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									                        Beaverton Area Little League
                      Board of Directors Job Descriptions
Executive Board:
President. The President shall: Schedule and preside over all meetings of the league; decide questions of
order; act as an ex-officio member of all committees; preside over player drafts and all-star selection
process of all the league; oversee the activities of other Board members; act as an official representative
of the league on all matters; assign duties to other directors and/or members; appoint an election
committee to administer annual elections; perform other duties as necessary.

Vice President of Baseball. The Vice-President of Baseball shall: preside in the absence of the president;
work with other officers and committee members; act as an ex-officio member of all committees; carry
out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the president; be responsible for manager
recommendations to the Executive Board; represent the baseball program; communicate information to
baseball division representatives; set up and run coaches meetings and deal with baseball problems;
assign coaches from parent volunteers; deal with other leagues concerning interlock play; perform other
duties as necessary.

Vice President of Softball. The Vice-President of Baseball shall: represent the softball program work
with other officers and committee members; carry out such duties and assignments as may be delegated
by the president; be responsible for manager recommendations to the Executive Board; communicate
information to softball division representatives; set up and run coaches meetings and deal with softball
problems; assign coaches from parent volunteers; deal with other leagues concerning interlock play;
perform other duties as necessary.

Secretary. The Secretary shall: maintain a register of members and directors; record the minutes of
meetings and keep a file of all meeting minutes; be responsible for sending out notice of meetings;
maintain a record of the League activities; maintain a roster of committees and their members; keep a
record of those attending meetings; discharge all of the usual secretarial functions of the office as required
by the constitution and the Board of-Directors; put together letters, flyers, newsletters and other mailings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall: sign checks co-signed by another officer or director; dispense League
funds as approved by the president or vice-presidents; prepare budgets and assume the responsibility for
all League finances; maintain all financial records of the League for examination by the Executive Board;
give a written financial report at the monthly Executive Board of Directors meeting; present an annual
financial statement in writing at the annual meeting; issue a separate receipt for the amount of money
turned over to the treasurer at any time and for any deposits made; ensure any expenditure over the sum
of $500.00 is approved by the Executive Board of Directors; submit all financial records to the Executive
Board of Directors 14 days prior to the annual meeting; issue bi-weekly checks for umpires within three
days of receiving pay sheets.

Baseball Player Agent / Softball Player Agent. Player Agents shall: conduct annual tryouts, and be in
charge of player selection; assist the president in checking birth records and eligibility of players; prepare
eligibility affidavits for players requiring them; supervise and coordinate the transfer of players to or
from the minor Leagues according to the provisions of Little League Baseball regulations; conduct all-
star selection meetings for all Leagues; determine player registration refund; represent the player at all
disciplinary hearings; implement procedure for filling team rosters when vacancies occur; be responsible
for all publications of approved player roster and all-star selections.
Board Members:
League Information Officer: The League Information Officer shall: manage the league’s official home
page on; assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams; ensure league news
and scores are updated on a regular basis; collect, post and distribute important information on league
activities; serve as primary contact person for Little League and regarding optimizing use of
internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and Little League;
assist League secretary in putting together flyers, newsletters and other mailings.

Safety Officer: The Safety Officer shall: submit ASAP plan to national Little League yearly; be
responsible to create awareness, through education and information, of the opportunities to provide a safer
environment for all participants of Little League baseball; develop and implement a plan for increasing
safety of activities, equipment and facilities through education, compliance and reporting; deal with all
reported accidents and injuries; fill out and submit insurance paperwork; work with Equipment Manager
to acquire and distribute first aid supplies.

Coaching Coordinator: The Coaching Coordinator shall: represent coaches/managers in league; present
coach/manager training budget to the board; gain the support and funds necessary to implement a league-
wide training program; order and distribute training materials to players, coaches and managers;
coordinate mini-clinics as necessary; serve as the contact person for Little League and its manager-

Baseball Umpire in Chief/ Softball Umpire in Chief. The Umpires in Chief shall: schedule umpires for
all League games; notify fields umpire of any and all canceled games within 24 hrs of cancellation;
organize and supervise umpire clinics prior to the start of the season; notify umpires of meetings that they
should attend; perform other duties as delegated by the president; be responsible for travel
reimbursement with Treasurer; act as liaison with District Umpire Coordinator; submit umpire schedules
and games worked bi-weekly to Treasurer for payment.

Equipment Manager. The Equipment Manager shall: assign all equipment at the beginning of each
season to each team; be responsible for soliciting at least three (3) bids for new equipment and present
these bids to the Board of Directors for their review and approval unless otherwise voted by the Executive
Board of Directors; be responsible for the replacement of equipment as deemed necessary; submit an
inventory in writing at the annual meeting; be responsible for first aid equipment (with Safety officer);
check in all equipment and uniforms at close of season.

Division Representatives. Division Representatives shall: represent all managers and coaches in
appropriate Divisions; attend All-star selection meetings; notify managers and coaches of required
meetings; perform any other duties as assigned by the President.

Sponsor Chair. The Sponsor Chair shall: send out letters to previous year sponsors, thanking them and
requesting that they sponsor again; contact potential new sponsors; keep track of sponsor payments and
send out follow-up letters; receive sponsor logos and ads for roster book; recruit volunteers to assist in
sponsor identification and attainment; act as the main point of contact between sponsors, the board and
the league.

Fields/Scheduling Chair. The Fields/Scheduling Chair shall: schedule games and practices according to
field availability; attend softball interlock meetings; deal with THPRD on field preparation and
improvements; reschedule rainouts; communicate and train managers on field maintenance issues;
represent league on THPRD Fields Committee.
Alpenrose Coordinator. The Alpenrose Coordinator shall: attend district meetings regarding Alpenrose
use or issues; contact teams playing at Alpenrose to arrange snack bar staffing; arrange for collection of
snack bar monies and turns in to league treasurer; arrange for flag and microphone to be delivered and
picked up from main field; recruit and schedule volunteers for annual Alpenrose work days.

Registrar. The Registrar shall: run walk in registrations; pick up mail from PO Box; maintain current
database of registrations for submission to Player Agents; obtain permits for school use for registration

Picture Day Chair. The Picture Day Chair shall: set up picture day schedule for all teams based on their
game times for that day; obtain and disseminate picture packets to managers; coordinate teams at picture
site for photographers.

Roster Book Chair. The Roster Book Chair shall: put together annual roster book for league;
gather necessary information; format information; deliver format to printer and distribute books to teams.

Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator shall: recruit and assign volunteers for ad hoc
needs; work with registrar to coordinate volunteer needs with scholarship families; communicate with
board members to identify as needed volunteer help in all areas.

Apparel Sales Chair. The Apparel Sales Chair shall: prepare annual budget for apparel sales;
procure product and sets pricing with board approval; arrange sales in conjunction with league events and
concessions sales; recruit assistants as needed; report sales and expenses to board on a monthly basis.

Concessions Chair. The Concessions Chair shall: prepare annual concession budget; procure product
for concession stands; work with team parents to arrange staffing for concession stands; arrange delivery
and takedown of concession stands; deliver receipts to treasurer on a weekly basis; report sales and
expenses to the board on a monthly basis.

Opening Day Coordinator: The Opening Day Coordinator shall: coordinate permit for use of Aloha
high School gym with AHS varsity baseball coach; seek out and arrange for speakers; make sure all
managers and players have information regarding opening day ceremonies (via a flyer to go in packet
given to managers at annual managers meeting); arrange agenda and disseminate agenda information to
all parties involved.

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