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                                  Spring 2007

Accelerated Italian 402

Italian 402 will take us through the second half of Prego! textbook, introducing you to
more advanced grammar forms and supplementing your vocabulary. Exploration of
Italian life and culture will bee an integral part of the course: you will significantly
improve your speaking and writing skills as you learn more about Italy, the basics of
Italian history, art, music and literature, the mass media, and the peculiarities of Italian
politics. In this course a strong emphasis falls on your communicational skills, thus
speaking will play a cardinal role in your learning process of the Italian language.

Text: Prego! Lazzarino-Peccianti-Aski-Dini Be sure to have the 6th edition, which
      is available at the bookstore with workbook.

The course will be conducted in Italian, and you are expected to adhere to the
departmental policy of speaking only in Italian during class time. It is essential that you
come to class prepared, having read the grammar points before your instructor
presents them in class, so that practice in class may be more productive.


      Attendance and Participation 15%
      Homework 15%
      Interview 10%
      Test 15%
      Presentations 15%
      Midterm 15%
      Final 15%

ATTENDANCE will be graded as follows:

       There are 43 class days in the semester. You are allowed 3 unexcused absences
       before there will be an adverse affect on your grade. The 4th unexcused absence
       removes one point from the total of 43, etc.

PARTICIPATION will be judged on several factors:

      Preparation: do you bring all materials to class every day; read/study all assigned
       pages before coming to class?

      Language: do you always speak Italian in the classroom, regardless of accuracy?
      Participation: do you volunteer often and participate fully in a mature and
       thoughtful manner?
      Group work: do you work well in groups and pairs—speak in Italian and stay on
      Attitude: do you have a positive attitude in class and are you supportive of
      Respect: do you ever disrupt others, talk when teacher is speaking or classmates
       are asking questions? Do you raise your hand when asking questions yourself?
       Are you respectful of the overall class atmosphere?
      Tavola Italiana (2 sessions); Italian Film Festival (2 sessions). These count as part
       of your homework grade, and are opportunities for you to improve your speaking
       and comprehension skills, as well as your knowledge of Italian culture, outside of
       class. Schedules for both activities will be posted on blackboard and on the
       departmental website at the beginning of the semester. If you have a semester-
       long conflict, let your teacher know at the beginning of the semester so that you
       can arrange an alternative assignment.

   All assignments you turn in must have your NAME and the DUE DATE written
    on them. Please staple your work, if multiple pages, and write legibly if hand-
   Your instructor will post your homework on the course Blackboard site. Please
       check this site routinely, including the days on which you are absent; (it is not
       necessary to contact your instructor to ask for homework on such days; your
       instructor will not run after you to make sure you are aware of the assignments
       you have missed; please be independent in finding out what work is due and in
       completing it on time.)
      Assignments can receive a +, , or - depending on how carefully they are
       completed. You must self-correct workbook assignments according to the answer
       key in the back of the workbook (a different-colored pen is required!) in order to
       receive credit. I suggest doing workbook assignments first, checking them, and
       then doing the unguided textbook assignments, which we then go over together in
      You will be required to write a composition every two weeks. Each composition will be
       graded twice: you will have a week to write the first draft (60 % of the grade) and
       another week to write the final draft (40% of the grade).
    NO late assignments will be accepted.
    NO emailed assignments. Only printed copies count as turned-in homework, and
     anything you email to me will be deleted.

      Toward the end of the semester your instructor will conduct a brief oral interview
      with you to evaluate your conversation skills and your general fluency. These
      interviews will be scheduled outside of class, if possible, during his office hours.


      3 tests will be given over the course of the semester, but your instructor may decide
      to add quizzes, announced or unannounced, at his discretion that will count toward your
      final grade.
      No make up test will be granted unless your instructor receives a written
      notification from your academic dean.


      Students will be required to give TWO group presentations (in Italian!) over the
      course of the semester. You cannot read while presenting. If you do so, it will
      lower your grade.

                                Programma giornaliero

Settimana 1
10-1 presentazione corso
12-1 Capitolo 10

Settimana 2
15-1 Vacanza!
17-1 Capitolo 10
19-1 Capitolo 10

Settimana 3
22-1 Capitolo 10
24-1 Capitolo 11
26-1 Capitolo 11

Settimana 4
29-1 Capitolo 11
31-1 Capitolo 11
02-2 Capitolo 11

Settimana 5
05-2 Capitolo 12     Quiz I: Capitoli 10 e 11
07-2 Capitolo 12
09-2 Capitolo 12

Settimana 6

12-2 Capitolo 12
14-2 Capitolo 13
16-2 Capitolo 13   Presentazione

Settimana 7
19-2 Capitolo 13
21-2 Capitolo 13
23-2 Capitolo 14   Quiz II: Capitoli 12 e 13

Settimana 8
26-2 Capitolo 14
28-2 Capitolo 14
02-3 Capitolo 14   Presentazione

Settimana 9
05-3 Ripasso
07-3               MIDTERM
09-3 Capitolo 15

Settimana 10
12-3 Vacanza!
14-3 Vacanza!
16-3 Vacanza!

Settimana 11
19-3 Capitolo 15
21-3 Capitolo 15
23-3 Capitolo 15   Presentazione

Settimana 12
26-3 Capitolo 16
28-3 Capitolo 16
30-3 Capitolo 16

Settimana 13
02-4 Capitolo 16
04-4 Capitolo 17   Quiz III: Capitoli 15 e 16
06-4 Vacanza!

Settimana 14
09-4 Capitolo 17
11-4 Capitolo 17
13-4 Capitolo 17   Presentazione

Settimana 15
16-4 Capitolo 18

18-4 Capitolo 18
20-4 Capitolo 18

Settimana 16
23-4 Capitolo 18
25-4 Capitolo 18
27-4 Ripasso

ESAME FINALE: 3 maggio, ore 12:00 (location tba)
Make your traveling plans accordingly. No alternative dates will be offered