Japans Economic Assistance to the Republic of Albania by tyndale


									        Japan's Economic Assistance to the Republic of Albania

                                                                              March 2007
                                                                 Embassy of Japan in Italy

                                                     (the exchange rate: 1 USD=110 yen)

Technical Cooperation

(1) Training of Albanian specialists
Training courses for Albanian experts started in 1990, and by 31 March, 2006,
185 Albanians attended training courses in Japan. They cover a wide range of subjects
such as economic policy, marketing of agricultural products, promotion of export,
environment conservation.

(2) Dispatch of Japanese experts
5 short-term Japanese experts have been dispatched to Albania (three in 1996, and two in

(3) Development Survey
(a) Mineral Exploration in the Shebenik Area (FY1995-98)
    The objectives of the Project is to identify new chromium ore resources by clarifying
    the relationship between the geology-geological structure and the mineralization in
    Shebenik Area and also to transfer mineral exploration-related technology to the
    relevant institutions in the course of the project implementation.
(b) Study on Sewerage System in Metropolitan Tirana (FY1996-97)
    The objectives of the Study are; (1)to conduct a feasibility study for reorganizing the
    sewerage system in Metropolitan Tirana having an area of 2,700 ha for the target year
    2010, through reviewing existing plans, and (2) to transfer technology on planning
    methods and skills to counterpart personnel in the course of the study.
(c) Tirana Primary Sewage System and Treatment Plant (FY2004 and ongoing)
    The objectives of the Study are:
    - to formulate a Master Plan (M/P) for improving sewerage system for Greater Tirana
       to the target year of 2017;
    - to conduct a feasibility Study for Priority Project(s) selected in the M/P; and
    - to pursue technology transfer to the Albanian counterpart personnel in the course of
       the Study.

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