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    Cluster headaches affect less than 1% of people...that's not a lot. Very few physicians see patients with cluster
    headaches on any sort of regular basis, it just isn't their priority when compared with the general population.
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                                             Essential Facts About The Headache
                                                             By Justin Foss

  It is observed in the previous year that about the ninety and ninety five percent of the men and
women population respectively suffer from the headache.

1. By looking at the pace of the growth in the trends, it is essential for one to take care of their own
health. By doing so one shall become more responsible in their own protection and of their family’s well
being and health.

2. Individuals suffering from the headache make use of the pain relievers to overcome their ache.

3. There exist a number of the pain relievers in the various shelves of the store, therefore it is important
that one know to select the appropriate pain reliever.

The various types of headache There exist two main kinds of headache which are given below.

a. The Primary headache The Primary headache includes the migraine, cluster headache and the
tension type. These headaches are which do not occur due to the medical environment which are
underlying. Headaches, nearly about say around ninety percent which exist are of the primary type.

b. The Secondary headache The Secondary headache occurs due to the other medical environments.
These include those caused by the increase of the pressure in the skull due to a tumor or the infection
itself. The Secondary headache constitutes about ten percent of the overall types of headache.

The other rarely found headaches include the Cluster headaches and the Rebound Headache.

a. The Cluster headaches The Cluster headaches are very rare. They constitute only about one
percent in the entire population. Most of the Cluster headaches are the male population. The men
contribute around eighty percent of the total people suffering from Cluster headaches.

b. Rebound Headaches The Rebound Headache occur in only among the people with suffering from
the tension type headaches. Besides this also in people suffering from migraine.

In the discussion made so far, there is a clear picture as to know the amount of people suffering from
the headaches. The basic steps that need to be taken care of to avoid the headaches. Finally, the two

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main types of the headaches are discussed. Not to forget the rarest kinds of headaches are also not
forgotten to be discussed.

Justin foss is the proud owner of the site where he spends most of his
time to make it better.

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                                    The Meaning And Diagnosis Of The Tension Headache
                                                     By Justin Foss

Meaning of tension headache

Tension headache refers to continuous dull and an ache on either sides of the head. Tightness in the
muscles in neck region or the head region is experienced by people suffering from headache. It
generally starts at a very slow pace an even with mild sensation. In the afternoon time tension
headache are more prone.

There also exists an alias for the tension headache. It is nothing other than the stress headache itself.
If a person is found to be suffering from tension headache, then it means the person has a tension
headache. There is no other meaning for that. The tension headache can be either severe or even
mild. People having it face severe problem even more than that of the migraine headache itself. This
severe problem is a cause for an even more concern to be taken care off.

Tension type of headaches occurs very frequently and is the common cause of the most headaches.
Nearly around about seventy five percent of all headaches is the tension headache.

a) Among the adults, nearly ninety percent suffer from the tension type of the headache.

b) The tension headaches is typical and a steady pain, than that of a tender one which influence the
either sides of the cranium or the head itself.

c) Certain stressful or painful events on a busy day also influence people to acquire the tension type
and even migraine type of headache also.

d) The tension headaches can occur very often or even daily. Hence, the tension headaches can also
be chronic.

e) Factors which are related to psychology is also being overemphasized so as to be the causes of the
various kind of headaches.

Diagnosis of the tension headache

Physicists themselves can prove the type of headache an individual is suffering from. The physician
does this by clearly probing the individual and by listening to the individual’s clear account of the ache.
Various tests such as the MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT - Computed Tomography scans,
blood checks and even brain scans is not at all essential in diagnosing the tension headache.

So far a brief description regarding the meaning and the diagnosis of the tension headaches have
been brought into light.

Justin foss is the proud owner of the site where he spends most of his
time to make it better.

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