Unit 5_ The Mole_ _ Composition and Empirical Formula

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					                          Unit 5: The Mole, % Composition and Empirical Formula
                                  Chemistry Traditional, Chapter 6 2009

 Real Life Applications: Real life examples of a mole, Signature Activity, Analysis of Unknown Powders

             ****Your choice to do online activities including flipcards, chapter quizzes, etc. ****
                           ***worksheet answers at the bottom of this calendar***
                **answers to Blues and practice problems in back of book and on classzone**

Date          In Class Assignments                  Homework
M 10/19       Test on ch 5 (not 5.3B)
T 10/20       Objective(s) #:1,2,3                  PP 6.5 p187 and Blues p211 #18,20
              Introduce new unit
              Mole Song                             Confused? Read p170-175 (not calculating mass), 178-
              Mole and Molar Mass demo              181, 185-187
              Start Molar Conversions examples
                  on one note                       Mole Project: due 10/23 go online for details
W 10/21       Objective(s) #:4                      Finish pkt p 1-2 #1-10** (answers on bottom of calendar)
              Finish Molar Conversions              Need help? p182-184,p187-191 (Note: your book breaks
              Worksheet pkt p 1-2 #1-10             up conversions into single steps while we expect you to
                                                    do multistep conversions as practiced in class)
R 10/22       Objective(s) #:(4)                    Finish #11-14 pkt p.2** (answers on bottom of calendar)
              Groups for mole project – tell me
              today or not allowed.                 Mole Project due tomororw!
              Go over hmwk
              Go over test / Post Test
              Finish pkt p 2 #11-14
F 10/23       Objective(s) #:(1)                    Check your answers to lab online using Excel and
MOLE DAY!!    Mole Day Project Presentations            compare to yours (Frost website, Baker sharepoint)
End of 1st    Signature Activity pkt p. 3           Finish yesterday’s homework if haven’t already
Qtr                                                 Bring Books Tomorrow
M 10/26       Objective(s) #:(4),5                  RS 6.2B % Composition p192-194
              Go over #11-14 in class pkt p2        PP 6.9 p194 and Blues p212 #27ae,28
              Students present answers              Must complete this work to do lab tomorrow!
              Start homework
T 10/27       Objective(s) #:(5)                    Check and Print your answers to lab online using Excel
              % comp discussion                        and compare to yours
              Sugar Sugar by Archies                     Frost – website Baker - sharepoint
              Bubble gum lab pkt p 4-5              RS 6.3 196-201
                                                    Blues p212 #32,33
                                                    Bring Books Tomorrow!
W 10/28       Gradesheet Printouts – goals          Get gradesheet signed
10 am L.S.
R 10/29       Objective(s) #:(5),6,7,8              Confused? Read 202-208
              Collect gradesheets                   PP 6.13 p 204, PP 6.14 p 205, PP 6.15 p 207
              Go over Bubble gum lab (ck print)     ARQ p 207
              Go over g – add % for Empirical /     Blues p212 #39,45,48
                 Molecular Formulas / Rules p       Memorize Rules p 201
              Start homework
F 10/30       Halloween Demos and Activities        HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE!
M 11/2       Objective(s) #:(6,7,8)              Pre-lab pkt p6 – must be done to do lab tomorrow
             EF/MF Activity with music           Closed toe shoes tomorrow
             Go over EF/MF homework
T 11/3       Objective(s) #:(6,7,8)              Finish lab pkt p 7-8
             % Comp/ Empirical Formula Lab       Check and print answers to lab online using Excel
             pkt p 7-8                           Frost – website
                                                 Baker – sharepoint
W 11/4       Testing Tips                        Bring Books Tomorrow
CC! Assem
R 11/5       Objective(s) #:review               Study for Lab Quiz
             Go over lab p7-8 (ck printout)      Closed toe shoes tomorrow
             Extra Practice pkt p 9** (answers
             on bottom of calendar)              If you are absent today you will still take the lab quiz
             STP p 215 #4,5,7,8,9                tomorrow
F 11/6       Lab Quiz                            Study for the test

                                                 Optional class zone chapter quizzes and other review

                                                 Reminder: if you missed the lab quiz today, go to Rm
                                                 185 tomorrow at 7 am to take the written test. During
                                                 class you will make up the lab quiz.

M 11/9       Ch. 6 Test                          RS 7.1-7.2 p216-223 Chemical Reactions
                                                 ARQ p221
                                                 PP p223 a only
                                                 Bring Books

                                                 FYI: Online book P218
                                                  8 videos – evidence of a chemical reaction – look
                                                 under animations too

                                                 Reminder: if missed the test go to Rm 185 tomorrow at
                                                 7 am to make it up or you will take it in class tomorrow
                                                 missing valuable information with possible penalties

         Answers to Mole Conversion Worksheet          Answers to Molar Conv. Extra Practice
            1. 4.5 g H2O                                  1. 0.3088 mol Cu(NO3)2
            2. 3.5 g Ca                                   2. 2.40x1022 molecules CO2
            3. 0.0010 mol Si                       3. 4.724x1023 formula units CaBr2
            4. 9.0x1022 molecules HCl
            5. 11.5 g NH3                                  STP p215 Answers:
            6. 4663 g Na2S                         4. A, 5. C, 7. B, 8. B, 9. C
            7. 0.203 mol CaCl2
            8. 0.00110 mol Br2
            9. 0.448 mol Fe
            10. 1.24x1023 atoms Mg
            11. 2.0x10-23 g C
            12. 16.0 g C
            13. 25.0 mol NaOH
            14. 220. g CO2

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