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					           CENTER FOR SCIENCE AND
                      MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR 

 Summer 2008                   Fifteen years ago I received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to create
                      educational partnerships and provide science opportunities for students. Ten years ago, with
    Volume 1          additional funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Science
                      Foundation, we created LIGASE (Long Island Group Advancing Science Education). The
                      LIGASE mission was to provide science research and education opportunities for all who wish
                      to learn. LIGASE reached tens of thousands of middle and high school students,
                      undergraduates, teachers and many University faculty.

                              Last year the mission was enlarged, as the Provost merged LIGASE with the teacher
Center Faculty……2     educational components of the Mathematics Department to form the Center for Science and
                      Mathematics Education. The timing was fortuitous, as improving science and mathematics
                      education is now at the forefront of the national agenda. We are building bridges, creating new
Goals……………...2        partnerships and seeking new funding streams for current programs and those yet to be
                      implemented. I invite your ideas, your participation and your support.

K-12 Education …3

                               New York Congressman Tim Bishop (Member of the House Education and Labor
                      Committee) and Tennessee Congressman Bart Gordon (Chair of the House Science Committee)
Faculty & Staff…..7   visited the Center for Science and Mathematics Education on May 5. The visit was in advance
                      of Dr. Bynum’s talk on “Entrepreneurship in Science Education” at the Woodrow Wilson
                      International Center on May 6th and a similar talk the next day at the Rayburn House Office
Sponsors……..….. 8
                      Building. The congressmen were interested in viewing the innovations taking place in the
                      Center and their potential to impact science and mathematics education on a national level.

                                                                                            “Scientific technology and
                                                                                    innovation are driving the global
                                                                                    economy like never before, and
                                                                                    America needs to do more than ever to
                                                                                    stay ahead,” said Bishop. “Stony
                                                                                    Brook University is providing much-
                                                                                    needed leadership in this regard
                                                                                    through its efforts to enable more
                                                                                    American students and researchers to
                                                                                    succeed, opening the way for future
                                                                                    discoveries and breakthroughs, so
                                                                                    America can continue to be a world
                                                                                    leader for generations to come.”

                         Congressman Tim Bishop, laboratory director Joan Kiely,
                        Congressman Bart Gordon, graduate student Farah Daccueil,
                           David Bynum, laboratory manager Delon Callender
CENTER FACULTY                                             LISA BERGER, DIRECTOR OF MATHEMATICS 
                                                           EDUCATION, BRINGS NEW ENERGY TO  
                                                                    Dr. Lisa Berger joined the Department of
                                                           Mathematics and the Center last fall after obtaining her
         Dr. Dan Moloney has been awarded a 5 year,
                                                           doctorate in Mathematics at the University of Arizona.
$ 1 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of
                                                           Her thesis and present work involves the ranks of elliptic
Health to direct the Bridges to the Baccalaureate
                                                           curves and she also has extensive background in
program called
                                                           mathematics education. She has a strong drive to
BioPREP (Biology
                                                           improve mathematics education at all levels and since
Partnership in
                                                           her arrival we have sponsored a middle school
Research and
                                                           mathematics camp last fall and an elementary school
Education Program).
                                                           math competition this spring. She is also actively
BioPREP attracts
                                                           working on a proposal to improve mathematics
talented community
                                                           education at the high school level. She also serves as a
college students from
                                                           co-principal investigator on the NSF Robert Noyce
                                                           award and is actively working to strengthen the
populations who are
                                                           mathematics component of the master’s degree in
interested in biomedical careers and helps them succeed
                                                           teaching mathematics. Her work is at the forefront of
in achieving their goals. Up to 24 community college
                                                           the national education agenda and we are delighted she
students spend five weeks at Stony Brook in the
                                                           is at Stony Brook.
summer, working in a molecular biology laboratory and
carrying out a research project.  
         BioPREP was conceived by Dr. David Bynum
who directed the program from 1994 to 2007. Since          KEITH SHEPPARD SOLIDIFIES THE CENTER’S 
inception, more than 300 community college students
have participated; 75% have obtained or are in the         LEADERSHIP IN SCIENCE EDUCATION 
process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree with more than
                                                                   Since his arrival from Columbia’s Teachers
80% of these in math, science or a biomedical field.
                                                           College a year ago, Keith has quickly put his stamp on
Approximately 25% of BioPREP alumni are pursuing or
                                                           science education at Stony Brook. From being a
have obtained a graduate degree.
                                                           principal and co-principal investigator on grants, to
                                                           reviewing them, to presenting his work at the National

                                      GOALS OF THE CENTER

         ●Attract, educate and retain more students, and increase diversity in the fields of
             science and mathematics

         ●Broaden the science and mathematics knowledge base of the general public
         ●Enhance Stony Brook University’s nationally recognized teacher education
             programs in science and mathematics

         ●Integrate science and mathematics throughout the K-16 curriculum
         ●Work with business, educational organizations, public and private schools and
             community colleges to accomplish these goals

Science Foundation, he is always on the lookout for new      teaching (MAT) biology. Zuzana Zachar, a faculty
opportunities. He just submitted a $ 4.8 M grant to NSF      member in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, was selected
to work with five Long Island school districts and           to direct the program and the rest is history. Zuzana is
improve elementary school science education. While           an ideal director, dividing her time between doing bench
currently supervising his last two doctoral students at      science and educating prospective teachers. Our
Teachers College, he is creating a doctoral program in       applicants are outstanding with a mean undergraduate
science education at Stony Brook, set to take in students    GPA of 3.3; many are older with professional careers
next year. While at Teachers College he also received        and this year’s class has two dentists and a physician.
several teaching awards. Our Stony Brook students are        Under her leadership we have now graduated over 200
now the beneficiaries of his grasp of the pedagogy and       students, most teaching in surrounding schools and all
content of science, the policies and curriculum that         are ambassadors for the Center and the University.
translate into educational success, and the strategies
needed to get there. Since joining the Center, he has
published three papers, reviewed others, given several
invited talks and presented at national meetings. He is
an invaluable colleague, friend and mentor to many of us
in the Stony Brook community.


         In April, 70 students from 24 teams participated
in the First Annual Stony Brook University Protein
Modeling Challenge. Students used 9 foot foam covered
wires to create 3-D color models of calmodulin, a small
calcium binding protein that mediates many essential
cell processes. The first event of its kind at Stony Brook
University, this competition helps high school students
visualize proteins in three dimensions, and to realize the
power and importance of using models to better
understand molecular structure and function. The
winning school was Lawrence-Woodmere Academy in                        Farmingdale High School Protein Model
Nassau County. Media coverage was provided by both
Channel 12 and Newsday.

         Joan just learned that she was successful in
securing a $10,000 grant from OSI Pharmaceuticals
Foundation to fund the competition in the future. OSI        K-12 EDUCATION
has been especially supportive of the Center, previously
funding fellowships for pre-service teachers who plan to     MEETING THE NATIONAL CHALLENGE – A 
teach in high needs schools, and we are particularly         MILLION DOLLARS IN SCHOLARSHIPS TO 
grateful for their continued support.
                                                             ATTRACT SCIENCE AND MATH TEACHERS TO 
                                                             HIGH NEEDS SCHOOLS 
ZUZANA ZACHAR AND THE LAST TEN YEARS –                                The Center now has fellowship funding for pre-
LEVERAGING BIOLOGY THROUGHOUT THE                            service teachers who will teach in New York City or in
CURRICULUM                                                   other high needs schools. Dean of Arts and Sciences
                                                             Jim Staros has obtained a $450,000 award from the
      In 1998, after two years of effort, we obtained        Petrie Foundation for pre-service teachers who commit
New York State approval to offer a master’s degree in        to teaching for three years in New York City. Three of
                                                             these $15,000 awards have been given this spring. Keith
                                                             Sheppard also directs the $500,000 NSF Robert Noyce

Fellowship program which provides $10,000 fellowships           of classes scheduled and the number of students
to students who commit to teaching in a high needs              attending has more than doubled. Students from over
school for two years. We recently awarded seven Noyce           85% of the Long Island school districts have taken part
Fellowships making a total of 26 over the last three            in BTC activities, enhancing their knowledge of
years. These award winners include some of our best             molecular biology and appreciation of the university
students, with both academic and leadership qualities,          environment.  
and they continue to stay in contact with us while
teaching in the schools.                                         
                                                                CENTER HOSTS ELEMENTARY STUDENT MATH 
40,000TH STUDENT                                                        “What is the largest prime number divisible into
                                                                168?” If you were an elementary school student at the
         Each weekday in the spring, our Biotechnology          2008 Suffolk County Mathematics Tournament in April,
Teaching Center (BTC) hosts up to four classes of               the chances are you would have had the answer in
middle and high school students as they carry out               seconds. Over a hundred students from twenty two
experiments in forensics, biotechnology and genetics.           schools competed in both individual and team events.
Classes are taught jointly with faculty and graduate            The winners were Mount Elementary School,
students in science teacher education programs, and give        Huntington Intermediate School and Port Jefferson
prospective teachers an excellent opportunity to teach in       Middle School. It was especially gratifying the see the
a supervised setting. Some of these prospective teachers        Chair of the Mathematics Department, David Ebin, pen
become so proficient that they receive job interviews           and clipboard in hand, working out the problems with
based on their work in the BTC! These hands-on                  equal enthusiasm as the competitors.
activities are aligned with state standards and give the
students an opportunity to learn in a world class
laboratory while visiting a major research institution.
Teachers who schedule their classes attest to the first rate
quality of the experience and the fact that it could not be
performed in their school. In the last decade the number

                         Central Islip High School students at the Biotechnology Teaching Center

                                                                  education and research. This year we are directing 27
                                                                  different programs for students and teachers at all levels.
                                                                  We invite you to come by and see what we’re about.

                                                                  FOR UNDERGRADUATES WHO WANT TO TEACH 
                                                                  – COMBINED DEGREE PROGRAMS 
                                                                          In the last five years enrollment in science and
                                                                  math MAT programs has more than doubled. Now the
                                                                  Center is prepared to attract and retain additional
                                                                  talented students with the offering of combined
                                                                  bachelor’s/master’s degree programs. Available in
                                                                  biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and
                                                                  mathematics, these 5-year programs allow prospective
                                                                  teachers to accelerate their education by one to two

    BIO 103 Introduction to Biotechnology course
                                                                  MEETING THE UNDERGRADUATE CHALLENGE – 
                                                                  SCHOLARSHIPS AND COURSES FOR 
                                                                           The Center has always had a primary mission of
         For over a decade the summers have been the
                                                                  making undergraduate education stronger at Stony
busiest time for the Center. Last year we hired 48
                                                                  Brook. Our sponsored courses Molecular Diversity
additional pre-service and in-service teachers, graduate          Laboratory, Introduction to Biotechnology, Molecular
students and post-doctoral fellows to work in our science
                                                                  Immunology, Bioinformatics and Computational
camps, workshops and courses. This “flocking” together
                                                                  Biology, Bioethics and Policy, and Cancer Genetics,
of students and teachers from Long Island and beyond
                                                                  have all been extremely well received. The first course
has become an annual ritual, and one that assists in
                                                                  we developed in 1995, Techniques in Cellular and
making the Center a leading learning community on                 Molecular Biology, is now entering its 14th year!
Long Island. Hundreds of individuals of all                       Additionally we have awarded over 3 million dollars in
backgrounds live, learn and work together to make
available increased opportunities in science and math

                                          HHMI National Scholars kayaking trip

fellowships and recipients have co-authored over 200       30. This program showcases undergraduate research and
papers and abstracts. For the second consecutive year      is open to all Stony Brook undergraduates conducting
we are sending students to the laboratories of Howard      faculty mentored research and creative activities. A
Hughes Medical Institute International investigators and   central component of the celebration is an all day poster
bringing in outstanding students from around the country   session where students present their work to the Stony
for summer research. Our reach now extends around the      Brook community. The celebration participants get
World!                                                     published in the annual URECA Collected Abstracts
                                                           book. Under the excellent leadership of Karen Kernan
                                                           of the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the
                                                           program participation has grown every year, almost
STONY BROOK MARC STUDENTS HAVE                             tripling in the last five years.
                  The remaining three undergraduates in
our NIH MARC program are graduating this spring and
all will enter graduate school. Cynthia Okoye will enter
the M.D./Ph.D. program at Albert Einstein University.
Jean Christian Brutus will join the Mechanical
Engineering Program at Stony Brook. Kerri Keng is
enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Program at MIT.
The MARC program has been highly successful at Stony
Brook for over a decade but our latest grant was not
renewed. We are applying again, responding carefully
to the reviewer’s criticisms, and hope to have the
program back on board next year with Dan Moloney as
the new principal investigator.

                                                                   Dr. Sheppard instructs faculty on how to
                                                                       use technology in the classroom

                                                           CENTER STRENGTHENS CONTACTS BETWEEN 
                                                           UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS  

                                                                    Keith Sheppard, faculty member in
                                                           Biochemistry and Cell Biology, is the principal
                                                           investigator (PI) on an NSF Robert Noyce fellowship
                                                           award with Lisa Berger from Department of
                                                           Mathematics. David Bynum is a co-PI with Gil Hanson,
                                                           a faculty member in geosciences, on the NSF GeoPrep
                                                           award and is a co-PI on the NSF MARIACHI award
          MARC student with his research project           with physics faculty member Helio Takai. What better
                                                           way to link faculty together than successful grant
                                                           awards? And as we are writing many more such
                                                           proposals, this is only the beginning.

        For the second consecutive year the Center is
pleased to support Stony Brook’s annual Celebration of
Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity on April

                                                                 Joan Kiely, M.S.
David Bynum, Ph.D.,
                                                                 Director of the Biotechnology Teaching Center
Director, Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
                                                                 Robert McCarthy, Ph.D.
                                                                 Director, Masters Degree in Teaching Physics
Janet Andersen, Ph.D.
Instructor, Immunology
                                                                 Daniel Moloney, Ph.D.
                                                                 Director of the Biotechnology Teaching Center
Patrick Aro
Instructional Support Technician
                                                                 Judy Nimmo
                                                                 Center Administrator
Lisa Berger, Ph.D.
Director, Masters Degree in Teaching Mathematics
                                                                 Linda Padwa, M.A.T.
                                                                 Director, Field Experiences for Science Education
Delon Callender
Laboratory Manager
                                                                 Debra Pelio
                                                                 Staff Assistant
Caren Gough, Ed.M.
Instructor, Science Education
                                                                 Keith Sheppard, Ed.D.
                                                                 Director, Science Education
Gilbert Hanson, Ph.D.
Director, Masters Degree in Teaching Earth Science
                                                                 Zuzana Zachar, Ph.D.
                                                                 Director, Masters Degree in Teaching Biology
Nadia Kennedy, Ph.D.
Director, Undergraduate Mathematics Education

        Top left: Linda Padwa, Debra Pelio, Zuzana Zachar, David Bynum, Judy Nimmo, Janet Andersen, and Patrick Aro
                            Bottom left: Joan Kiely, Keith Sheppard, Lisa Berger, and Dan Moloney

Center for Science and
Mathematics Education                       CENTER SPONSORS
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