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					                                      BRYCE C. ADAMS
                                      Houston, Texas 77092
                                         (832) 202-3972

   Experienced IT professional seeking a position that will allow me to utilize my MIS degree and incorporate my
   Java, JavaScript and HTML experience and will provide upward mobility.

   Texas A&M University - College Station, TX
       BA in Management Information Systems, May 2000
       Received Distinguished Student Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, 1999

     Java, JavaScript, HTML, TIBCO ActiveEnterprise and PortalBuilder.
     Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.

Edgebound Corp. - Houston, TX                                                                 Nov. 2001 - May 2002
Project Lead in design, development and implementation of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) systems for
major Fortune 500 companies including various energy and gas trading firms.
       In-house expert that specialized in TIBCO technological advancements and kept team informed. Extensive
        experience with TIBCO ActiveEnterprise included Rendezvous, Adapters, MessageBroker, in addition to
        AdapterAdministrator and PortalBuilder.
       Acted as Team Lead on a 3-person team that created the following software products for clients utilizing
        Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML and various EAI platforms:
             Product Information Browser: Enabled users to view descriptive details of entire product line.
             eRequisition System: Created centralized computer access for client representatives requesting
             various technical reports and product manuals.
       Developed an intranet website using TIBCO PortalBuilder, HTML, Java and JavaScript for client.
        Responsibilities included information and requirements gathering, team coordination for implementation,
        training and support for client personnel.
       Provided excellent communication while interfacing with clients to gather and assess data for project
        planning; clearly presented solutions and determined the next step in the process; critically analyzed project
        details for troubleshooting and provided problem resolution while working closely with clients on their

Luminant Worldwide Corp. - Houston, TX                                                         July 2000 - Oct. 2001
Extensive experience creating Portal-like Intranet sites for Fortune 500 companies. Also performed EAI projects
including content management and web application development for O&G trading companies.
       Created and developed total integration of system environment enabling trade floor participants to access
        real time trade data in making critical buy/sell decisions (client: Cinergy).
       Worked extensively with TIBCO PortalBuilder to create in-house portals for various Energy and Gas
        trading firms (clients: Enron & Cinergy). Also gained experience with TIBCO ActiveEnterprise including
        Rendezvous, Adapters, MessageBroker and AdapterAdministrator.
       Created design specification documentation during project development phase of operations, critically
        analyzed data for troubleshooting and provided problem resolution.
       Conducted client interviews during planning and information gathering phases of project operations and
        produced user manuals for client use at project completion. Planned, organized, coordinated and presented
        company web site demo at annual trade show, August 2000.
       In-house expert worked on team specializing in TIBCO technological advancements and presented these
        innovative techniques to client’s personnel in seminars that ranged in attendance from 40 to 50 employees.
Stock Options Day Trader - Houston, TX                                                           Aug. 2006 - Present
Sole Proprietor
Developed a strong financial knowledge of the inner workings of the stock market as well as the nature of stock
options and created a trading strategy that resulted in a steady and gradual growth of investment capital over time.
        Perform fundamental analyses of companies to determine future growth using factors such as past history,
         news and results, analysts’ sentiments, earnings expectations and potential investment risk factors.
        Research 100 favorite stock picks and track them on a daily basis; study technical charts to recognize buy
         or sell indicators, trends, turning points etc.
        Using technical & fundamental analyses, create a daily watch list containing 20 diverse stocks prior to each
         market day opening; study the various analyses closely to determine where the best point for entry into and
         exit from the market for each trade to maximize earnings and minimize losses.

Vacations To Go - Houston, TX                                                                Sept. 2003 - Aug. 2006
Sales Agent
Delivered excellent customer service throughout the entire vacation process; Initially, assisting customers in finding
the best vacation, arranging booking details, preparing customers for departure, sending out tickets and following
up after their return.
        Awarded membership twice into the “Million and a Half” Club for achieving over $1.5 million in sales in
         2004 and 2005.
        Consistently finished in the top 10% of all sales agents measured on a monthly basis.
        Built a large repeat-customer base of clients over a 3 year period and worked with them on an individual
         basis to facilitate the booking process of each vacation.
        Continually sought out product education on the ever-changing amenities offered through each cruise line.
        Attended cruise line presentations monthly in order to know the details of each product line, vacation
         options, the differences between them and the value-added aspects of each vacation.
        Reconciled outstanding balance reports necessary to keep accounts up to date.

Environmental Allies, Inc. - Houston, TX                                                      May 2002 - Sept. 2003
Network Administrator/Sales Manager
Network Administrator responsible for all internal IT needs. Once the network was established and stable,
responsibilities then changed to include Sales and eventually Sales Manager. Developed and implemented a sales
strategy that doubled the company’s yearly earnings.
        Handled all IT matters for the company, including ordering office computers and peripherals, setting up
         company intranet accounts and office network, installing & configuring software and trouble shooting
        Created Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for clients, using QuickSWPPP software, to ensure EPA
         compliance and trained other consultants to use the software.
        Managed 5 person sales team to grow sales from $500 thousand to produce over $1.2 million in sales in a
         12 month period.
        Responsible for interviewing, hiring, training and managing new consultants. Coordinated field personnel
         for product installation and solved problems to ensure clients' satisfaction.

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