; Applications for the CIHR Masters Scholarship are due in the
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Applications for the CIHR Masters Scholarship are due in the


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									                                         CIHR Master’s Scholarship Applications

                    DUE DATE:              Noon on January 4, 2010
Applications must be reviewed and ranked by members of the Neuroscience Graduate
Committee before they can be submitted to FGSR for their deadline. The University is limited
by a quota and successful application will be submitted to CIHR for consideration.


If you are interested in submitting an application in this competition, please check the website for
eligibility and process. A brief description of eligibility is listed below for your convenience.

To be considered eligible to apply for support, a candidate must:

      be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
      at the time of the CIHR deadline for application (February 1st):
            o have completed or be in the last year of a Bachelor's degree; or
            o have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time student in a
                Master's program; or
            o have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time PhD student and
                were admitted to the PhD program directly from the Bachelor's degree.
      be applying for support to pursue their first graduate degree (i.e., Master's or PhD). All
       previous studies at the graduate level, regardless of discipline, either course-based or
       research-based, will be included in determining eligibility; and
      not have already held an award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR or any other federal source
       to undertake and/or complete a Master's or PhD degree.

WEB FORMS REGISTRY – Students need to register for a CIHR PIN, then login and start a
new application (Click Masters). The CIHR "Training Module-Web Forms" is the online
application that uses a CIHR PIN. These forms are completed and saved online. Once that is
complete, the forms can be printed and then submitted to the Centre for ranking. Use the
following website to access the online application.


                                                                                     November, 2009
Here are some additional websites that will be helpful to you if you wish to apply for this




REMEMBER – When submitting your application to the Centre for Neuroscience:

      Submit an original and one copy
      Do not staple the applications – please use only a paperclip
      Reference letters must be received in sealed envelopes
      Be sure that all required transcripts are attached to your application
      Applications must be complete by the deadline

Carol Ann Johnson
Centre for Neuroscience

                                                                                     November, 2009

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