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									                                                                                  Asher Siddiqui
                                                                         Dubai, United Arab Emirates
                                                 / 00971 (0)50 315 8775

       Results-oriented, highly motivated, creative M&A/Investment professional with 7+ years of
       diverse experience of strategy, analysis, business development, and project management in
       entrepreneurial environments.

Key Qualities

       Diplomacy; problem solving; entrepreneurial thinking; leadership; communication;
       networking; multi-tasking; initiative; commercial/business acumen.

Work Experience

       Apr 2006 – Present                 ETISALAT, UAE
                                          Transaction Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions
      Working within the Strategy & Business Development department (International
       Investments), responsible for managing the overall M&A transaction process and acting as
       the central point for all work streams and activities.
      Involved in evaluating over 26 telecom-related investment opportunities across Europe, Asia,
       Middle East and Africa, including 7 cross border M&A transactions of a combined value of
       over US$31 billion. Transaction Lead in 4 deals and co-lead in 2.
      Role in recent “announced” deals: Lead for Commercial Due Diligence & Business plan
       development for Etisalat’s bid for a mobile company in Lebanon; Transaction Lead (PMO)
       for Etisalat’s bid for the third mobile company in Kuwait; Post acquisition support to Etisalat
       Nigeria; and preliminary investment appraisal of Excelcomindo in Indonesia.
      Transaction responsibilities include: managing financial advisers and consultants, managing
       the due diligence process, developing the business case/operating model, supporting
       development of valuation/price offer, coordinating financing, developing/negotiating the term
       sheet/SPA/SHA, interfacing with target representatives, taking responsibility for final bid
       submission/price offer and presenting the strategic rationale for opportunities to Etisalat
       Senior Management and to the Board of Directors.
      Regular duties involve: managing multiple projects, managing relationships with Investment
       Banks/Consultants, identifying & developing new opportunities, business research, strategy,
       commercial analysis, preliminary financial analysis and forecasting, investment appraisal,
       post acquisition support to international subsidiaries, ad hoc strategy support to Senior
       Management, and preparing papers/presentations for the Board of Directors.

       Sep 2005 – Apr 2006              INDEPENDENT CONSULTING, UAE
                                        Business Consultant
      Business consulting for a variety of clients in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Including
       Acer, The World Economic Forum, CNBC AFRICA and a number of private business groups
       in the region.
      Projects involved the following types of work: partnership development, business
       development and strategy, commercial due diligence, market research, feasibility reports,
       market analysis, financial/cash flow forecasting, sensitivity scenarios/analysis, business plan
       development and project managing new venture development.

       Dec 2003 – Sep 2005            CERT, UAE
                                      Project Consultant
      Dynamic investment-related role, acting as a “facilitator” / “entrepreneur” for CERT, the high
       profile commercial arm of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in the
       United Arab Emirates and member of the World Economic Forum.

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   Involved in the full spectrum of new venture creation activities from project
    conceptualising/feasibility, set-up, incubation and roll-out.
   Regular duties involved: business research, identifying & developing new opportunities,
    preliminary investment appraisal, due diligence, commercial analysis, cash flow forecasting,
    business plan development, reporting & presenting investment case/feasibility, managing
    partner relationships, and press/media relations.
   Additional duties involved raising the profile of CERT and Entrepreneurship through
    events/networking and developing relationships with partner organisations.
   Events organised: 2005 Festival of Thinkers, 2005 E-ducation Without Borders, 2004
    International EMMY Awards Judging, 2004 HCT MIT Global Entrepreneurship Conference
    & 2004 MIT Sloan Executive Development Program, 2005 MIT Global Start-up Workshop.
   Relationships managed: Honeywell, Intel, Accenture, International Academy of Television
    Arts & Sciences, CNBC, MIT, Economist and various NGO’s and government agencies in
    Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Aug 2002 – Dec 2003                ASILICA, UK
                                       Business Consultant
   Knightsbridge-based consulting practice, providing solutions to a variety of clients, including:
   Instantreg.Com – Silicon Valley-based Dotcom Company required market research/analysis,
    feasibility study, and business development to enter the UK market.
   Six Star World Ltd – London-based event/venue management Company providing solutions
    to the Investment Banking community required business process development, technology
    requirements analysis, and web-based software design and development.
   Rodgers & Gillespie Ltd – Knightsbridge-based recruitment firm required business process
    development, technology requirements analysis, and web-based software design and
   Sphinx Solutions Ltd – London-based Software/Technology start-up Company required
    business strategy, market research/analysis, business plan development, including cash flow
    financial forecasts/sensitivities.
   Froot – London-based retail concept required market research, business strategy,
    image/branding, and business plan development, including cash flow forecasts/sensitivities.

    Dec 2001 – Aug 2002              ASITE.COM, UK
                                     E-Commerce Consultant
   Varied role, initially as a Developer/Analyst for customising Commerce One’s J2EE e-
    procurement enterprise application. Involved assessing requirements, creating development
    plans, and reverse engineering to customise functionality/brand the application interface.
   Work involved application software integration, testing, building and configuring the
    development and staging environments. In addition, developed multimedia training movies
    for the website and project managed the data migration/user creation process for the new
   Eventually responsible for managing and administering the b2b portal. This involved:
    managing various projects; troubleshooting the applications and connectivity between
    applications/servers, configuring/optimising application settings and performance, testing and
    installing new functionality, implementing change control, managing support process with
    application providers and hosting providers.
   Technologies: J2EE; JSP; HTML; CSS; Flash MX; SQL Server 7; LDAP; XPC; TCP/IP.

    Jan 2001 – Oct 2001              ICBCS, USA
                                     IT Consultant
   Project Manager/Analyst for the development of a J2EE web-based academic portal that
    includes a secure student registration and academic system, web-based email and a learning
    portal with search engines, educational resources and e-library facilities. Involved analysing
    the business process and business requirements, developing software specifications, software
    design, software development plans, managing the development team and participating in
    application development and testing.

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      Provided post “Go Live” support for the portal and set up the support process and future
       development project plans and documentation. Also developed multimedia
       animation/interfaces and a promotional demo for the applications.
      Technologies: J2EE; JSP; HTML; XML; Flash 5; Fireworks 4; Dreamweaver 4.

       May 2000 – December 2000        KM CONSULTING, USA
                                       Software Engineer (Project Placement)
      Consultant Developer for a web-based JSP document management system project for a
       construction client. Involved research, documentation, gathering user requirements,
       developing software specification & design, application development and software testing.
      Technologies: Java; JSP; SQL; HTML; Tomcat; MySQL; Lotus Domino r5.

       June 1999 – February 2000            BARCLAYS, UK
                                            Sales & Service Advisor (While At University)

       August 1998 – April 1999             ISNA MARKETING, USA
                                            Market Analyst

       June 1993 – September 1993 KPMG
                                  Summer Internship

Education & Qualifications

       MSc Software Development                                 Coventry University                1999-2000

       BA (Honours) Business Administration                     Coventry University                1995-1998

Personal Details

       Nationality                          British

       Date of Birth                        21st April 1975

       Place of Birth                       London, United Kingdom

       I thrive in dynamic and changing environments and am well-suited to deal with pressure
       situations. Besides the United Arab Emirates, I have lived in the United Kingdom, Zambia,
       Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United States, and have travelled across the Far East, South-
       East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and North America.


       Available upon request

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