Associate Members in attendance:
Autoworks International – Gene Kloke
Xtreme Clean – Clint Anderson
Yellow Cab – Brad Whittle
Bank Insurance – Dawn Sullivan
Classique – Selena Dunham, Gail Hamilton

Guests in attendance:
Barry Wilson (Fort Collins)
Colorado Motors Carriers – Greg Fulton
Colorado Limo – Doug Pooley
USA Security Limo – Alicia Sewell, Charles Anderson, Sewell Dunham

After a short meeting of the Executive Board with all Board members, including Beth Hamilton, agreed to
bring a personnel issue to the membership. Franci Ouzounis moved to change the Agenda to discuss the
internal membership issue. The motion was seconded by Adam Paul, and upon vote, the motion was
unanimously approved. All non-members and guests were excused at this time; only members were
allowed to remain at this time.

President, Mike Geissler stated that the Board has been dealing with the issue regarding Beth Hamilton
since February and then read the LCT article which caused the events leading up to Beth Hamilton’s
dismissal as Chair Person of the LAOC Board. He stated all objections made by the Hamilton’s and read
all correspondence and emails involved.

Ray Hamilton then gave a statement and moved that we reconsider reinstating Beth as a Chair-person of
the LAOC, as she was dismissed by the Board on May 11, 2005. He also moved that Mike Geissler be
asked to resign as President. No second motion was made to either of the above motions.

Robert Danko objected to Mr. Hamilton’s statement and motions. Statements were then made by Ray
and Beth Hamilton and by all Board members. John Kenyon moved that the matter to put to a silent vote.
No second motion was made to this motion.

After much discussion and the findings that Beth Hamilton did not comply with the conditions of the
Board’s previous reprimand, the previous Board decision to terminate Beth Hamilton as the Chair-Person
of the Limousine Association of Colorado stands.
This matter was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The meeting was then recalled to order.

Dawn Sorenson stated that we need to meet regarding Workman’s Compensation. John Hafer moved
that we meet concerning this matter. Dawn stated that she will inform us of any legal status regarding
Workman’s Compensation. John Hafer withdrew his motion for lack of a quorum.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:27 p.m.

Congratulations to our new Members

New Applicants

Classified – Information

► 2-2000 Lincoln Town car 70" 6 Passenger Stretches built by Executive Black on Black $18,500.00
1-1998 Lincoln Town car 70" 6 Passenger Stretch built by Springfield Coach, Black on Black $14,500.00
1-1996 14 Passenger Window Van White TV and Beverage Service White $5000.00
Call Gene @ 303-286-1114 LETS MAKE A DEAL

► 1997 Lincoln 120" 10 passenger by DaBryan Black on Black 133,000 mi. $12,500.00 / Please call
Dave @ 303-922-6580

► 2000 180" Lincoln Navigator Ultra stretch, White/black, granite floor, hand painted Galaxy theme
interior in memory of two space shuttle crews, featured in Atlantic City limousine show, only one
built. VCP, 2-13" TV's, DVD hookup, video game hookups. Driver's compartment has GPS, heated/ac
seats, exterior/interior cameras, full driver controls including radio, never smoked in, great shape, always
garaged. 35K miles, $44,900, 303-693-5000.

► 2003 Lincoln Towncar Signature Series, Blue with every option including sunroof & cloth top. 85,000
Miles $18,500.00 Call Don (303) 466-5241

                                   st           th
An email blitz will go out on the 1 and the 15 of each month. Only LAOC members will be permitted to
advertise in this section, however, the email will go out to every limousine company in Colorado whose
email address is in our database.

If you wish to advertise in this section, please email your information including your company name to Upper case or capitalized text will not be permitted. Additionally you must identify
which company you are advertising for.

LCT magazine article of interest

Limousine Industry Hopeful About Eliminating Gas Guzzler Tax

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The limousine industry hopes a tiny item in a $295 billion highway construction
bill will free it from paying a 1970s tax intended to prevent carmakers from producing gas-guzzling
vehicles. Since 1991, the Gas Guzzler Tax has added $1,300 to $2,100 to the cost of each limousine,
said Barry Lefkowitz, executive director of the Limousine Associations of New Jersey (LANJ) and chief
lobbyist for the NLA.

Not paying the tax are the carmakers that produce popular trucks, minivans and SUVs with worse fuel
efficiency ratings than limousines.

"This is an issue that the Finance Committee may have to review," said a spokeswoman for the Senate's
tax writing panel. "Some people are raising questions about whether the current law makes sense as tax

The gas guzzler law sought to push car manufacturers toward fuel efficiency by imposing a tax on
vehicles that get less than 22.5 mpg of gasoline. The tax starts at $1,000 and escalates to $7,700 for cars
that get less than 12.5 mpg. Vehicles categorized as light trucks were exempt from the law, as most
pickup trucks at the time were used by businesses or farmers.

Small manufacturers, which include companies that converted vehicles into limousines, were also exempt
from the tax. That changed in 1991 with a new law that specifically applied the tax to limousines. Since
then, Lefkowitz said, the gas guzzler tax has hit the small manufacturers that convert vehicles into stretch
limousines and reduced their numbers from 300 to 20. It also has driven up costs for limousine
companies, overwhelmingly small operations with one-to-three vehicles, he said.

"There are a number of ironies here," Lefkowitz said. "We are fuel-efficient. We are multi-passenger.
We're taking cars off the road, and here we are still paying the Gas Guzzler Tax."

The limousine industry’s tax break, included in a six-year highway spending bill under debate in the
Senate, would amount to $46 million through the next decade.

The continued exception for light trucks means that pickups, SUVs and vans escape the Gas Guzzler
Tax, even if their fuel efficiency rating falls within the gas guzzler guidelines. Such vehicles make up
roughly 55% of new cars registered last year, according to data collected and analyzed by R.L. Polk &
Co. Not all would be subject to the tax if covered by the gas guzzler law.

A fuel economy guide, assembled by the EPA and the Energy Department, shows that high performance
cars make up the bulk of vehicles subject to the tax. They include some Dodge, Ford, Ferrari,
Lamborghini and Porsche models. Among midsize and large cars, manufacturers pay the tax on some
Cadillac, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen models.

For example, the tax is levied on one model of the Cadillac CTS that gets 15 mpg in the city and 23 mpg
on the highway. The Cadillac Escalade, an SUV that gets 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway,
escapes the tax.

The tax is levied on several Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans, such as the S500 that gets 16 mpg in the
city and 24 mpg on the highway. There's no tax on Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the most efficient, which gets
15 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway.

Fuel-efficiency guidelines published by the EPA for consumers differ from the test results the agency
uses to determine whether car models should be subject to the tax. Environmental groups pushing for
better fuel-efficiency standards say lawmakers should eliminate the inconsistencies. Those groups point
to the low amounts of tax collected through the gas guzzler, $79.7 million in 2002, as proof that it has
successfully deterred automakers from making inefficient cars.

"It is an anachronism," said Dan Lashof, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council.
"That means there are gas guzzling passenger vehicles that use more fuel than cars that have to pay the
gas guzzler."

Expanding the tax brings the danger that it could burden businesses that buy trucks for work, not
discretionary, purposes, said Dennis Fitzgibbons, director of public policy at DaimlerChrysler.

Jerry Taylor, director of natural resource studies at the Cato Institute, said a tax on automakers is not the
best way to encourage fuel conservation. The Cato Institute promotes limited government and free
markets. "This is a nonsensical argument," he said. "The only reason automakers make the models they
make is because those are the models they think consumers are going to buy."

LCT Magazine May 18, 2005

Associate Members
Please support our Associate members by purchasing their service or product

Autoworks International
Classique, LLC
Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association
Grease Monkey
International Entertainment Consults
Luxury Transportation Limousine Sales
Majest International
People's Choice
Shotgun Willie's
Xtreme Clean
Yellow Cab