Minutes of pre bid meeting for the work of supplying and laying

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  City Municipal council, Ranebennur-581115
  District : Haveri                                                        State: Karnataka


          Minutes of pre bid meeting for the work of supplying and laying sewerage network and
 construction of FAL type STP in Ranebennur city vide package No. 2RNR2 held on 24.11.2009 at
                                        CMC hall Ranebennur
As per the invitation for bid, pre - bid meeting was conducted on 24.11.09, 14:30 at the meeting hall of
the Ranebennur City Municipal Council
The participants were:

1. Ranebennur CMC officers

    1. Sri N. Renuka, Municipal Commissioner
    2. Sri M R Giraddi, AEE

2. KUIDFC officers

    1. Sri K Ranga Swamy, Deputy Project Director, NKUSIP Dharwad Division,Hubli
    2. Sri Basavaraj Bidarakatti, Executive Engineer
    3. Sri. G N Kundapur, AEE, NKUSIP Cell, Ranebennur

3. Programme Consultant (Package-I, Hubli)

    1. Sri C N Prasanna Kumar, Team Leader
    2. Sri S Hariharan, Resident Engineer
    3. Sri J M Naveen, Design Engineer

4. Bidders/Bidders Representative

    1. Sri J Ravindra Singh, SMPL, Bangalore
    2. Sri P Ramrao, Ramky infrastructure Ltd, Hyderabad
    3. Sri P Kiran Kumar, Haigreeva infrastructure Project, Hyderabad
    4. Sri Madusudan B Kumar, Unity infra Projects Ltd, Mumbai
    5. Sri G S CH Bose & Sri K T Ajay, Salcon Engineering, Behard,Malaysia.
    6. Representative of M/s Saisudhir Infrastructures Ltd, Hyderabad
    7. Sri Kiran Kumar Kurilla, AMR Envergys Ltd, Belgaum

    The meeting commenced at 14:30. Certain bidders have asked their queries prior to the pre bid
    meeting through post. The Executive Engineer, KUIDFC welcomed all the participants and explained
    the structure of the project. He informed the bidders that this project is funded by ADB, the
    Implementing Authority (the Employer) is the CMC, the implementation shall be through KUIDFC
    Project Management unit and the Programme Consultant will be certifying the quality of work. The
    details of major elements such as Collection System, Sewage Treatment Plant, Rail and Road
    crossing works etc were explained to the bidders. During the meeting also some of the bidders have
    raised queries.
Sl.No                       Queries                                                 Replies
                                                          There is no land acquisition involved in this project.
        Land acquisition if any may be cleared before
1                                                         Land for the construction of STP is already available
        awarding the job.
                                                          with ULB.
                                                          Employer will obtain the necessary permissions.
        Permission may be obtained for Road               However the contractor has to liaise with the
        Crossings.                                        authorities to get the permissions. All the assistance
                                                          shall be rendered by the Project Management Unit.
        Arrangements may be made for shifting all         Provision has been made in the estimate for shifting the
        existing service lanes in the pipe alignment.     existing service utilities.

        Wherever pipe line alignment passes through
                                                          For Railway crossings proposal have already been
        Railway Lines, permission may please be
                                                          prepared and forwarded to Railway Authorities. The
4       obtained from the railway Authority for
                                                          contractor may have to assist to liaison with the
        executing the crossing by resorting to
                                                          Railway Authorities to get the permission.
        trenchless technology.

        Required area may please be provided for          Surplus excavated earth and debris has to be disposed
        stacking the earth brought from trench            off by the contractor himself. Similarly any temporary
5       excavation in narrow streets and extra            stacking and transporting back earth for trench filling is
        payment for re-shifting the earth for trench      necessary, the contractor shall have to make his own
        filling.                                          arrangements.

        Permission for controlled blasting in hard rock           If required, the Contractor should obtain the
        is requested.                                     permission. Assistance will be given by the Employer.

        Land at free of cost for providing batching
        plant, site office, stores, lab, stacking of      This has to be arranged by the Contractor at his own
        construction material and labour hutments         cost.
        may be provided.

        In the cultivated area, clearance may please be
8       arranged before taking up the trench              This situation does not arise.

        For price adjustment, the rates of the cement,
        steel and bitumen is much higher than the         The rate shown in the bid is as per estimate and cannot
        current market rates and hence requested to                               be changed.
        lower the price.

        In Price Bid Page no: Ex 11, the unit of the
                                                          As per the bid document Ex No:11, shall be measured
10      150mm dia CI pipe should be in Rmt, but it is
                                                          and billed in weight units (metric ton).
        given in mt. Kindly clarify.

                                                                  Quality Assurance Plan will be prepared in
        The approved make for electromechanical
11                                                        consultation with the consultant and successful bidder
        works and pipes may be mentioned.
                                                             and same will be implemented during execution.

12      For quoting competitive rates another 15 days         Sufficient time has already been given. Further
        of time from the due date of submission of bid     extension of time for the submission of bid cannot be
Sl.No                         Queries                                              Replies
          may be permitted to work out the following                              considered.
              a)    Sending queries
              b) Data working
              c)    Preparation of the documents
                                                           Number of Joint Venture partners shall be minimum
          It is not mentioned in the documents about the
                                                           and the Joint Venture should satisfy the conditions
13        allowed number of Joint Venture partners.
                                                           stipulated in Information to Bidders (ITB 4).

          Please allow experience of 4MLD STP or
14                                                         Bid condition shall remain.

                                                           Bid evaluation shall be done with respect to credentials
          All the documents reflect of the bidder or the
                                                           of firms taking part in the bid as single entity or
          partner to Joint Venture and not sister or
15                                                         partners of a JV. Sister/ Parent companies experiences
          parent companies.
                                                           shall not be considered unless they are not a party to
                                                           the bid.

          The performance of the STP regarding the
                                                            The influent BOD and TSS for this scheme design is
          efficiency of treatment of Sewage beyond the
16                                                          250mg/ltr and BOD 300mg/ltr and after treatment the
          scope of the bidder such as the value of inlet
                                                              BOD and TSS shall meet the norms prescribed by
          BOD and outlet BOD is not given in the
                                                                           Pollution Control Board.
          The tender should have separate scope of pipe
17        line network and STP and its work should be      The package is fixed and there will not be any changes.

After the meeting all the bidders were advised to visit the site and make their own assessment of the site
condition. The KUIDFC, CMC and the PC offered them all technical assistance for the site visit. The
meeting was concluded at 17.00hrs with the vote of thanks by the Assistant Executive Engineer, NKUSIP
Cell, Ranebennur.
                                                                                 Municipal Commissioner
                                                                                      CMC Ranebennur

     1) Submitted to the Managing Director, KUIDFC, Bangalore

     2) Submitted to the Deputy Commissioner, Haveri District, Haveri.

     3) Deputy Project Director, KUIDFC Regional Office, Hubli.

     4) The Chief Engineer, KUIDFC, Hubli.

     5) The Executive Engineer, KUIDFC, Hubli.

     6) The Assistant Executive Engineer, NKUSIP Cell, Ranebennur.

     7) Team Leader, Programme Consultant, NKUSIP Package – I, Hubli.

     8) Deputy Team Leader, Programme Consultant, NKUSIP Package – I, Hubli.

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