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									       Information on ECW-ISAC host institutions
Name of the Institution              Universität Stuttgart
Address                              Keplerstrasse 7, 70174 Stuttgart,
Phone                                0049-711-685-0
Fax                                  0049-711-685-82271

International Relations Office/Department
Head of the Office                   David Phillips
Address                              Pfaffenwaldring 60 (IZ), 70569
                                     Stuttgart, GERMANY
Phone                                0049-711-685-68599
Fax                                  0049-711-685-68600
Contact person for ISAC mobility     Bernadette Burger
(name, full address,                 Pfaffenwaldring 60 (IZ), 70569
phone/fax/email)                     Stuttgart, GERMANY
Orientation/welcome session(s)       orientation week at the beginning of the
Attendance hours:                    Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
                                     Mon, Wed 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Academic information
Academic calendar                    The academic year is divided into two
                                     semesters: the Winter Semester (WS)
                                     from October to March and the Summer
                                     Semester (SS) from April to
                                     September. Each semester is divided
                                     into a period of approximately 15 weeks
                                     during which classes take place, called
                                     the Vorlesungszeit, and a period when
                                     there are usually no classescalled the
                                     vorlesungsfreie Zeit.

                                     In the WS, the Vorlesungszeit is from
                                     the middle of October to the middle of
                                     February and in the SS from the middle
                                     of April to the middle of July.

                                     Please note that examinations and
                                     block courses very often take place
                                     during the vorlesungsfreieZeit.

                                     Academic calendar online

Information on undergraduate study   - Faculty of Civil and Environmental
programmes for ISAC incoming         Engineering
undergraduates (course units’
description)                         - Computer Science, Electrical
                                     Engineering and Information Technology
                                     (page in German)

                                      - Engineering Design, Production
                                      Engineering and Automotive Engineering
                                      (page in German)

Information on doctoral study         List of available host institutes for PhD
programmes (course units’             research projects:
description, research work,
supervision, thesis, etc.) for ISAC   - Institute of Structural Design
incoming doctorates                   Prof. Ulrike Kuhlmann)

                                      - Institute for Lightweight Structures
                                      and Conceptual Design
                                      Prof. Balthasar Novák; Prof. Werner

                                      - Institute of Applied Mechanics (Chair I)
                                      Junior Research Group of
                                      Micromechanics of Materials
                                      Prof. (jun.) Christian Lindner

                                      - Institute of Applied Mechanics (Civil
                                      Prof. Wolfgang Ehlers)

                                      - Institute of Construction Management
                                      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Berner

                                      - Institute of Sanitary Engineering,
                                      Water Quality and Solid Waste
                                      Prof. Jörg Metzger,
                                      Dr. Uwe Menzel
                                      Prof. Martin Kranert

                                      - Institut für Geophysik
                                      Prof. Manfred Joswig

                                      - Institute for Manufacturing
                                      Technologies of Ceramic Components
                                      and Composites
                                      Prof. Rainer Gadow

                                      - Institute of Cell Biology and
                                      Prof. Roland Kontermann,
                                      Prof. Klaus Pfizenmaier

                                      - Institute of Process Engineering and
                                      Power Plant Technology
                                      Prof. Uwe Schnell

                                      - Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge
                                      Prof. Thomas Graf

                                      Further information on institutes

Grading and assessment system         There are different possibilities for
                                      visiting students to receive credit for
                                      work done in Stuttgart:

                                      Visiting students can participate in
                                   regular courses and take the final
                                   written or oral exam in each course in
                                   order to be awarded a proof of academic
                                   achievement, or Schein. In addition to
                                   receiving a Schein for successfully
                                   completing a written exam, or Klausur,
                                   it can be awarded for a project paper or
                                   Hausarbeit (an essay on a specific topic
                                   of between 10 and 20 pages in length)
                                   or for an assignment and oral
                                   presentation or Referat (a paper
                                   presented on a given topic usually as
                                   part of a seminar). Grades range from 1
                                   (very good) to 4 (sufficient). If a student
                                   receives a grade below 4, then the
                                   course has been failed and needs to be
                                   repeated. In some courses grades are
                                   not given.

                                   Students under the SOCRATES /
                                   ERASMUS exchange-scheme will receive
                                   their credits according to the ECTS-
                                   agreement (European Credit Transfer
                                   System), which is to be discussed
                                   between the student and the home and
                                   host supervisors.
Language of instruction            Undergraduates: German
                                   PhD students: German or English

Language and culture courses for   Approximately one month before
ISAC mobility (dates)              semester start.

Admission and registration
Procedures for ISAC incoming       You must register in person when you
students                           arrive in Stuttgart. The necessary steps
                                   for registration are explained in the
                                   Welcome Guide which you will receive
                                   on arrival at the Office of International
                                   Please do not forget to bring your Letter
                                   of Acceptance ('Zulassungsbescheid')
                                   which is required for the registration.

Visa                               Students must apply for a prospective
                                   student visa ('Studienbewerbervisum' or
                                   'Studentenvisum') at the German
                                   Embassy or a German Consulate in their
                                   home country prior to departure. This
                                   should be done as early as possible
                                   because the processing time for such
                                   visas can take very long, i.e. up to six
                                   months. Since Germany has registration
                                   laws, all persons must register at the
                                   registration office ('Meldebehörde') of
                                   the city where they are staying within
                                   seven days of arrival. The following
                                   documents are required and should be
                                   brought with you from home:

                                             prospective student visa
                                              (Studienbewerbervisum or

                                             proof of sufficient financial
                                              resources (at present approx.
                                              EUR 570 per month). This can be
                                              a savings book, confirmation
                                              from the bank on the credit
                                              balance available, a bank
                                              statement, proof of stipend or
                                              scholarship (this form is available
                                              at the Office of International
                                              Affairs: incoming@ia.uni-

                                             two passport photos

                                       In order to facilitate the obtaining of the
                                       visa, the University of Coimbra, as the
                                       ISAC coordinating Institution, will
                                       provide students with a declaration
                                       certifying the scholarship award as soon
                                       as the selection process is concluded.

                                       Later on, still before arrival, Universität
                                       Stuttgart also issues students a Letter
                                       of Acceptance.
Registration deadlines after arrival   As soon as possible at the Office of
                                       International Affairs.

Accommodation and living costs
Contact person for accommodation       Reinhard Lange
                                       Email: ;

                                       Learn more

Types of accommodation (dorms,         Student dorms: single rooms in flats
private apartments, families,          with 3 to 10 people.
single/double rooms…)                  Private accommodation is possible, but
                                       has to be organized independently.

                                       The single bedrooms are equipped with
                                       table, bed, chair, wardrobe/closet,
                                       bookshelf and a washbasin. There is a
                                       common kitchen for all the members of
                                       an apartment or of a floor. You must
                                       bring your own dishes with you or buy
                                       them in Germany. There are also toilets
                                       and showers on each floor. Bed-linen
                                       and coverlets can be rented for a fee of
                                       EUR 30.
Location of accommodation /            Most of the dormitories, which are all
distance to university / distance to   mixed, are located on the campus in
city centre                            Stuttgart-Vaihingen. All dormitories can
                                       be easily reached within 20 min. from
                                       the city centre campus by S-Bahn
                                       (commuter train).
Internet available/included             Internet in the dorms included in the
                                        housing costs.
Living costs per month                  600 EUR/month
    - Housing;                          rent: 240 to 350 EUR
    - Meals;                            health insurance: 60 EUR
    - Books;                            food: 150 EUR
    - Local transportation;             other personal expenses: 50 EUR
    - …
                                        public transport: 160 EUR/ semester
                                        student service fee: 72 EUR/ semester

Other relevant information
Health care facilities on the           No. Doctors, dentists and hospitals can
campus?                                 be found in the phone book. AOK and
                                        other health insurance companies pay
                                        for medical treatment, but to receive
                                        treatment you need to show your
                                        insurance card. If you have private
                                        insurance, you will need to pay for the
                                        treatment yourself and submit the
                                        receipt to your insurance company. If
                                        you need psychological counselling, you
                                        can go to the Student Services
                                        counselling centre. To make an
                                        appointment for free psychological
                                        counselling, please call: 9574-480.

                                        Medicines that are prescribed by a
                                        doctor can be picked up at any
                                        pharmacy (Apotheke). Prescriptions are
                                        not completely free, and usually cost
                                        between 5 and 8 EUR. Students with low
                                        income who are chronically ill can be
                                        exempted from paying for prescriptions.
Leisure opportunities/                  Stuttgart is the cultural centre of the
infrastructure (availability/distance   State of Baden-Württemberg with a
of shops/restaurants/sport              wealth of theaters and concert halls. It
facilities)                             is also the home of the world-famous
                                        ballet and there are museums and art-
                                        galleries as well as academies of music
                                        and art. Every year thousands come
                                        from far and near to enjoy the
                                        Cannstatter Volksfest, a public festival
                                        with a huge amusement park which
                                        takes place at the end of September on
                                        the common called the Cannstatter
                                        Wasen. Over the course of time this
                                        festival has become second only to the
                                        most famous in Germany, namely, the
                                        Oktoberfest in Munich.

                                        On University campus: sports facilities,
                                        super market, cafeteria, mensa.
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