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                                            Jason Lukas
Summary of Qualifications

Professional Consultant having 17+ years of information technology experience with a strong understanding of n-tier
web-based systems architecture and design. 6+ years of experience (starting with the .Net PDC Alpha framework
release) implementing the Microsoft .NET framework in multiple real-world projects serving as a Senior Developer,
Application Architect, and Technical Project Manager. Excellent interpersonal skills and comfortable working
independently or in a team environment.

Professional Experience

2/2005 – Present                          NASD/FINRA (Contract)                                             Rockville, MD
Senior Consultant
    Serving as a Senior Microsoft Technology Application Developer/Architect charged with new development projects
      for FINRA’s public web portal and Investor Education initiatives. Currently working on the Mutual Fund Platform
      application which is a publicly available online investor tool that integrates the previously developed FINRA Mutual
      Fund Expense Analyzer (http://www.finra.org/fundanalyzer) with another FINRA fund information tool developed in
      Java and GWT (Google Web Toolkit). This tool has received very positive press coverage such as from the NY Times
      ner=permalink&exprod=permalink). It utilizes ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit, SQL Server 2005,
      Captcha, Enterprise Library technologies, and is being built using an Agile methodology.
    Designed, built, and maintained the FINRA_Framework application architecture framework for use by all new
      FINRA.org, FINRAfoundation.org, and SaveAndInvest.org .NET public web applications. The FINRA_Framework
      packages shared enterprise ASP.NET Master Pages, Controls, Images, Scripts, and Style Sheets for easy deployment
      to both Production and Test environments as well as to individual Developer desktops. Also includes a FINRA_Tools
      MSI installer packaged set of utilities such as a custom Win Forms IIS Web Site configuration tool, an Event Log
      Source Name editor, and a re-packaged Enterprise Library Configuration Tool with signed assemblies for installation
      in the Windows GAC (Global Assembly Cache).
    Served as Application Developer for the OASIS internal FINRA Portal. Evaluated potential migration to SharePoint
      Portal Server for the custom ASP3/ASP.NET OASIS which had already used SharePoint Team Services for some
      non-technical group collaboration. Then assisted during migration by configuring the SharePoint 2007 BDC import of
      User Profiles and some other features. Also handled escalated maintenance issues for the various web applications.
    Full lifecycle development of the FINRA Opt-In Email Subscription System which was architected to utilize various
      facets of the Microsoft Enterprise Library from Microsoft Patterns & Practices including Exception Block handling,
      logging, and notification. Public portion of the application available at http://www.finra.org/subscriptions.

12/2004 – 2/2005                         Infinity Systems (Contract)                                           Reston, VA
Senior Consultant
    Given task of identifying and fixing memory leaks existing in very large VB.NET WinForms application serving the
      personal as well as commercial insurance industry. Also served as a developer for a new branch of the application
      utilizing visual form inheritance with Infragistics controls, and helped redesign the data loading workflow to maximize
      application response time.

4/2004 – 11/2004                  Chemonics International Inc. (Contract)                                Washington D.C.
Senior Consultant serving as Web Development Manager
    Managing a small staff of developers responsible for the daily needs of a large information driven international
      development contracts company. Development efforts include work on the Application Integration Project which is a
      set of XML Web Services that bring all company data together for consumption by multiple applications.
    http://www.chemonics.net : Designing and developing a new Content management driven web site and applications
      architecture. System uses Documentum and its various products including Web Publisher and Site Caching Services
      to publish all corporate information onto the internationally available Chemonics.Net web portal. Architected a robust
      combination of Documentum and ASP.NET Master Pages to achieve a relatively simple design capable of scaling to
      extremely high usage while simultaneously being easy to maintain and extend. All content is kept in the Documentum
                                         202-415-4510 mobile  jason@windowsoft.com

                                                    Jason Lukas
         Content Management System while all code and applications are source controlled in PVCS version manager by the
         separate development group outside of Documentum. A small number of hybrid content/application pages are
         handled with ASP.NET User Controls by referencing the control in the Web Publisher XSL templates. Navigation is
         handled with an XHTML published file which is both displayed statically and queried using XPATH and XSL.

5/2003 – 4/2004                    Nextel Communications Inc. (Contract)                                       Herndon, VA
Senior Consultant
    Worked on the EPMB v1.0 E911 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) Management & Billing System. EPMB
      captures all Billing Authority and PSAP data, including billing cycle schedules, contact information, associated E911
      circuit costs (MRC and NRC), and performs invoice generation. The system is implemented in ASP.NET with C# for
      the front end and middle tiers, and Oracle 9i with PL/SQL for the backend data and core functionality. Invoices are
      generated using Crystal Reports.NET exporting to PDF files which are then manipulated using a PDF library called
      iTextSharp. Invoices are then stored on a Network Appliance server for retrieval by system users.
    Upgraded and enhanced the PTS Program Tracking application from Cold Fusion to ASP.NET with C#. The
      application also implements the Microsoft Exception Application Block as well as a customized version of the
      Microsoft Data Access Application Block that can be used with Oracle 9i as simply as SQL Server. Before the
      DAAB, system suffered from multiple open connection problems.

12/2000 – 5/2003                   Thomson Financial / TowersData, Inc.                                      Rockville, MD
Technical Project Manager
    Completed the netHypo Redundancy and Documentation project which involved taking the current application and
      making it redundant and scalable through load balancing multiple web, application, and database servers. Load
      balancing of the web servers utilizes a Big IP hardware solution and a stateless middle tier; Load balancing of the
      application servers utilizes a custom MSMQ system; and the Data tier consists of clustered SQL servers.
    Served as Project Manager for the Edward Jones Canadian hypothetical web application. This involved customizing
      our application to support internationalization for French as well as creating a process for varying data ingestion based
      on different countries financial market practices. This process may then be used to integrate Thomson’s raw market
      data with our application thus eliminating our dependence on purchased market data.
    Served as project manager and senior developer for Thomson Advisor which is a large scale templated web application
      that Thomson sells as their premier financial tool suite. Added support for offshore mutual funds which is a new
      section of code implemented with .NET web services written in C# and utilizing an extensive XML/XSL
      partner/product syndication engine. All ASP.NET pages are rendered from XSL templates that can be overridden at
      the partner or product level. The database for this application was Oracle 8i.
    http://www2.towersdata.com/netHYpo/EJ/ : Served as software architect, project manager, developer, and .NET
      training mentor for the Edward Jones Hypotheticals custom application currently running in production. Supervising a
      staff of 3 developers, we completely redesigned our core product to suit both the stringent client requirements and
      serve as the future standard in the Hypothetical illustration market. It is partly due to this application that Thomson
      Financial bought TowersData in a “reverse buyout” merger in July 2002. Application leverages the Microsoft Data
      and Exception Management Application Blocks, and utilizes its own custom User, Authentication, Calculation, and
      Web base page classes. MSMQ utilized for the middle tier PDF presentation request engine. Technologies include
      ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, Netscape UNIX HTML, and JavaScript.
    Implemented SQL Server 2000 distributed internet replication as a solution for a new Tax Efficiency Win32
      application requiring 2-way data synchronization. Replication is automated on multiple remote client desktops using a
      custom MSDE installation using Merge and Snapshot replication jobs. FTP protocol was chosen as this crossed all
      client firewalls.
    Assisted developers in code rewriting of older ASP web applications. Provided coding guidelines and best practices
      for the extremely unstructured nature of ASP scripting. Spearheaded the effort to develop a common database schema
      to encompass all data currently being maintained in 15 year old flat files and more recent Access and SQL7 databases.

10/2000 – 1/2001                           Lumenos, Inc. (Contract)                                         Alexandria, VA
                                        202-415-4510 mobile  jason@windowsoft.com

                                                   Jason Lukas
Senior Consultant
    Development of the LITES custom claims processing system. This system was a multi-tier batch load claims
      processing system that was integrated with an off-the-shelf traditional claims processing system called QMACS. The
      LITES system contained a claims processing engine to enforce Lumenos’ consumer-driven healthcare claim
      processing rules required by their clients. The LITES system provided claim work flow, claim manual entry, batch
      claim load automation with logging, and claims processing. It also contained a financial module, which produced
      checks to pay providers, a check register, and an automated pay module. The system was developed using ASP, VB6
      middle-tier components, and SQL Server 2000 utilizing DTS packages.

8/1999 – 12/2000                           Teligent, Inc. (Contract)                                           Reston, VA
Senior Consultant
    http://www.teligent.com : Served as Lead Developer and Architect of the Teligent Agents Alternate Channel Sales
      Web Application and Portal. This system served the Outside Sales Agents selling Teligent services across the country,
      accounting for a significant portion of Teligent’s overall revenue. The system was architected using the Microsoft
      DNA 2000 model including Windows 2000 Advanced Servers, IIS 5.0, Index Server, DHTML, Visual Basic 6.0
      COM+ transactional middle-tier components, and SQL Server 7.0 with T-SQL stored procedures. For authentication
      over the Internet a custom server-cookie based ASP system was written, while an Integrated Windows authentication
      was used for the internal Administrative Web application. Created a Reference Architecture for numerous other
      applications developed inside Teligent, some being tied to the Agents Extranet Portal with Oracle 8i data sources
      residing inside the Teligent network. Also assisted in configuration of the overall Extranet DMZ architecture including
      minimized Firewall crossings using specific TCP/IP Ports and fiber optic connections.
    Worked on a full PRM (Partner Relationship Management) solution for the Agents and Partner company Channels
      that was developed using the latest Microsoft .NET framework including ASP+, C# (both for the middle-tier
      components and the fully compiled ASP+ pages), ADO+, and SQL Server 2000.

5/1999 – 8/1999                  D.C. Mayor’s Office – DCRA (Contract)                                   Washington D.C.
Senior Consultant
    http://brc.dc.gov/licenses/licenses.asp : Completed Phase 1 of the DC government’s Department of Consumer and
      Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Business Licensing Online system. Brought in to ascertain status of the web application 2
      weeks prior to published “go live” date. Performed analysis and recommendations to DCRA for project direction, and
      performed redesign of the application to better meet DCRA’s business rules. Worked with business users to model a
      detailed state diagram of clear-cut status codes entered in the database. Set up a professional web application
      development environment utilizing a DEV, TEST, and PROD server environment as well as IIS4, SQL7, and
      SourceSafe. Built a customized ASP payment module to process credit card payments through CyberCash.

11/1997 – 4/1999                                   Ciber, Inc.                                                McLean, VA
Senior Consultant and Team Manager
    Designed and built the Amtrak Material Safety Data Sheet multi-interface document storage and retrieval system.
      Focused on the Fax-On-Demand piece, which complemented a Web-based system.
    http://www.aarp.org/money/legalissues/lsn/ : AARP's Legal Services Network web extranet application design and
      development. Used Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Publishing for the File Library portion of the project and Site Server
      Membership LDAP authentication for the security access.
    Performed Sybase to SQL Server DDL migration for Norwest Banks/Wells Fargo. Reviewed all available C/C++
      code modules for possible UNIX to NT migration problems.
    Design and implementation of the CBS/CNE (Carrier Business Services / Custom Network Engineering) New Product
      Approval System for Bell Atlantic. System utilized ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML3, and SQL Server 6.5.

2/1994 – 10/1997                             Individual Contracts                                          Baltimore, MD
                                       202-415-4510 mobile  jason@windowsoft.com

                                                  Jason Lukas
Developer Consultant
    Designed and built total solution for a complicated two-up rotating, multilevel networking commission payroll system.
      Used Visual C++/MFC for formula programming, using doubly linked lists of pointers to objects representing
      company distributors and customers.
    Designed and built a complete software solution to automate all record keeping, marketing materials, and statistical
      analysis for a product in the entertainment industry.

1/1991 – 2/1994                                   NSA/CIA                                              Fort Meade, MD
Systems Analyst
    Installed, configured, wrote UNIX test scripts, and evaluated the SUN UNIX Compartmented Mode Workstation
      (CMW) for B2 Orange Book security standards approval.
    Served as junior member of the team assigned to evaluate Microsoft Windows NT as C2 secure according to the
      Trusted Information Systems Orange Book criteria.
    For two years, performed systems analysis and software engineering work on software for a portable computer to be
      used as a testing system for the communication equipment in overseas post locations.


1991 - 1992                                  Towson University                                             Towson, MD
B.S. Computer Science
    3.5/4.0; President’s List

1989 - 1991                                     Virginia Tech                                           Blacksburg, VA
Computer Engineering
   3.3/4.0; Dean’s List


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Security Clearance

Recently expired U.S. Government Interim Secret Clearance; Expired TS/SCI Top Secret Clearance from NSA/CIA


C#; Dot NET Framework 3.5; .NET AJAX, AJAX Control Toolkit, XML; XSL, XPATH; ASP.NET; ASP 3.0;
ADO.NET; HTML 4; Dynamic HTML; JavaScript; VBScript; Visual Basic; ActiveX/COM client controls/middle-tier
components; Web application security issues including Digital Certificates and Authentication methodologies; Visual
C++/MFC; C, Pascal; Fortran; Assembly

Software Tools

Visual Studio.NET 2008; Microsoft Enterprise Library and Application Blocks for .NET; SharePoint 2007 BDC;
SharePoint Services 2.0 custom Web Parts, Crystal Reports; Internet Information Server 6.0; MTS/COM+; Exchange
Server; SourceSafe; PVCS; Tracker; MSMQ; Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7, 2000, 2005; Oracle 9i PL/SQL; Microsoft
Site Server/Commerce Server 3.0/2000; Flash

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