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                                                                         March 23, 2009

        Doug Dean, Director
        Colorado Public Utilities Commission
        1560 Broadway, Suite 250
        Denver, CO 80202

                  Re: Ex parte Meetings with Thermo Cogeneration Partnership, L.P.

        Dear Mr. Dean:

                In compliance with the Commission's rules regarding ex-parte contacts,
        this letter is being filed within three (3) days of meetings with Chairman Binz and
        Commissioner Baker on March 18, 2009.

               In attendance at the meeting with Chairman Binz were PUC staff members
        Barbara Fernandez, Jeff Ackerman, Gene Camp and Geri Santos-Rach. The topics
        discussed with Chairman Binz included a description of the Thermo Cogeneration
        Partnership, L.P. (Thermo) cogeneration facility located in Ft. Lupton. Paul
        Steinway, Managing Director, Asset Management for Thermo, described a
        proposal for increasing the current capacity of the Ft. Lupton facility by 40 MW
        while at the same time reducing emissions and using fuel more efficiently. The
        possible upgrades to the Thermo Ft. Lupton facility are being considered in the
        context of the ARRA which was explained to Chairman Binz.

             The same topics as described above were addressed in the meeting with
     Commissioner Baker. In attendance at the meeting with Commissioner Baker, in
     addition to Mr. Steinway and me, were staff members Barbara Fernandez, Sharon
     Podein and Rich Mignogna. Improving the ability and capacity of the Ft. Lupton
     facility to follow wind resources thereby enabling the addition of more wind
     resources on the PSCo system was also discussed.

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                                                                  Doug Dean
                                                                  March 23, 2009
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                                       Mark A. Davidson
                                       of Holland & Hart   I.LP

cc:    Paul Steinway

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