Caption Novartis Consumer Health Podium from L to R_ Kelvin by dfhercbml


									Novartis Consumer Health Podium from L to R, Kelvin Bowers,
Freda Gocian, James Cusden

Cusden regains top spot in Novartis
Consumer    Health-RW   40km   TT
The 3rd event in the Novartis Consumer         didn't go any faster after all recently
Health-Riyadh Wheelers season, the             taking delivery of new machines?
popular 40km time trial was held at the        Perhaps after all it's down to the rider
weekend which gave the riders the first        and not the bike!
real test of their fitness and the chance to
try out new bikes designed to minimise         RESULTS
wind resistance. One rider who has
resisted the trend of buying a special         1st James Cusden 58:12; 2nd Kelvin
machine for time trialling is Patrice          Bowers 59:07; 3rd Patrice Delile
Delile, who after requesting an early start    59:09; 4th Gaetan Contrino 59:28; 5th
due to work commitments, recorded the          Bruno Syfrig 1:00:19; 6th Alex
time to beat, 59m09s. A fast day looked        Carinan 1:01:41; 7th Tom Walton
to be on the cards with club champion          1:02:59; 8th Rob Patrick 1:03:08; 9th
James Cusden predicting a sub 55 minute        Ian Davies 1:03:23; 10th George
ride and with it the course record of          Morete 1:03:28; 11th Gary Swinburne
Christiaan Beyers. It was not to be            1:04:24; 12th Jaime Sunga 1:06:04;
however, as the morning temperature rose       13th Reiner Gocian 1:06:16; 14th
so did the wind, crushing any hopes of         Paul McParland 1:06:20; 15th Eddie
fast times. That being said, 4 riders did      Atkinson 1:07:03; 16th Herbert Rom
break the hour barrier, no mean feat and       1:07:41; 17th Redeen Platil 1:08:03;
the ambition of most club cyclists.            18th Lee Davis 1:08:36; 19th Edwin
Unbeaten this season and pre-race              Seneres 1:08:36; 20th Armando De
favourite Cusden taking the honours from       Leon 1:08:55; 21st Patrick Casey
super Master Kelvin Bowers, Delile and         1:09:05; 22th Roy Delos Santos
Gaetan Contrino.            Bowers, when       1:09:06; 23rd Scott Waight 1:09:19;
interviewed after the event, admitted to       24th Bob Eastwood 1:09:48; 25th
having just completed an intense training      Phil Green 1:10:10; 26th Andy Inglis
programme on some of the hardest roads         1:10:23; 27th Jun Cordial 1:10:51;
in the North of England, which gave him        28th John Currin 1:10:58; 29th Paul
the form needed to ride strongly into the      Soycon 1:11:16; 30th Francis
wind. Another great ride and personal          Gregorio 1:13:18; 31st Catalino
best was put up by Bruno Syfrig, who           Laoagan 1:13:29; 32nd Gordon
came agonisingly close to the hour,            Lawrie 1:13:43; 33rd Peter Foster
missing out by just a few seconds. His         1:14:01; 34th Freda Gocian 1:14:06;
mission to beat the hour will soon come        35th David Nicholls 1:14:22; 36th
and give himself membership to that elite      Thierry Mathy 1:15:15; 37th Rene
club of hour-breakers. Unusually for a         Bitong 1:15:17; 38th Rebecca
time trial there were a number of              Robertson 1:15:47; 39th Rob Bowes
unfortunate incidents, with one the pre-       1:15:55; 40th Lee Phillips 1:15:58;
race favourites Thierry Mathy, along with      41st Arnel Maniago 1:16:01; 42th
Rodolfo Pedrosa, Eohhan Donnellan,             Peter Waddell 1:16:23; 43rd Ewan
David Aubry, Sam Car and Nicol Long            Cameron 1:16:54; 44th Benjamin
all suffering punctures and Eddie              Gambito 1:17:48; 45th Carlo Rillera
Atkinson and Rebecca Robertson                 1:17:54; 46th Steve Baker 1:19:26;
unfortunately crashing out. Other notable      47th Dong Del Rosario 1:20:32; 48th
performances were put up by Tom                Lito Ordonez 1:21:47; 49th Ted
Walton, Ian Davies and Armando De              Morton 1:23:48; 50th Tony Kiernan
Leon, all recording their highest placing      1:24:18; 51th Ron Downs 1:27:08;
to date. Walton has just returned from a       52nd Greg McIntosh 1:29:48; 53rd
6 month assignment in Abha, where              Jana Jaruskova 1:37:43. DNF
training in the hills and at altitude no       Rodolfo Pedrosa, Eoghan Donnellan,
doubt helped his preparation.          Alex    David Aubrey, Sam Carr, Nicol Long.
Carinan recorded what he considered his
best ever performance, and put it down to      CATEGORIES
the borrowed high tech TT bicycle, which       OPEN James Cusden; VETERAN
is now widely accepted as being a              Patrice Delile; MASTER Kelvin
requirement to increased performance.          Bowers;     SENIOR    Catalino
This left Herbert Rom, Gary Swinburne          Laoagan; CAT B Freda Gocian
and Rob Patrick pondering why they

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