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									Final Report on the
Erewash Housing Strategy
2005 – 2008

December 2008
The Council’s adopted Fit for Purpose Housing Strategy for 2005 – 2008,
committed us to:

 Delivering quality and choice in the housing market
 Tackling the causes of homelessness and meeting vulnerable people’s
 Creating safe and sustainable communities
 Improving service delivery

This was updated with a Supplementary Document in February 2007.
This affirms these commitments following the Erewash Housing Needs Study
and Nottingham Core Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2007

1.     Strategic Housing Priorities for Action

    Help deliver affordable housing across the Borough
    Use planning powers to increase the supply of social rented housing
    Tackle empty properties and bring them back into use
    Improve and renovate private sector housing
    Improve energy efficiency of homes
    Tackle and prevent homelessness
    Work in partnership to provide housing support for vulnerable people
    Tackle anti-social behaviour and crime and disorder
    Improve service delivery and improve and promote partnership working.
2.   Actions completed

The Housing Strategy Action Plan outlined 53 actions to be completed.
43 of these actions are fully completed. These include:

 Nottingham Core Housing Market Assessment completed
 Erewash Housing Needs Study, including BME and rural housing needs
 Derbyshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment completed
 Projects commenced and/or negotiated to deliver over 300 supported and
   affordable housing units
 Private Sector Housing Strategy adopted
 Council resources committed to projects
 Over £5 million external funding gained towards projects including Decent
  homes, affordable warmth, supported housing projects for vulnerable
 Local Plan adopted
 Review of Homelessness Strategy completed
 Services improved
 Members made over 30 specific decisions towards delivering the Housing
 An average of £1 million a year has been allocated by the council for capital
  expenditure on housing related services and projects.

The remaining 10 Actions are already well progressed, and expect to be
completed during 2009 – 10. These actions are carried forward onto the
Action Plan for the Housing Strategy for 2009 – 10.

All of the Actions and progress are outlined in the attached Action Plan Final
progress report.
3.   Outcomes – what we achieved from April 2005 – December 2008

The full impact of successfully delivering our strategy can be best
demonstrated by the actual outcomes for individual people and families.

During the 4 years of the Strategy, the many different organisations working
together in Erewash to deliver housing and housing related services have
helped thousands of people to improve their housing situations and quality of

Families, single people and couples moved into over 350 new affordable
houses or flats which were built or purchased.
Of these
 60% were for affordable rent.
 51 properties were built or purchased using over £2.5 million Council capital
 71 were secured through s106 planning negotiations.
Section 106 negotiations during 2005 - 2008 have secured over 200
additional affordable units which are likely to be built in the next few years to
provide housing for people in housing need, or who could not afford or access
other properties.
Over 346 people have been offered advice and assistance through Care and
Repair and Home Improvement Agency services. This has helped them to
improve their properties and make them more comfortable and safe to live in.
        Through this, some have been able to remain in their own homes,
        rather than going into residential care.
Over 511 people have been offered advice and assistance on Energy
Efficiency and reducing their fuel bills
70 households (including families, single people & couples) have moved into
properties which had been empty – but brought back into use through council
        Of these 36 properties have been brought back into use as affordable
        housing through over £1 million of council funding.
7 Empty Property and Landlord Improvement Grants were given to help and
encourage people to buy and renovate empty properties.
        Total grant expenditure £65,400.
Over 117 Home Improvement grants/loans, home repair assistance grants
were given to vulnerable households to improve their homes to the
governments decent homes standard.
        The Council contributed £352,000 to this.
 Over 5000 individuals and families have received homelessness or housing
 Council staff have helped to prevent 228 households from losing their
 470 families, and individuals who were homeless or potentially homeless
  now have a safe and secure house or flat to live in.
52 additional supported accommodation places have been made available so
more vulnerable people have a suitable place to stay, and receive support to
help them get on with their lives.
40 more places on floating support schemes have been made available so
more vulnerable people can get appropriate support, wherever they are living.
498 households have received Disabled Facilities grants to adapt their
properties to meet their needs and to help them live independently. The
Council contributed £1.94m to this

4.   Partners

The production, delivery, implementation and success of the Erewash Fit for
Purpose Housing Strategy 2005 – 2008 was delivered by many partner
organisations and individuals.

This included:
 Council staff from many different departments
 Council Members
 Housing Providers
 Support Service Providers
 Social Services
 Probation and Prison Services
 Private Landlords
 Other Local authorities
 Police
 Regional and central government bodies
 Housing Developers
 Housing Corporation
 Derbyshire County Council
 Derbyshire Supporting People Partnership

We would like to thank all those Partners and individuals who worked together
successfully to improve housing and housing services in Erewash.

All of the Actions and progress are outlined in the attached Action Plan
Final progress report

Copies of the Erewash Housing Strategy 2005 – 2008 can be obtained from
      Tessa Paul. Housing Strategy Officer,
      Erewash Borough Council, Development and Regulatory Services
      Town Hall, Long Eaton, Derbyshire       NG10 1HU
      Phone: 0115 9072269       Fax: 0115 9072267
APPENDIX 1                                 (original Housing Strategy Action Plan – pages 124 – 150 of 2005 – 2008 Housing Strategy)

                                               HOUSING STRATEGY 2005 – 2008
                                        ACTION PLAN PROGRESS DOCUMENT
                                               FINAL REPORT as at December 2008

                                                POSITION AS AT                DETAILS                                                   CARRIED
                                                December 2008                                                                           FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                  TO 2009-10

1. Commission an up-to-date housing need        Completed                     Housing Needs study completed January 2007 including an
   and demand survey, (HNS) including an                                      assessment of rural and BME housing needs
   assessment of rural and BME housing
2. Commission detailed research into key        Completed                     Completed January 2007 as part of HNS above
    and first time buyers in the Borough

3. Consider commissioning a joint Housing       Completed                     Nottingham Core Housing Market Assessment completed
   Market Assessment (HMA )with local                                         January 2007
   authority partners
4. Identify a dedicated research and GIS        Revised and completed.        Using existing IT and technical staff
   resource to support the strategic housing    Ongoing
   function and develop housing market
   intelligence to share with RSL partners

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                                               POSITION AS AT             DETAILS                                                       CARRIED
                                               December 2008                                                                            FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                  TO 2009-10
5. Make better use of the Borough              Completed &                GIS used extensively in the Housing Market Assessment
   Council’s GIS mapping potential to plot     Ongoing
   and model the Borough’s housing

6. Develop and produce housing market          Completed                  Completed December 2006
   ward profiles to understand and forecast                                Updated information December 2007
   neighbourhood sustainability

7. Develop an economic regeneration            Completed &                Completed. Adopted 11 July 2007
   strategy for the Borough                    Ongoing


8. Complete work on the new local Plan         Completed                  Local Plan adopted 2006
    and adopt in 2005
9. Begin to develop policies set out in the    Completed &
    Local Development Framework                Ongoing                    Policies and timetable outlined in Annual monitoring report
10. Produce supplementary planning             Completed & ongoing        Supplementary planning guidance on affordable housing,        Research re
    documents on affordable housing and                                   design & planning obligations adopted April 2006.             mobility and
    design to improve the quality of housing                                                                                            physical
    and to promote energy efficiency and                                  Other guidance outlined in Annual Monitoring report           disability
    mobility housing                                                                                                                    housing to be
                                                                          Amendments made re threshold and tenure mix.                  carried out
                                                                                                                                        2008 – 2010.
11. Produce a Statement of Community           Completed                  Produce and adopted May 2006

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                                              POSITION AS AT             DETAILS                                                        CARRIED
                                              December 2008                                                                             FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                  TO 2009-10
12. Produce an annual monitoring report for   Completed                  Submitted December 2006
    planning issues in the Borough

13. Move to Three Valleys Housing             Completed & Ongoing        Shared access to Housing register information from February
    operating Housing Register on behalf of                              2006.
    Erewash Borough Council
                                                                         Operation of Housing Register through the Choice Based
                                                                         Lettings system from April 2009
14. Explore Low cost Home Ownership           Completed & ongoing        Shared ownership options explored and being developed          New options
    (LCHO) opportunities across the                                                                                                     for Low cost
    Borough                                                              Ongoing discussions regionally and nationally about suitable   home
                                                                         Low-cost Home ownership products                               ownership
15. Maximise Borough Council resources to     Completed & Ongoing        Funds from sale of council land for affordable housing at
    support Erewash Borough Council Social                               Beresford Road put into Social Housing Grant for development
    Housing Grant/Housing Enabling Fund                                  of further social housing. Housing Corporation funding of
    (SHG) to develop new social housing in                               nearly £4 million pounds secured for 127 new units of
    the Borough. Obtain other capital and                                affordable housing
    revenue funding (e.g. Housing
    Corporation funding)                                                 November 2007 – Bids in to Housing Corporation 2008-11 –
                                                                         for 107 units £6million approx.

16. Re-assess existing sheltered stock in                                Three Valleys Housing Asset Management Strategy adopted
    meeting housing need with Three Valleys   Completed & Ongoing        June 2007.

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                                              POSITION AS AT               DETAILS                                                        CARRIED
                                              December 2008                                                                               FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                    TO 2009-10
                                                                           Low-demand Sheltered bedsits at Romorantin to be
                                                                           demolished to make way for general needs/wheelchair
                                                                           properties to meet housing need.

                                                                           Three Valleys Housing to continue to assess

17. Review the Borough Council’s private      Completed                    Private sector housing strategy adopted June 2006 and
    sector housing strategy in light of new                                reviewed in 2008.
    stock condition survey information

18. Review the Borough Council’s care and     Completed                    Walbrook Home Improvement Agency appointed from July 06
    repair function and explore developing
    the role with a regionally based Home
    Improvement Agency (HIA)

19. Explore alternative funding routes for    Completed & ongoing          Equity release via HIA
    private sector housing. e.g. equity
20 Consider a range of mechanisms to bring    Completed and ongoing        Social Housing Grant being used to bring empty properties
   empty properties back into use e.g.                                     back into use
   enforced sale
                                                                           Empty Properties grants being offered to landlords from June
21. Appoint RSL preferred partners            Completed                    Appointed December 2005

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                                              POSITION AS AT                    DETAILS                                                     CARRIED
                                              December 2008                                                                                 FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                      TO 2009-10
22. Collate and compile information on all    Completed & Ongoing               Collated by September 2006 and continuously updated
    social housing in the Borough
23 Implement Choice Based Lettings            Pending                           Working towards implementation by January 2009.             To be
    Schemes developed on a regional or                                          Receiving DCLG funding to help implement                    implemented
    sub-regional basis                        Still timetabled for April                                                                    by April 2009.
24. Negotiate with developers and RSLs to     Completed &                       30% affordable housing negotiated on all s106 sites since
    achieve 30% affordable housing on new     Ongoing                           October 2005.
    housing developments, which meet
    housing need                                                                Viability study to confirm or increase percentage – 2008.
                                                                                Normal Tenure mix of affordable housing – addition to
                                                                                affordable housing SPD


25. Complete a review of the homelessness     Completed &                       Review & New action plan adopted February 2006
    strategy                                  Ongoing                           Strategy review group set up from Sept 07
                                                                                Consultation Completed May 2008
                                                                                Adopted July 2008
26. Complete a rough sleepers count           Action no longer applicable       Decision agreed with ODPM not to complete.

27. Review and amend the policies and         Completed & ongoing                  Move on protocol adopted 11 Jan 2006
    procedures relating to the homelessness                                        Bond Guarantee Scheme implemented from 1st Jan 06
    and allocations                                                                Recharging procedure in place from 1 July 05
                                                                                   Spend to Save Policy adopted in June 2006.

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                                             POSITION AS AT        DETAILS                                                         CARRIED
                                             December 2008                                                                         FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                             TO 2009-10
                                                                    Erewash Partners Joint Working & Information Sharing
                                                                     Protocol in place
                                                                    Draft Erewash Borough Council & RSL Partners Early
                                                                     Warning Protocol to prevent homelessness

                                                                   All completed as at August 2007
                                                                   All procedures in place
28. Develop a homelessness awareness         Completed             Actions within Homelessness Action Plan to raise awareness –
    raising strategy                                               various initiatives

                                                                   ‘Service Users Awareness Raising Plan’ in place.

29. Review and identify improvements for     Completed             Completed and Bond guarantee scheme in place
    the Council’s loan deposit scheme                              11 Jan 06

30. Deliver our Supporting People Priority   Completed &           2 schemes delivered                                             Ongoing
    Schemes                                  Ongoing               2 schemes funded and partners contracted to deliver by          tendering and
(see also 40 below)                                                Summer 2007.                                                    commissionin
                                                                                                                                   g of projects.
                                                                   July 2008 – Supporting People funding agreed in principle for
                                                                   Home Improvement Agency, Single Homeless Hostel,
                                                                   Teenage parents project, Drug and Alcohol extension to pre-
                                                                   tenancy/floating support. Delays to tendering and
                                                                   commissioning due to Supporting People staff shortages
32. Assessing the housing and support        Completed
    needs                                                          Derbyshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment
     of gypsies and travellers                                     Published June 2008

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                                                  POSITION AS AT                  DETAILS                                                         CARRIED
                                                  December 2008                                                                                   FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                            TO 2009-10
33. Improve monitoring systems to                 Completed & Ongoing             New systems and improved database from October 2006
    effectively gather information on the
    levels of homelessness in the Borough                                         Repeat homelessness being monitored
    and introduce monitoring systems for
    repeat homelessness
34. Ensure adequate mediation services are        Completed &                     Reviewed mediation services. New service provider being
    available by undertaking a review of          Ongoing                         used.
    service provision
                                                                                  To monitor ongoing need
35. Develop a resettlement and tenancy            Completed                       Review of existing RSL tenancy support carried out & good
    support to new tenants to ensure the                                          practice shared
    smooth transition from temporary to
    permanent accommodation, to reduce                                            Floating support scheme being offered to all vulnerable
    the numbers of repeat homelessness                                            tenants identified
36. Establish a joint protocol for sharing        Completed & Ongoing             Several existing and new joint protocols, including:
    information between Health and Social                                         Care leavers protocol                                           Hospital
    Services and undertake a review of all                                        Erewash joint agency referral process                           discharge
    protocols with other agencies                                                 Erewash Partners joint working & information sharing protocol   protocol
                                                                                                                                                  awaiting sign
37. Carry out a detailed assessment of BME        Completed but further work      Housing Needs study completed January 2007                      Further focus
    housing needs as part of the housing          needed                          Further focused work to be carried out asap                     work likely
    needs and demand study                                                                                                                        2009-10
38. Consider other measures to prevent            Some completed                  Measures adopted – home visits, dedicated prevention officer,
    homelessness, e.g. Outreach home                                              Long Eaton office outreach, Three Valleys Housing outreach
    visits, further mediation, approved private   Pending – Timetable             bus, promotion of private letting, Connexions.
    renting lettings schemes, accredited          revised to March 2008 to
    landlord schemes (ALS), sanctuary             enable further initiatives to   New measures:

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                                              POSITION AS AT               DETAILS                                                         CARRIED
                                              December 2008                                                                                FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                     TO 2009-10
    schemes for people at risk of domestic    be explored.                 Spend to save scheme. Schools programme. Texting service.
    violence                                                               Promotion of other housing options at all leisure facilities.

                                                                           Sanctuary scheme being developed – see 48.

39. Increase the provision of a wider range   Completed & Ongoing          Leased temporary accommodation increased to 18
    of temporary accommodation
                                                                           Emergency and short-term single homeless hostel opened.
40. Increase the number of floating support    Completed &                  Temporary supported accommodation increased by 38 places
    schemes and supported accommodation       Ongoing                      through 4 delivered/progressing supported accommodation
    for vulnerable people                                                  schemes
(see also 30 above)
                                                                           Ongoing monitoring of need
41. Assess the current housing and support    Completed but further work   Vulnerable People Housing Assessment on website August          Older People
    needs of all vulnerable groups            needed                       2007.                                                           – further
                                                                                                                                           focus work
                                              .                                                                                            2009/10.
                                                                                                                                           See also
                                                                                                                                           actions 10;
                                                                                                                                           32; 37

42. Complete the Long Eaton masterplan        Completed                    Completed December 2006
    exercise and appoint a preferred
    developer partner

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                                                    POSITION AS AT                  DETAILS                                                           CARRIED
                                                    December 2008                                                                                     FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                                TO 2009-10
43. Establish a cross tenure neighbour              Completed                       Established
    nuisance team and co-ordinate anti
    social behaviour response with Three
    valleys Housing

44. In partnership with the crime and               Pending                                                                                           Community
    community safety team, we will develop                                          Neighbourhood Profiles developed for all areas - owned and        Forums to
    area action plans to focus services and         Timetable revised to March      lead by the police Safer Neighbourhood teams and reviewed         develop area
    investment on improving neighbourhoods          2009 as area action plans       by the community at neighbourhood panel meetings                  action plans
    and the environment                             now to be developed by
                                                    Community Forums.               Community Impact Assessments and Area Action plans now to
                                                                                    be developed by Community Forums

                                                                                    Cotmanhay Neighbourhood Management Group already has
                                                                                    an Improvement Plan to tackle some of the ASB issues.

                                                                                    Awaiting launch of community forums – who then to develop
                                                                                    area action plans.

45. Extend the Mansfield mediation service           Completed                       Mediation service contract extended but with a new contractor

46. Carry out a review of the Council’s anti        Pending                         Improvements made to anti-social behaviour service:               Review of
    social behaviour service and develop a          Timetable for review of         Mainstreaming by EBC of the ASB Co-ordinator post/joint           service – by
    strategy that will help to tackle anti social   service revised to March        working with the police officers who work to tackle ASB.          March 2009
    behaviour and make neighbourhoods               2009 to allow for new joint     being redeveloped
    safer places                                    working to progress.
                                                                                    The Strategy for tackling anti-social behaviour is incorporated
                                                    Timetable for protocol –        into Community Safety Partnership Plan which outlines the
                                                    final by May 2008.              Strategic Direction and Action Plans

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                                                POSITION AS AT                DETAILS                                                        CARRIED
                                                December 2008                                                                                FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                                       TO 2009-10

                                                                              Service standard – produced.
                                                                              Protocol – Produced May 2008. To be reviewed May 2009.
                                                                              Priorities and actions for delivery - agreed for 08/09
47. Working with the Council’s private          Ongoing                       Information of ASB in all tenures recorded.
    landlord forum, we will research the
    incidence of anti social behaviour in the
    private rented sector

48. Consider sanctuary schemes and other        Pending                       July 2007 -group formed – Homeless, Community Safety, DV       Awaiting
    measures to protect people at risk of                                     co-ordinator. Firming up proposals and funding for sanctuary   countywide
    domestic violence, to remain safely at                                    scheme.                                                        implementatio
    home                                        Timetable revised to April                                                                   n of
                                                2010 following decision to    At May 2008 – Via Derbyshire Homelessness officers group       Sanctuary
                                                implement on Countywide       and in the East Midlands Homelessness Strategy - agreed to     schemes by
                                                basis                         implement sanctuary schemes on a co-ordinated Countywide       April 2010
                                                                              basis. Derby City taking co-ordination role. Agreed to be
                                                                              implemented by April 2010

49. Ensure that the implementation of the       Completed &                   Process in place to report progress of Housing Strategy
    Housing Strategy contributes to the         Ongoing                       through the Councils Service Effectiveness Scrutiny.
    Council's 3 year Corporate Plan and
    aims to meet the targets set within it                                    New Corporate plan demonstrates Housing Strategy
50. All officers involved in the Housing        Ongoing &                     Best Value review completed.
    Strategy to adopt best practice of work     Pending
    procedures and auditing systems to

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                                             POSITION AS AT        DETAILS                                                           CARRIED
                                             December 2008                                                                           FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                                                               TO 2009-10
   challenge work practices                                        Ongoing work re work practices and procedures

51. Ensure effective performance             Completed &           Integrated actions in service plan
    management of the Housing Strategy via   Ongoing               Report progress through Service Effectiveness Scrutiny
    the Forward Plan, Directorate Delivery
    Plans and Performance Development
    Review process

52. Work with our partners within the        Completed &           Lead Member for Community Services with responsibility for        Housing
    Derbyshire Local Area Agreement          Ongoing               housing on Local Strategic Partnership Board (LSP)                Strand of LSP
                                                                                                                                     planned for
                                                                   Director of Development and Regulatory services (with             2009
                                                                   responsibility for housing) – Chair & on executive of safer and
                                                                   stronger communities sub group                                    Out-turn
                                                                                                                                     summary of
                                                                   Community Safety Officer on executive for safer and stronger      LSP to be put
                                                                   communities.                                                      on website

                                                                   Regeneration (including Housing initiatives) for Ilkeston North
                                                                   being co-ordinated through the LSP

                                                                   Feedback from LSP on every Agenda of Housing & Homeless

                                                                   Summary of Housing and Homeless Forum to LSP via LSP
                                                                   reps (Sue Blakeley, Cllr Hart)

                                                                   35 Performance Indicators Agreed

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                                                POSITION AS AT        DETAILS                        CARRIED
                                                December 2008                                        FORWARD
ACTION                                                                                               TO 2009-10

53 Following the Budget allocation, clarify     Completed             Completed in Three Year Plan
   the Council's spending and priorities on
   housing related projects from 2006/07
   onwards. Taking into account the
   spending of capital receipts from Right to
   Buy sales, and from sales of Council

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