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					                               Course Registration Form
Title of the Course
Date of course                              Venue (City, Country)

Family name                                      First name(s)
Gender (tick)     Male (    ) Female ( )         Date of Birth                                      Age

Participant’s Home Address
(include street and number, city,
country, postal code)

Phone                                Fax                                  Email

Name of Organization / website
(include street and number, city,
country, postal code)
Position in the Organization                                     No. of Years in the Organization
Phone                                Fax                                  Email

Objective(s) of your

Main Programs and
Projects of your

Total Number of Staff in the Organization

Course Expectations

Subjects of particular
interest in the course

Education: Level of
schooling (e.g. high
school, college or
university; name of
Previous work
experience (year,
responsibilities, name
of organization)

NMS registration form.doc
Previous courses on
management training
(year, subject)

Special requirements
(food, health,
smoking / non-

How did you learn
about the course?
(newsletter, internet,
colleagues, etc)

Is there anything in
particular you want to
suggest to help us
prepare for the

Terms and Conditions:

1. Course fee according to information on Swiss Francs/US$....................

2. Registration: Please fill in this form and send it as email attachment to After
checking the availability of places in the course, we will confirm your registration and send you an invoice by
email. Please note that your reservation is maintained only for one working week following our confirmation.

3. Payment: Upon reception of the invoice, payment of the course is necessary within one week to confirm your
booking. Payment address in Switzerland:
          Bank name and address: UBS, Rue de la Morâche 6, 1260 NYON, Switzerland
          Account name: NGO Management Association
          IBAN: CH1700 2282 2857 5714 01T
          BIC: UBSWCHZH80A.
You will receive a confirmation of your booking only upon receipt of your payment.

4. Confirmation of course: When the minimum number of participants is reached, the course will be confirmed
by email to all participants. About 10 days before to the course, we will send you a final confirmation, directions
for the course venue and an agenda.

5. Cancellation:
When the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course will be cancelled or postponed and
participants will be reimbursed. The participant will be charged with the bank or postal fee necessary for the re-
transmission of the amount. There are no other administrative or other fees deducted from the course fee to be
reimbursed. Please take into account the possibility of a cancellation when booking flights and hotels and making
other travel arrangements. NMS cannot refund travel and other reservation costs.
If you find that you cannot attend, you may send a replacement, with written notice to NMS.
If cancellation should be necessary, an administrative fee of Swiss Francs 75, or US$ 70, will be charged up to
20 days before the start of your course. For cancellations less than 20 working days before the start of the
course, the full registration fee is due.

6. Privacy: Your registration form may be shared with a partner organization involved in organizing the course.
We do not pass your personal data to other organisations and/or individuals.

7. Acceptance of above terms and conditions: I agree with the above terms and conditions (Yes/No): _______

Thank you for your registration.

NMS registration form.doc