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					                         UNB Grand Lake Meadows Endowment Fund

The Grand Lake Meadows Project Management Committee (GLMPMC) has established an endowment
fund at the University of New Brunswick. The purpose of this fund is to provide opportunities to
undertake research projects within the area of the Grand Lake Meadows (GLM), shown in the maps
below. A joint UNB GLM Advisory Committee has been set up to solicit, review and approve proposals
from this fund. Such projects should increase the appreciation, knowledge, and interest in the GLM
through research of ecological, social and historical characteristics of the GLM.

                          Detailed Map of Grand Lake Meadows Area
Grand Lake Meadows Endowment Fund

                      Expanded Map of Grand Lake Meadows Boundary Area

Project Criteria
       Projects must be in accordance with “Fredericton-Moncton Highway Project (Fredericton to
       Salisbury Section) Mitigation and Compensation Plan for Wetland Function Loss of Grand Lake
       Meadows” dated July 15, 1997.
       Projects are to be low impact in nature
       Projects are to be conducted in, or implicitly connected to the GLM (See Attached Map)
       Projects are to satisfy information needs identified by the GLM Committee (See Project Topic
       Projects will deliver information to the local community (i.e. presentation) and/or products (i.e.
       posters, display, database) to the GLM Committee. Propriety ownership of data will rest with the
       researcher and UNB but must be shared with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure
       maintenance of information over time.
       Funding is to be used for eligible research expenses. Funding is not to be used capital equipment
       (e.g. vehicles, boats, computers).
       It is recommended that proponents coordinate research activities and design with local
       organizations and government agencies working in the GLM. Interaction and cooperation
       between researchers and partners of the GLM committee is encouraged.
       Principal Researcher is a full-time professor or research associate of UNB (Fredericton and Saint
       John campus).
       GLM is to be acknowledged in any materials produced as a result of the grant.

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Grand Lake Meadows Endowment Fund

Project Topic Areas:
Projects must fall under one or more of the following categories:

     1. Ecological: Will add to the scientific knowledge base for the GLM.
           Ecosystem function – flood plain forest
           Species and habitat relationships
           Ecology and management
           Species Inventory

     2. Social: Will add to greater local understand and appreciation of the GLM.
           Economic value of wetlands to society
           Social-economic effects of linear developments

     3. Historical: Will add to the historical knowledge and appreciation of the GLM.
           Archaeological investigation
           History of the GLM

Submission and Funding Information:
      Applications (5 copies) are to be submitted to the Joint UNB/GLM Advisory Committee via the
      Office of Research Services. For deadline, please see
      Awards up to a maximum of $12,000 will be considered.
      Multi-year projects will be considered for funding but must be justified in the application.
      Recipients will be required to provide a report as per the Project Criteria above. This report must
      be submitted to the Office of Research Services by February 1st of the year following the award.

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