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A: Main Idea/Best Title
General strategy: _____________________________________________________
      A (1) Asian countries continue to find better ways to solve their pollution problems.
Singapore introduced a Corrective Work Order campaign. C.W.O. requires those people who like
to throw waste materials in a public place to do public service. They must clean beaches, parks
and housing developments. As a result, rubbish has decreased. Thailand uses fear to control
throwing away rubbish. A rich Thai woman designed “magic eyes” to encourage people to protect
the surroundings. The eyes were put up in schools and on every street corner. Certainly the most
expensive plan is Japan’s large vacuum(吸尘器). This vacuum will operate along Osaka’s dirtiest
road. The vacuum sucks up the air and makes it clean.
The passage mainly discusses______________________________
A. Air pollution in Asia
B. Asian plans for fighting against pollution
C. How to solve the problem of air pollution
D. How to make the air clean
      A (2) In the film Annie Hall, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen have just met and they want to
impress each other. While they are talking, their inner thoughts appear in sub-title on the screen.
“Listen to me--- what a jerk.” “He probably thinks I’m stupid.” Thoughts like these kill a
conversation. So don’t try to impress other people. Just relax and be yourself.
The best tile for this passage is ________.
A. An interesting film.
B. Relax and be yourself.
C. Talk with strangers.
D. How to impress other people.
      A (3) To carry out a successful office move, it’s important to form a project team as early as
possible before the move, and at least twelve months in advance. It’s also essential to contact the
British Association of Removers and ask for a list of commercial specialists who will advise on
packing, security and other important topics. Then you’ll need to appoint a move organizer, or
employ a freelance expert from a firm such as Move Plan. You’ll also need to pick a time when
closing down your IT department will cause the fewest problems to the business. Finally, make a
list of all the furniture, equipment and paperwork.
Which of the following is the main idea of the passage?
A. The reasons why we should ask experts for help.
B. The importance of making a move plan.
C. The necessity to contact the British Association of Removers.
D. The advice on how to move an office.
B: Facts and Details
General strategy: _____________________________________________________
          B (1) At Tim Hortons, we value our customers’ safety above anything else. So, whether
     your lid is leaking or not, in the interest of your safety, we are requesting that you bring your
     mug to your nearest Tim Hortons, where they will exchange the lid for a new lid that fits

    safely. The new lids will be available from February1, 2006.
    Please do not use your mug until you exchange the lid.
    Here’s what you do:
1. Please do not use your mug until you have exchanged the lid for a new one.
2. New lids will be available from February1, 2006.
3. Return your travel mug to a Tim Hortons store.
4. Your lid will be exchanged for a new lid.
    If you prefer to return the entire mug, bring it back at any time for a full repayment.
According to the advertisement, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?
A. People should stop using the Tim Hortons mug immediately.
B. People can get the money back if they return the faulty mug.
C. Tim Hortons does its duty to care about the customers’ safety.
D. People can return the lid before January 2006.
C: Literal Comprehension
General strategy: _____________________________________________________
C (1) Carbon monoxide (CO) is a noxious gas which can cause death.
     A. nice             B. delicious               C. beneficial         D. poisonous
C (2) Andrew is one of the most supercilious men I know. His brother, in contrast, is quite humble
and modest.
     A. superior         B. proud                   C. modest             D. particular
C (3) Doctors recommended that everyone exercise every day, particularly those who spend many
hours doing sedentary activities like reading, typing or sewing.
     A. secondary        B. slow                    C. sitting            D. busy
C (4) Peter was not frugal since he spent money so freely.
     A. luxurious        B. generous                C. economical         D. pessimistic
D: Text-based Inferential Comprehension
General strategy: _____________________________________________________
     D (1)The situation in which grown-up children live far away from their aged parents has been
described as “distant parent phenomenon”, which is common both in developed countries and in
developing countries. Our society has not yet been well prepared for “Empty Nest Syndrome”.
From the paragraph, we can infer that ______________
A. the situations in the developed and developing countries are different
B. children will become independent as soon as they go abroad
C. the aged parents are not fully prepared for “ Empty Nest Syndrome”
D. “Empty Nest Syndrome” has arrived unexpectedly in the writer’s society.
                            Comprehensive Practice
Read the following passage and try to apply the strategies you have learned.
     1. In recent years, more and more people have been paying for things with credit cards. There
are now 565 million credit cards worldwide, but it doesn’t stop there.
     2. Debit cards (借记卡)are being issued by banks, and store cards are being offered by many
department stores and supermarkets. Bills and coins are gradually being replaced by “plastic
money”. In many countries, phone cards have been introduced for people to use in paying phones.

In addition, cards made of paper are being replaced by plastic ones by many organizations and
clubs. For example, if you belong to a sports club, your membership card may well be made of
     3. How safe is the plastic used to make these cards, though? Until now, most cards have been
made from a plastic called PVC. While PVC is being produced, harmful chemicals are released
onto the atmosphere. One of the most dangerous chemicals that is released is dioxin, which is
known to cause cancer in humans.
     4. A further problem is that, when a PVC card is thrown away, it is not biodegradable, which
means that it does not “break down” and cannot be recycled. Obviously, recycling reduces
pollution of the environment.
     5. The executive director of the environmental organization and charity Greenpeace, Peter
Melchett, says, “If there is a solution to this---and an alternative---then it would be madness not to
use it.” Greenpeace has found a solution and an alternative. Their new credit card is made entirely
from a biodegradable plastic that uses plants. The card breaks down in around three months in
special soil called compost; in this way, it is recycled. In contrast, a PVC card lasts for centuries.
Greenpeace hopes that many organizations will soon follow their example and issue cards that do
not threaten the public health.
1. We can infer from the first paragraph that _____________________________
A. More and more people are using credit cards to pay for things.
B. Cards are popular now.
C. Most cards are made of paper.
D. More credit cards will be produced.
2. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the passage?
A. Fewer and fewer cards are made of paper.
B. Dioxin is a harmful chemical.
C. Phone cards are available in many countries.
D. The plastic used in cards is fairly safe.
3. The underlined word “biodegradable” means ___________________________.
A. able to be changed back to a harmless natural state
B. not able to be broken down
C. not able to be produced
D. able to be released
4. Which of the following best expresses the main idea?
A. Credit cards: popular and convenient.
B. Plastic: useful but harmful.
C. Plastic cards: popular but harmful.
D. Cards: popular and convenient.


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