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					                        Water Demand Management Forum
                                  Donors Lunch
                              Cairo 3 February 2003

Donors shared the common understanding of the following:
    Acknowledgment that water scarcity issues are of prime importance to this
      particular region.
    Recognition that water should be treated as a precious resource of an
      economic value.
    Reaffirmation of commitments to further support integrated water
      resources management including water demand management principles in
      the region.
    Strengthen the established network and support South to South
      cooperation on exchange of information and knowledge transfer on
      bilateral and multi-lateral levels.
    Learn from and link to other ongoing regional water demand management
      initiatives such as ESCWA, ICARDA, FAO and bio-desalination center.
    Continue building on the outputs of the WDM Forum while increasing
      number of partners from governments and donors.

Donors agree on the following future directions in water demand management in
the region:
     Elaborate on the present case studies to generate best practices and
       facilitate knowledge sharing among countries in the region that could be
       extended to cover Nile Basin Countries.
     Focus future water demand management initiatives on irrigation as the
       large water-consuming sector and because of its nexus to poverty
     Consider implementation of pilot projects to demonstrate impact of water
       demand management practices.
     Ensure incorporation of environmental, social and economic dimensions
       in future water demand management initiatives.
     Encourage institutional coordination between various levels of
       stakeholders to better regulate demand on the national level.
     Respond to the demand to support exchange of best practices through
       training and field visits.

   Finally Donors recommended to:
    Highlight participant countries’ stand on water demand management
      practices to reinforce exchange of expertise on the regional level.
    Ensure extension of donors’ discussions on water demand management
      issues through the Donor Assistance Sub-Group on water.
    Support participant countries’ presenting outputs of the Water Demand
      Management Forum to the 3 rd World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan in
      March 2003.