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									This bulletin is broadcast via email monthly to all Residents and Clinical Fellows. If you would like
to have an announcement in this bulletin please contact Maureen Macpherson
                                             nd by the 2 Wednesday of the month.

As you scroll down, you will find information in this broadcast about:
   1. Changes to Screening for VRE
   2. Fentanyl Transdermal Pain Patches recalled due to health risk
   3. Income Tax Forms for Residents
   4. 2008/2009Re-application for Hospital Privileges and UWO SSMD Registration
   5. Accessing Your Own hospital Record and Those of Family
   6. Resident Awareness Day
   7. Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
   8. Upcoming Courses

1. Changes to Screening for VRE
A decision has been made to increase screening of patients in our hospital for vancomycin
resistant enterococci (VRE). Effective Tuesday, February 19, 2008, all stool specimens
submitted to the laboratory for Clostridium difficile testing will be screened for VRE. Please note
that this will not require additional action on your part: the additional test of VRET will
automatically be ordered when you request a Clostridium difficile toxin test (CDIFT).The purpose
 of this note is to explain why you will receive the result of a VRE screen in addition to the test you
have ordered. If you have any questions you may contact Dr. John at ext. 58474 or on Pager

2. Fentanyl Transdermal Pain Patches recalled due to health risk
OTTAWA - Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use 25 mcg/hr Duragesic (fentanyl
transdermal system) patches sold by Janssen-Ortho Inc. and 25 mcg/hr Ran Fentanyl
Transdermal System patches sold by Ranbaxy. Duragesic and Ran Fentanyl Transdermal
System 25 mcg/hr patches are being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer because they may
have a cut along one side of the patch which could result in leaking of the fentanyl gel from the
patch. Exposure to fentanyl gel that has leaked from the patch may lead to increased skin
absorption and could result in serious, potentially life-threatening adverse events, including
respiratory depression (slowed breathing) and possible overdose, which may be fatal.

More detailed information sent from Health Canada by contacting the chief of your department or
medical affairs at

3. Income Tax Forms for Residents
T2202 – Tuition expenses – issued by UWO
T2200 – Conditions of Employment – issued by Medical Affairs upon request. Please EMAIL and include:
     1) Taxation year that form is requested for
     2) Your current address
     3) Please note any out of town rotations during the tax year requested
T4’s – issued by LHSC Human Resources and are expected to be mailed to your home address
by February 29.

4. Re-application for Hospital Privileges and UWO Schulich School of Medicine and
Dentistry (SSMD) Registration
2008/2009 re-application for hospital privileges and SSMD registration is coming soon. Look for
information on the process in March.

5. Accessing Your Own Hospital Record and Those of Family

PS Broadcast 2008-01-18
By law, staff, patients, or their Substitute Decision Makers (if the patient is incapable) have the
right to access their personal health information. The hospital has a process for complying with
access requests. LHSC and SJHC do not permit staff and affiliates, including physicians, to
directly access their own records, or those of their family members. This applies to both hard
copy and electronic records. Staff and affiliates may only access information required to perform
their roles within the organization, whether that be patient care, research or education. The
Privacy Office conducts audits of the EPR to determine compliance with hospital policy and with
Staff/affiliates who wish to view or obtain a copy of their, or their family's records need to submit
the Authorization form found at to Health Records who will
provide the requested records.
Presentations on privacy legislation and the hospitals' compliance are available by contacting
Wendy Komar, Privacy Manager for LHSC & SJHC at Ext 78982.

6. Resident Awareness Day
All across Canada this year, Resident Awareness Day (RAD) will be recognized on February
28th, 2008. This is a national initiative developed by CAIR (Canadian Association of Internes and
Residents) and its respective PHOs (Provincial Housestaff Organizations).

The objective is to raise public awareness of the approximate 9000 resident physicians across
the country. The purpose is to recognize our hard-work and dedication to the public and
healthcare system.

In Ontario, PAIRO is launching an informational media campaign within the hospitals to increase
resident awareness to patients. Be on the lookout for posters and brochures outlining the roles of
residents in the health care system.

Additionally, each local site will be preparing an appreciation event to thank residents for their
hard work and dedication. London is planning a RAD Social for residents and their families on
February 29th, 2008 at the Palasad.

7. Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Call for Nominations: Any two individuals are invited to nominate a Canadian citizen who has
either made a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of outstanding accomplishments to
medicine and health sciences. The deadline for nominations is June 16, 2008. More information
can be found at

8. Upcoming Courses
- ACLS Recertification
April 10, 2008, 0800-1600, Cost $150. Mail cheques (payable to Myron Steinman) to Myron
Steinmann, 27 Ski View Road, London, ON, N6K 3H1. Registration will be confirmed upon receipt
of course fee. Contact Myron Steinman for more information at

PS Broadcast 2008-01-18

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