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									                                         Stuart A. Robinson
                                        18 Village Drive West
                                      Paducah Ky. 42003-5331

Objective:     Web Development Dynamic/Static, Client/Server (VB.Net/PowerBuilder), Database
               Modeling, Programming

Synopsis:      Senior Professional with experience in a variety of Governmental, Financial, Insurance,
               Billing, Corporate and Banking Applications. Expertise in the Client/Server environment,
               Databases, GUI’s, Testing, Integration, Project Management and use of OOP’s

Software:      Web Related – DreamWeaver/FireWorks MX, ASP, Visual Studio, Visual InterDev 6,
                              Client & Sever Side Scripting, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS
               Client Server – VB.Net, Visual Studio, Interdev, PowerBuilder 7, PFC Class libraries,
               Databases    - Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Watcom, IMS, IDMS
               DB Design     - ERWIN, Data Architect, PowerDesignor, Stored Procedures, Triggers
               Languages     - SQL (DML/DDL), Scripting Languages (PB, VB), COBOL/II, BAL,
               OS            - Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mainframe: IBM, Unisys

Hardware:      HP, SUN, Compact, Dell, IBM, AMDAL

Platforms:     NT, Windows (3.1/95/98/2000/XP)

Education:     George Mason University 2001 Train To Technology, Web Development
               Sybase Classes 1997-2000
                       Adaptive Server                  Advance Transact SQL            OOP
                       SQL Adaptive Server              EA Server Administration        Fast Track Java
                       Mastering DataWindows            Building Web Applications       PFC
                       Advance Controls                 Performance and Tuning          PowerDesigner
               Sybase User Conferences 95/96/97/98
               Capital P.C. User Group Courses: Web, Windows, Build your own PC
               University of West Florida 1972 - B.S. Computer Science, Minor: Marine Biology

Professional Affiliations:
                  Capital P.C. User Group
                  Washington Area Unix Group
                  PowerBuilder User Group (Commercial & Federal)

Resume Note:   I have been a consultant since 1979 and have owned and operated S. Robinson Computer
               Consultants Ltd. Work history reflects onsite contracting since 1980. Date gaps while
               consulting are sabbaticals where I was able to go cruising aboard my yacht. In 2002 I semi-
               retired mostly doing work for friends.
                                               Stuart A. Robinson
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10/2004 – Present
                Retirement interests, work done for friends or family
                Susana Brown, handcrafted jewelry
                MacPhail Studios, national heirloom quality antler furniture
                Land Liquidators, selling properties online
                Rendova, a sailing site
                Largo High School, database drive reunion site

10/02 – 08/2004 Veritas Properties
                Designed and created a real estate Database using PowerDesigner modeling tools. Using
                Microsoft‟s Visual Studio development tool, created a MDI Client/Server application utilizing
                VB.NET architecture to populate and maintain this real estate database. Created a dynamic web
                application ( using the above database via a weekly upload. Macromedia tools
                Dreamweaver/Fireworks MX are used to develop this site. This organization is now out of

01/02 – 2008     Support American Red Cross Paducah Chapter
                 Consultant/Volunteer/Board Member
                 Designed and created their first web site as well as trouble shoot internal PC problems. Web tools
                 used Dreamweaver/Fireworks MX and Visual Studio. This site uses JavaScript, VBScript,
                 C++, Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML, Flash Buttons, ASP, Layers, Rollovers, Forms and
                 some database driven web pages (ASP).

2/97 – 10/2001   GSA/Vehicle Fleet Services
                 Senior Consultant/Project Leader/Lead Programmer
                 Replaced an existing CUI DOS base system „AMP‟ used to purchase vehicles with a Client/Server
                 PowerBuilder 7 MDI application using Sybase servers. I lead a team of users and developers to
                 re-design, test and distribute this application to over 150 locations with 700 plus users.
                 Responsibilities included Database design using PowerDesignor, GUI design, Data Conversion,
                 Testing, PFC class libraries, Stored Procedures, Training manuals and training classes.
                 Enhanced „AMP‟ using Jaguar Transaction Middleware Server and implemented access to legacy
                 Unisys mainframe systems using ODBC and JDBC connectivity. I was also as an additional
                 resource/backup/guru for other PowerBuilder applications („ROADS‟, „FMS2GO‟). As well as
                 did maintenance on C++ „ISSUES‟ application

7/96 – 1/97      MCSI Inc
                 Assisted existing programming staff to meet a deadline. This Client/Server application was for
                 reporting and tracking Child Welfare and Foster Care. Using PowerBuilder 4.0 with a multi user
                 Watcom database. I created windows, reports and tested the application.

1/95 - 7/96      Federal Reserve Board
                 Senior Consultant
                 Responsibilities included analysis, design, development, coding testing and implementation of a
                 client-server application “DEEP”. This system was written in PowerBuilder 2.0. I rewrote the
                 system in PowerBuilder 4.0 using SQL Server 6.0 and Oracle as a MDI application with greater
                 flexibility in attribute selections and report presentation. Developed numerous visual and non-
                 visual user objects to encapsulate repetitive behavior for future reuse. Also designed the GUI front
                 end with the use of custom tab object as well as created the frame work for these applications.
                                            Stuart A. Robinson
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8/93 - 1/95   Bureau of National Affairs
              Senior Consultant
              Part of a development team in re-engineering from the mainframe using COBOL II to a
              client/server platform on a HP 9000 running UNIX, Sybase and Uniface. I was responsible
              for extracting data using COBOL and FTPing data, loading tables, rebuilding tables, referential
              integrity and various reports summarizing these activities.

3/90-10/91    Riggs National Bank
              Senior Consultant
              In a COBOL/IMS DB/DC Environment, wrote a large number of programs/utilities for the
              Federal CASHLINK reporting system. On-line responsibilities included conversational programs
              accessing secondary indexes, MFS screen layouts and gens, PSB gens, delete/define and
              reproductions of HIDAM databases with secondary indexes. IMS region manipulation using
              BOOLE & BABBAGE and IMS EXPERT software. Testing using BTSII and IMS test regions.
              Other highlights include BMP programs, MFS physical paging and physical paging to printers

6/89-3/90     MCI Telecommunications
              Senior Consultant/Programmer/Analyst
              For Human Resource Loan Tracking System, wrote numerous programs in COBOL II using
              keyed VSAM files as well as conversion programs for various CICS databases. Ran and
              streamlined testing system and procedures.

1/87-10/87    Cameron & Colby (Hartford Group)
              Modified historical data and ran data through a simulated production environment to obtain
              accurate profit/loss and distribution information for this large re-insurance company to correct
              procedural error. Aided and debugged various production systems in batch, on-line (IMS) and VM
              (EXECS/REXX), IBM 30XX under OS/MVS and WANG environments

10/83-5/86    CNA
              Consultant/Interim Manager/Project Leader
              As interim manager over the health claims processing systems. I was responsible for personnel
              assignments, staffing and project budgeting. Also responsible for modifying and re-writing on-line
              IMS and batch processing system, creating new MFS screens, troubleshooting, debugging and
              analysis of all aspects of the production environment. As project leader, responsibilities included
              definition, development, unit/system testing of an IMS regression test system for existing accident
              and health claims systems. This regression system was based upon McCabe & Associates testing
              philosophy, but tailored to meet client needs. Scope of project expanded to debugging and user
              interface. Software tools employed were FILEAID (on-line Dumper), BTS II, compiler option
              count and various in-house utilities. Environment: IBM 303x under OS/MVT

1984 - 1985   A.M. Inc.
              For a home improvement corporation, wrote a home improvement tracking package consisting of
              A/R, A/P, check reconciliation, salesman and customer tracking. This application was created and
              was running on an IBM PC/XT using Rouge River SPF and MICROFOCUS.
                                             Stuart A. Robinson
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9/80 - 6/83     First Federal Savings & Loan (Citicorp)
                Consultant/Systems Analyst
                Responsible for converting and interfacing the general ledger systems for mortgage areas of a new
                savings and loan software package. Large amounts of user contract with the accounting
                department, as well as extensive parallel testing, occurred. Environment: COBOL, BAL, IMS
                DB/DC, on IBM 370XX.

11/77 - 8/80    Brunswick Corporation
                Developed systems and programs for payroll, pension, proxy, Insurance, G/L and personnel, for
                this major manufacturer. Provided support in a DOS to OS conversion and worked on various
                software packages in batch, IMS/DB/DC, and CICS command level.

4/73 - 10/77    State of Florida
                Responsible for programming and implementation of an employment securities reporting system.
                Duties included COBOL programming, testing, production JCL and trouble-shooting.

IT Instructional Experience:
                  Large scale application training
                  Audience demos
                  Application stress testing, using groups of 20 testers
                  Hot line and help desk support for my applications

                                  Unrelated to IT but of notable experience

Non-Professional Affiliation:
                 Paducah Red Cross board member, web master and in house PC trouble shooter
                 US Sailing, served two year on cruising council

Business Experience:
                 Independent consultant since 1980 S. Robinson Computer Consultant Ltd.
                , buy and sell properties via online auctions
                 Lake Michigan Yacht Sales, owner and importer of yachts 1982 – 1986
                 Robinson’s Bakery, family owned bakery in which I worked while in junior/senior high
                     school, college and when ever I visited home.
                                         Stuart A. Robinson
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Instructional Experience:
                 Various Sailboat Racing Clinics
                 Sailing classes

                  Big Boat racing offshore experience
                  Long distance single handed sailing
                  Dingy racing
                  District level champion in Laser, Flying Scots
                  Live aboard yachts 12 years
                  Extensive Cruising West Indies 4 years
                  Survivor of Hurricane Grace 1992 a component of the Perfect Storm
                  Lightning strikes while on boats
                  Usual run ins with sharks

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