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									                                     APPENDIX 1 RACE EQUALITY SCHEME (2009 TO 2012)
                                             ACTION PLAN – COMMISSIONING

                OBJECTIVES                                            TASK                                               LEAD
1. To ensure high quality, appropriate and   Development of four Neighbourhood Development             Commissioning East and West
consistent access to services                Plans including Equality Impact Assessments, taking       Keith Edmonds/James Slater
                                             into account social segmentation data collected.

                                             Ensure race equality issues are clearly monitored         Commissioning East and West
                                             through contracts, in line with best practice guidance.   Keith Edmonds/James Slater

                                             In line with the fourth Race for Health pledge: to        Commissioning East and West
                                             develop and implement action plans to prevent ill         Keith Edmonds/James Slater
                                             health and improve services for diabetes, perinatal
                                             mortality, coronary heart disease and mental health in
                                             BME groups based upon identified local needs.

                                             Development of a communication strategy for newly
                                             arrived immigrants.

                                             Produce an Annual Public Health Report on the health      Public Health
                                             needs of immigrant communities.                           Eugenia Cronin

                                             Development of Community Health Worker project            Public Health
                                             providing accessible advice to the community on how       Michele Daniels
                                             to access services. Social Marketing projects to
                                             recommend areas to target work for particular groups

                 OBJECTIVES                                                TASK                                               LEAD
                                                  in the community.                                         Public Health
                                                                                                            Michele Daniels

                                                  Ensuring adequate and accessible interpreting services.   Corporate Services and Partnerships
                                                                                                            Dilo Lalande

2. To gain a better understanding of equity of    Ensure ethnicity monitoring is undertaken through all     Commissioning East and West
access using data to measure and track            contracting processes.                                    Keith Edmonds/James Slater
                                                  Continue to develop a process to ensure Equality          Governance/All directorates
                                                  Impact Assessments are undertaken and a systematic        Yolanda Rubner
                                                  process set in place to ensure these are completed
                                                  and findings acted upon. This should include:
                                                      Building EIAs into new policies and strategies or
                                                         those up for renewal e.g. Neighbourhood
                                                         development plans, Mental Health Strategy
                                                      Exploring opportunities to develop systems
                                                         jointly with key providers or local authority
                                                      Implementing findings of previous EIAs

3. To ensure that the workforce is
representative of the diverse population at all   Workforce:
                                                  Continue to monitor information on ethnicity of the Human Resources
                                                  work and ensure this is reflected in employment Nigel Redmond

               OBJECTIVES                                       TASK                                          LEAD

                                        Continue to promote NHS Haringey as a local employer Human Resources
                                        of choice within the local community.                Nigel Redmond

                                        Continue to offer training on management awareness Human Resources
                                        and diversity issues                               Nigel Redmond

                                        Support BME staff to progress, for example, through Human Resources /All directorates
                                        mentoring scheme and programmes such as ‘Stepping Nigel Redmond
                                        Stones’. Ensure this is within contracts with provider
                                        services where identified as a particular quality issue.

                                        Non-Executive Directors:                             Human Resources
                                        Ensure regular communication with the members of the Nigel Redmond
                                        community who have come forward as potential Non-
                                        Executive Directors.

4. To learn from others, evaluate and   Take forward four Race for Health pledges within NHS   All Directorates by February 2010
disseminate best Practice – Race for    Haringey. (see section 6 (4)). This includes:
Health Pledges                              Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
                                            Equality Impact Assessments
                                            Board level commitment
                                            Developing and implementing action plans for
                                               Diabetes, Perinatal mortality, CHD, Mental

                OBJECTIVES                                            TASK                                               LEAD
                                             Active representation at Race for Health Programme
                                             Board and Programme Leads meetings.                      Equality and Diversity lead/NED

                                             Participation in Peer Reviews on Race Equality
                                                                                                      All Directorates

5. Engage and listen to BME communities to   1) Widen the involvement of all ethnic groups through    Communications and Public
influence core business and strategic        patient forums, user groups and voluntary sector as      Involvement/Public Health
objectives                                   part of NHS Haringey communication and engagement        Dilo Lalande/Michele Daniels
                                             action plan: This will include
                                                  Making RES part of this plan
                                                  Involving BME communities in public
                                                     consultation events, for example on the
                                                     Neighbourhood Development Plans,
                                             2) Community Development initiatives including:
                                                  Community Health Workers to include
                                                     discussions and feedback on race equality
                                                  Social Marketing programmes include
                                                     engagement with the community and highlight
                                                     race equality issues
                                                  Health promotion resources available to BME

                                             3) Building on work in progress, a plan to disseminate
                                                the Race Equality Scheme, invite comment and
                                                encourage the engagement of communities on race

                 OBJECTIVES                                       TASK                                          LEAD
                                              equality issues will be undertaken. Key elements
                                              will include:
                                               Publication of the RES on the website
                                                   Dissemination of the RES through Council
                                                   networks with user comment form
                                               Mail out through voluntary sector networks such
                                                   as the HAVCO newsletter, and Race Equality
                                                   Council inviting comment and offering to run
                                                   focus groups
                                               Place as an item on the agenda of any planned
                                                   public events such as engagement on the
                                                   Neighbourhood Development Plans
                                               Disseminate through the primary care
                                                   collaborative structure
                                               Disseminate through Public Health networks
                                               Develop a further engagement strategy

6. To ensure compliance with legislation   Endorsement of the RES. Monitoring by Audit and         Governance
                                           Governance. Reporting to the Care Quality Commission.   Yolanda Rubner

                                            ACTION PLAN – PROVIDER SERVICES

During 2009/2010, NHS Haringey provider services will operate as an autonomous organisation within the PCT, with the
expectation that community health services will no longer be directly provided, but will be commissioned from a separate

As provider services become an autonomous provider organisation next year they will continue to respond to the race equality
agenda set by NHS Haringey commissioners as well as those priorities they identify internally as part of ongoing business and
service development work.

In future, where commissioners set requirements for action in broad priority areas such as mental health and diabetes, provider
services will seek to address and improve equalities issues within all parts of the care pathway for which they are responsible, as
well as ensuring that issues are dealt with at the interface with other providers of care. Provider services will seek to analyse,
identify and address the equalities issues within any new service developments bid submitted to commissioners.

Since 2008, NHS Haringey provider services have been establishing partnership arrangements with NHS Islington provider services,
with the intention of formalising these arrangements in the near future. A single organisation or alliance could take advantage of
economies of scale to provide a wider and more comprehensive range of services to both populations. In anticipation of a formal
alliance, both organisations have been exploring possible models of shared service delivery and have already put in place some
joint management arrangements.

As this partnership work progresses, both organisations will be working together to develop a shared approach to supporting
equalities and diversity work, including the setting up of appropriate governance arrangements to ensure that equalities actions are
delivered, and the creation of a single integrated equalities scheme with clear ownership of responsibilities, a framework for
delivery in each part of the organisation, and key milestones which will be reported against.

                                                  ACTION PLAN – PROVIDER SERVICES

                 OBJECTIVES                                                 TASK                                             LEAD
1. To ensure high quality, appropriate and        Ensure that all patient literature, including that on our   Associate Director of Operations
consistent access to services                     website, is reviewed so that consistent information is
                                                  provided on how patients can receive information in
                                                  their own language.

                                                  Review arrangements with Interpreting Services to           Associate Director of Operations
                                                  ensure that the services provided meet the language
                                                  needs of all local patients.
2. To gain a better understanding of equity of    Ensure that ethnicity of all patients is recorded within    Associate Director for Business
access using data to measure and track            all provider services, and that information systems         Development and Partnerships
progress                                          allow us to report on use of services by different
                                                  patients from different ethnic backgrounds.
3. To ensure that the workforce is                Identify and take action to address discrimination and      Head of HR Shared Service (until a
representative of the diverse population at all   inequalities. Analyse any patterns of inequality or         Joint director of HR and Workforce
levels                                            discrimination that are shown by monitoring                 post is established under the
                                                  employment, training and grievance information and          partnership with Islington Provider
                                                  take appropriate action where analysis suggests this        Services)
                                                  may be occurring.

                                                  Continue to develop management training for BME Director of Provider Services

                                                  In the Organisational Development Plan, set out
                                                  timescales for establishing a joint Race Equality Staff

                OBJECTIVES                                              TASK                                            LEAD
                                              Network across Haringey and Islington provider
                                              services, as one of a range of staff networks developed
                                              as part of a future Integrated Equalities Scheme.

                                              Support the Breaking Through Top Talent Programme Director of Provider Services
                                              by establishing a minimum of two 18 month
                                              placements for appropriate candidates within Provider
4. To learn and disseminate good practice     Consider participation in peer reviews as part of the Director of Provider Services
through evaluation and learning               Race for Health network.

5. To engage and listen to BME communities    We will ensure that there is an equalities dimension to   Director of Provider Services
to influence core business and strategic      our patient and public involvement work, and in
objectives                                    particular we will look for ways to ensure that our PPI
                                              work specifically engages minority ethnic communities.

                                              Our revised suite of patient information will be pre-
                                              tested with a wide variety of community groups via
                                              engagement with HAVCO.

6 To ensure compliance with legislation       A report will be presented to the provider services       Director of Provider Services
                                              Board in February 2010 detailing the progress made
                                              against each of the tasks set out in this scheme.
To mainstream equalities and diversity work   Identify a provider services Board champion for           Director of Provider Services
                                              equalities and diversity on both Provider Services

OBJECTIVES                            TASK                              LEAD
             Establish a time-limited group working across NHS
             Haringey and NHS Islington provider services on
             equality and diversity, led by the Board champions,
             with senior representation from all parts of the

             The Task Force will establish a single equalities scheme
             and comprehensive action plan with clear actions and

             The Task Force will be wound up and the Provider
             Services Board will receive regular updates against the


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