Solar Power for Condos by iwe54296


									                        Solar Power
 o U sts
N Co

                         for Condos
                                                                                               IMMEDIATE SAVINGS

                                                                                               NO CAPITAL OUTLAY

                                                                                               RENEWABLE ENERGY

                       Island Pacific Energy is proud to introduce:                                    About Us

           Solar for Condos™
                                                                                               No other company in Hawai‘i has more
                                                                                               knowledge and experience in financing
                                                                                               solar energy projects than Island
                                                                                               Pacific Energy. Island Pacific Energy
     Until now, condominium associations could not justify the high cost of a solar power      pioneered providing creative solutions
     system because their non-profit status made them ineligible for Federal and State tax     for commercial, government and non-
                                                                                               profit organizations to acquire solar
     credits. Island Pacific Energy’s Solar for Condos™ program overcomes this obstacle with
                                                                                               power in Hawai‘i. Island Pacific Energy
     a solution that requires no upfront costs and provides immediate savings on their         is the first and only company in
     electric bill.                                                                            Hawai‘i to operate a commercial scale
                                                                                               photovoltaic solar energy facility at a

           CALL 808 377 4570
                                                                                               non-profit organization. Island Pacific
                                                                                               Energy currently operates the largest
                                                                                               solar energy facility installed at any
                                                                                               K-12 private school in the nation.

                                                                                               For more Information, please contact:

                                                                                               Island Pacific Energy
                                                                                               2800 Woodlawn Drive
                                                                                               Suite 147
                                                                                               Honolulu, HI 96822
                                                                                               Phone: 808 377 4570

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