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Residents demand action for Yate underpass


									Residents demand action for Yate underpass
Friday, September 04, 2009, 08:00 Evening Post

Angry Yate residents have demanded action on the Rodford Way underpass as
support grows for a safer way for people to cross the major road.

The death of 13-year-old Daisy Witney highlighted the dangers pedestrians face when they
choose to cross the road instead of using the subway, which links the Abbotswood Shopping
Centre, a community centre, church and pub on the north side of the road with homes and a
school on the south side.

The schoolgirl died last November when she was hit by a van while trying to reach a friend's

Daisy had avoided the underpass because she had been scared by abusive youths who meet
in the area.

Dodington Parish Council members are now lobbying for a light-controlled crossing to be
installed so people can cross in safety if they prefer not to use the subway.

The Evening Post is supporting calls for a safer way to cross the road and so far the idea of a
crossing is the favoured option.

Last night's meeting of the Safer and Stronger Community Group (SSCG) for the Yate area is
one of a number held throughout the year to look at problems facing local people and discuss
how they can be resolved.

It was attended by police, councillors and residents, who added the issue to their list of
priorities to address in coming months.

Speaking at the meeting, at Yate Leisure Centre, the chairwoman of Dodington Parish
Council, Mandy Sainsbury confronted Mark Parry, who is on South Gloucestershire Council's
traffic management team.

Ms Sainsbury, 53, a shopkeeper, of Blaisdon, said: "We would like to know how far along the
road we are with having a light-controlled pedestrian crossing in Rodford Way.

"We feel we are stalled on this issue – when will the council tell us what is going to happen?
Residents would like a crossing so that they can cross safely, day and night. Let's have a bit
of action, please."

Mr Parry said that several initiatives were currently in place to monitor the effect of increased
policing in the subway, and different options were being assessed.

He said: "There will be a decision soon, and then we can take this forward."

Alan Lawrance, 63, of Tyning Close, a Dodington councillor, said: "This is a great community
concern. It may need a reduction of the speed limit, but there is also a great wish for a
pedestrian crossing."

Meeting chairman Martin Monk, a Yate town councillor, said: "Thought has got to go into
where a pedestrian crossing is put. I don't think it is a decision that should be rushed."

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