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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

   In hair care, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty. Good hair care will not be
   achieved if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment. Proper hair care prevents hair loss
                                                 and other hair problems
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                                                          Faster Hair Growth Tips
                                                             By David McEvoy

    There are a number of factors that can influence how fast your hair can grow and some of these
include your diet, your state of health, any medication you're taking, hormonal influences,
environmental influences and even your stress levels. Hair growth tends to slow down the older you
get so age is also a consideration and of course your genetic blueprint plays a role too. Normal hair
growth is therefore very difficult to define as it will vary considerably from person to person but on
average, the hair on our head grows at a rate of around one centimetre a month.

All this said, there are some things you can do to maximise your hair growth potential and encourage it
to grow faster but first it helps if you first have an understanding of the hair growth cycle and how the
hair actually grows.

The hair growth cycle

On average, the human head contains around 100,000 hairs, 90% of which are actively growing at any
one time. This growth phase is known as ‘Anagen' and is one of three stages in the hair growth cycle.
It lasts anything from a couple of years to about six or even ten years in total before the hair enters the
second stage, ‘Catagen'. This is where over the next few weeks the hair follicle is degraded and the
hair stops growing. Finally, the hair enters into the resting phase or ‘Telogen' which lasts for several
months and during this part of the cycle it is perfectly normal to shed a certain amount of hair, which
can be as much as 100 hairs a day.

If we want to give our hair the best chance to grow faster and healthier then we need to take full
advantage of the growth phase of the cycle and make sure that we are doing everything we can to
minimise hair follicle damage and maximise hair growth potential.


Healthy hair growth relies on a number of nutrients to feed the hair follicle so in the first instance, faster
hair growth starts from the inside and with your diet. Any nutritional deficiencies in your diet will show
up as dull, lifeless looking hair, poor hair growth, thinning of the hair and even hair loss so making sure
you have a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential. Fruit and vegetables contain
important antioxidants which can help protect the hair and promote faster hair growth.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Hair is composed of a protein known as Keratin so not surprisingly, a diet lacking in protein can hinder
hair health and growth. Many people are still unaware of the importance of getting enough Omega 3
fatty acids in their diet, a lack of which will show up in the health of your hair. Omega 3 fatty acids can
be found in oily fish or fish oil supplements and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and so can
alleviate any inflammation in the scalp and as they help the blood flow more efficiently they also help to
nourish the scalp.


Try to massage the scalp on a daily basis. Massage helps to stimulate the circulation of blood to the
hair follicle and removes dead skin and helps to unclog pores all of which allow the hair to grow more
freely. A good time to do massage your scalp is when washing your hair.

What to avoid

• Avoid any pressure on the scalp from tight pony tails, clips and clasps, elastic bands or anything that
restricts your hair, your hair should be left as free as possible as much as possible. Don't brush your
hair too harshly, this can damage your hair as well as irritate your scalp.

• Hair colouring, blow drying, straightening, using heated rollers and perming your hair can damage the
hair follicle and hinder growth as well as make the hair dry and brittle and more prone to falling out so
refrain from subjecting your hair to any of these.

• Excessive washing of the hair, particularly with shampoos containing harsh chemicals can remove
the natural oils in the scalp, so it is important to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and avoid
washing the hair every day if you can.


The best way to encourage faster hair growth is to adopt a two-fold approach. First, make sure
everything is right on the inside by eating a healthy and balanced diet and the second is to try to
eliminate most or all the factors that can damage your hair or scalp and slow down the growth rate.
Together this will give your hair the best opportunity to grow to its full potential, not only faster but
healthier too.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                             Hair Growth 101
                                                            By Donn Monroe

People always ask how they can get their hair to grow faster and longer. They want to know what
products and procedures to use for longer, thicker, more lustrous hair. Well, right now we’re going to
clarify for you a few things about hair growth and help you get that hair you’ve always wanted.

First, let’s point out the obvious: hair grows from the scalp. If your hair stops growing from your scalp,
you start going bald. So, if you’re not going bald, your hair is still growing.

But my hair never grows long enough, you say? Then the problem isn’t hair growth; it’s how you treat
your hair once it has grown out from the scalp. If you weaken your hair after it has grown out from your
scalp, it is prone to breakage. And that breakage will make it seem as if your hair just isn’t growing.
So prevent the breakage and you promote healthy, longer hair growth.

Here are some of the many ways we can damage our hair. Avoid doing these things, and your tresses
will be in a better position to grow healthfully:
1. Chemical processing – Relaxing or perming your hair can weaken the bonds in your hair shaft,
resulting in easy breakage.
2. Strenuous combing and brushing – Added stress to the hair can break hair easily, as you can see
when you look at your brush or comb
3. Excessive heat without heat protection – Heat damages hair easily, so be sure to use a pure
silicone product like Simply Stylin’ Silk to coat the hair before applying heat
4. Failure to trim ends regularly – Trimming removes split ends that will do nothing but continue to
split right on your hair shaft and break your hair.

Donn Monroe and Simply Stylin' are on a mission to deliver the most effective hair styling products
available. And they have helped 1000’s of women with their hair styling tips. Get more tips at

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