DPD - Link Light Rail 2005 Exhibit, April 2005, part 6

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					We are building a light rail
line that has the power to
transform the city and get
all of us moving forward
        - Mayor Greg Nickels                                Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels visits
                                                            regularly with community and
                                                            business leaders along the Sound

                                                            Transit construction route.

                                                  Link Light Rail Train manufactured by
                                                  Kinkisharyo International, LLC.

Even as Link light rail construction continues, planning and design is already underway for
North Link — the next segment which extends from downtown to First Hill, Capitol Hill, U-
District, Roosevelt and Northgate. In 2004, Sound Transit selected a preferred alignment to
extend Link light rail north. This extension will serve some of the state’s largest employment and
population areas, and will triple light rail’s system-wide ridership. Sound Transit is also studying
future expansion of its mass transit system beyond North Link.

The City and Sound Transit
have worked closely to plan,
design and construct a new
regional transportation
system that enhances the
surrounding communities
and existing transportation
networks. The Link system is a
key element in Seattle’s future
transportation network. By the
year 2030, more than 150,000
people will ride Link line every
day, making it one of the most
effective new transportation
systems in the nation.             Rainier Beach Station.

Westlake Station Tunnel.