Supply_ Installation and Configuration of Internet Bandwidth

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					  Supply, Installation and Configuration of
            Internet Bandwidth


Computerization and Planning – Computer Bureau
               Pakistan Customs

                CBR WAN Services
           Bid Submission on ___PM, __________ 2007

               Government of Pakistan
                  Revenue Division
              Central Board of Revenue
                   February, 2007
  Invitation for Bids

  CBR plans to implement multiple Internet bandwidths to facilitate Customs Application
  and users at Karachi Customs House.

  The Central Board of Revenue now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for
  Supply and Installation Services for Internet hardware & Associate services on
  turnkey basis.

  The proposed interim solution has been devised keeping in the following guidelines

         Highly available & redundant solution.
         No upfront investment.
         Complete Solution is on rental basis.

  Schedule of Requirements

  The delivery schedule expressed as weeks stipulates hereafter a delivery date which
  is the date of delivery required.

                                               Installation &
Description      Qty (No)    from the date                          Delivery Location
                               of signing
                                                                   Customs Data Center,
Bandwidth         2Mb x 2        3 weeks           1 week
                                                                  Customs House, Karachi.
Bandwidth         2Mb x 1        3 weeks           1 week          CBR House Islamabad
Technical Specifications + Solutions Description

Project Background

The Central Board of Revenue plans to implement multiple Internet bandwidths for
e-commerce applications and business partners connectivity.

Project location

The project scope spans Customs Data Center, 9th Floor at Karachi Customs House.

The selected Firm will supply equipment, bandwidth and services to establish
Internet connectivity. The selected firm will be responsible to supply, install,
configure, test & maintain Network hardware, associated components. The selected
Firm will also be responsible for implementing the technical architecture of the
project as described in this document. The selected Firm is expected to use the
international „best practices‟ in delivering the services with in time, cost and quality.
Maintenance and complete services will have to be provided by vendor during
contract period.
The successful firm will be responsible for:
      a) Supply of hardware
      b) Complete Installation/Commissioning of hardware and related
      c) Supply of Router for each bandwidth on rental Basis.
      d) Supply of Test Plans & Network Spec Book.
      e) Execution of Test Plan
      f) Establish Internet Connectivity
      g) Smooth and timely User Acceptance Test
      h) Project management for supply of goods and services to
          operationalize the entire project.
      i) Providing local support and maintenance of the system during
          and after commissioning for minimum period of 12 months.

Technical Bid Requirements
As part of technical Bid submission the following are required in addition to
requirement given above.
     3 Complete Softcopies (On CDROM) of entire Bid Document Submitted,
        which will include the following
            o Complete Technical Documentation/Brochures in PDF Format.
            o Softcopy of Complete Bid
            o Excel Sheets for Financial part of the Bid
            o Complete compliance statement
     Technical Solution Write-up.
     Engineers Details who will be implementing the Project
     Name and contact Address of Project Manager who will be responsible for
        response to queries if any in the BID.
Framework for Technical Requirements
The diagram below depicts a converged Network Diagram of required functionality. It
is vendor responsibility to provide a solution description write-up together with the
(The diagram might not be an accurate depiction of the solution)

Primary Internet Connectivity – Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic is the fastest and most secure transmission medium. In Wide Area
Networks, its efficiency is highly dependent on its infrastructure. Selecting fiber optic
media means that the network delay between two end points will be very small as
compared to the other Medias available.
Backup Internet Connectivity – Wireless

Due to the criticality of this connectivity, Wireless has to be the backup media. Apart
from Primary connectivity on Fiber from Service Provider end till Customs House,
backup should be provided on Licensed Frequency, ISM Bands are not acceptable
solutions due to the frequency congestion in these bands.

The reason for Primary connectivity on Fiber Optic is that this media is the fastest
and most secure transmission medium available these days. At Karachi Customs
House we already have 24 Radio Modems installed both on 5.8 GHz & 2.4 GHz, due
to which there is major frequency congestion problem in the area. The backup should
be on Wireless media on Licensed Frequency.

All PTA or any other Licenses will be the responsibility of vendor.

Technical Details

The bandwidth required 2 x 2 Mbps should be from two different upstream service
providers (namely ITI, FLAG, VERIZONE, BT, FrenchTel, etc.) in case of Custom
House KHI, in case of CBR House ISB the carrier should be ITI i.e. the same
upstream provider cannot be used for both the bandwidth streams. In both cases
CIR Internet connectivity is required and the links would be considered active/active
and not considered active/standby.

                         GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS

       Primary link should be on Fiber Optic from Service Provider to our premises.
       Backup link must be on wireless on Licensed Frequency.
       2 x 2 Mbps CIR Bandwidths (on multiple upstream providers namely ITI,
        FLAG, VeriZone, BT, FrenchTel).
       The upstream provider bandwidth should be on different submarine cables
        terminating in Karachi. Example of possible bandwidth combination is ITI /
        Flag, ITI / VeriZone, Flag / VeriZone etc.
       Principal vendor should have licensed frequency allocated by PTA and be a
        license holder and should have been providing this service to clients for past
        1 year.
       Separate router for each link termination should be provided by the vendor
        on rental basis. The routers provided must have 2 Fast Ethernet interfaces
        for LAN connectivity apart from the required WAN interfaces.
       IP Pool for each link required is 16 IP Addresses each.
       Compliance sheet of all Technical & Financial terms should be provided.
       The rental cost of complete solution should be quoted on quarterly basis.
       Earnest Money should be the specified percentage of this quarterly amount.
       Vendor should be providing Internet solutions for past 5 years at least and
        should provide clients list to whom these services are provided.
       It should be noted that there is a penalty associated with non compliance
        with above schedule, 5 % of quarterly rental charges will be incurred if the
        project is late by 1 week, 10 % if the project is late by two weeks, any
        further delay would mean discontinuation of contract.
    Vendors in their bid should submit comprehensive SLA & penalties in case of
    Contract period is 12 months, after 12 months the contract is renewable
    Unit cost of each item should be given.
    The prices should be valid for 120 days.
    A single rental / month cost should be given with no “on actual costs” and no
     fixed upfront cost.
    Payment will be due after completion of project, no advance payments are
     payable, payments will be on quarterly basis.
    The solution should be on turn-key basis including hardware equipment,
     media acquisition, installation/integration/configuration/commissioning and
     services. All Hardware quoted should be on turnkey & rental basis.
    Government duties and taxes should be separately mentioned in the
     Financial Proposal.
    Wireless Links will be on turnkey basis including following items. (Tower,
    Lightening Arrestor with grounding, Installation charges, PTA charges, Auto
    Backup, Termination Equipment etc), Routers, cabling etc.
   Vendor should have a DNOP license.
   Local Support should be available all the time and response time should be
    less then 1 hour.
   In case of any hardware failure, Hot backup equipment should be available.
   Vendor will be required to provide 24x7 support and maintenance of services
   Vendor will also be required to perform quarterly preventative maintenance of
    all links.
   The availability for each link should be 99.95%
   Serial V.35 Interface is a must requirement for connectivity to Router.
   The vendor shall be responsible for all civil work related to the installation of
    the Wireless links, cabling of data, and ground as well as channeling and all
    other works pertaining to the installation. The vendor will be responsible for
    the quality of the works and will assume full responsibility in case of damage
    to CBR buildings and/or property while carrying out the same.
   CBR also requires that the vendor conduct preemptive maintenance
    inspections on a quarterly basis to ensure that the equipment is not
    deteriorating or about to undergo failure through cable damage, corrosion,
    breakage etc.
   The CBR requires connectivity across the Internet to be reliable and error
    free. Therefore the circuits will continuously be monitored for CRCs. In the
    case of CRCs reported by CBR, a BERT test will have to be performed within
    24 hours of the problem reported by physically connecting the BERT to the
    serial port of the IDU at each end of the circuit for an end to end test. This
    BERT test will be the responsibility of the Vendor.
   The Vendor will ensure that CBR at all times has the guaranteed leased circuit
    bandwidth available as requested and signed off in the Confirmation of
    commissioning of the leased circuits.
   The Vendor will ensure that the time delay over leased circuits does not
    exceed (not more than 30-40 msec round trip) ICMP ping reply time over a
    non-congested link. A non-congested link would be a link utilized not more
    than 85%. Round trip delay will be measured by computing the average
    round trip delay for one thousand (1000) Cisco-style pings of sixty-four (64)
    bytes each (Cisco-style pings are only sent subsequent to an acknowledgment
    being received for the previous ping)
   In case of the packet loss of more than 0.5% or of CRC errors more than 20
    every hour the link will be treated as faulty and will need troubleshooting and
    incidence will be reported as described in the escalation procedure. For CRC
    errors more than 100 an hour the link will be treated as down and will be
    handled according to the fault escalation procedure and/or for service outage
   The CBR requires 99.95% network availability 24x7. Network unavailability in
    these hours will not be tolerated due to the sensitive nature of the financial
    applications in use over the circuits. Any network outage in this period would
    discontinue the centralized operations of the respective CBR office and
    consequently the office connecting to the central servers via it.
   The vendor will provide the details of the Engineers/Technicians associated
    with the establishment of the links. The official, residential and Cellular
    contact numbers of all engineers who will be assigned to the CBR project will
    be provided to CBR. The response time of the Engineers will be counted from
    the fault reporting time to the arrival/response of the respective engineer.
    Also, CBR requires help line numbers to be provided where problems may be
    immediately reported and a quick process initiated to identify and rectify the
    problem. The office, mobile number and email addresses of operational staff
    must be provided for immediate escalation of the problem. Incase of absence
    or leave of the primary responsible resource, the backup resource contact
    numbers will also be provided by the vendor and his presence during that
    period will be ensured to CBR.
   Turn around time should not exceed one hour.