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					HSC/CW                                                The University of Salford
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                       Event Safety - Code of Practice


The University plans and arranges many events for a variety of people. In
order to ensure staff, students and visitors remain safe on our premises; the
following information will help with the preparation, planning and
implementation for each event.

Stages to follow

Step one - Gather information and plan the event

 The name and competency of the event organiser
 Description of the event
 Start & finish times
 Audience size and profile
 Access and egress
 Identify others involved in the event
 Identify who can provide advice or assistance
 Identify contractors or other service providers
 Identify any other events or activities taking place, which may be affected
    by or have an effect upon your event

Step two – carry out a risk assessment to determine the precautions and
obtain risk assessments from other service providers

   Carry out a risk assessment of the event
   Obtain risk assessments and method statements from other service
    providers and contractors
   Use this information to draw up a safety plan and include emergency
    procedures and access/egress for emergency vehicles
   Consider if any of the operators may have an adverse effect on other
    providers and if so notify those potentially affected and include this
    information in your safety plan
   Determine stewarding levels required and competency/accreditation

All service providers and contractors working for the University or on
University property must hold a minimum of £5million pounds public
liability insurance.

Step three – plan implementation and share information

Set deadlines and
Share the information with others involved in the event planning and
management and those providing services
HSC/CW                                                 The University of Salford
Issue: Working

Only the University Estates Division can approve activities that involve
constructing or fixing to the University Estate and Grounds.

Step four – following the event, review the success and record observations
for future planning

Preparation and Planning

Before you plan your event, you must contact the Conference Office for
further information. The main function of the University Conference Office is to
plan and oversee events. They have a number of contacts and can provide
advice and guidance where required.

Once you decide if you are going ahead with the event, contact OHSS for
specific health and safety advice.

The following items may assist with the preparation and planning of an event.
In addition, some further useful contacts are included where appropriate.


Many types of event require a premise license in order to comply with the law.
These include:
Sale or supply of alcohol
Public entertainment e.g. music and dancing
Late night refreshment
Operation of a registered members club

All licences must be obtained through Commercial Services.

The buildings in the University which currently hold a premise license are:

Adelphi – First Floor Drama Studio
Allerton – Bryans Suite, Robert Powell Theatre and Social Space
Maxwell Hall – Upper and Lower Hall
Old Fire Station – Ground Floor Coffee Lounge
Peel – Hall
University House – Conference Suite, Bar, Restaurant and Private Dining
University House Students’ Union – Lowry Bar

Film crews

Film crews are regular visitors to University premises. They will all be required
to provide risk assessments and method statements outlining how their risks
HSC/CW                                                  The University of Salford
Issue: Working

will be managed. Generally, this should include reference to trailing cables,
lighting rigs and the impact upon existing building users, etc.

Nothing may be fixed to the structure of the building, i.e. no drilling, removal of
existing wall hangings, moving of ceiling tiles, etc. is permitted.

Where access to roofs is required, permission will be needed from the Estates
Division. If permission is granted, a permit will need to be obtained.

No scaffold can be erected outside any building without permission from the
Estates Division and OHSS


Barbeques are permitted outside and can be provided through the Hospitality
Services. The Hospitality Services will provide you with a risk assessment
specific to the location of your event.

Contact Hospitality Services for more information


If you are planning to serve alcohol you will require a Temporary Event Notice.
This is specifically for one-off events not covered by an existing premise
licence. Events of this nature are restricted to a maximum capacity of 499
people and can last no longer than 96 hours. A minimum of 4 weeks notice is
required for all applications.

To apply for a Temporary Event Notice, contact Jan Wilman in Commercial

Bouncy castles/inflatables

Bouncy castles are not permitted at University events. They pose a significant
risk to health and safety and have Insurance implications, which are too
onerous. Certain inflatable devices may be permitted on supply of a suitable
and sufficient risk assessment; evidence of competence of device operator;
and in consultation with OHSS.

Use of outdoor space

If the event is taking place on University outside space, Estates Division
permission will be required.
The Estates Division will also need to confirm that there are no underground
services or overhead cables, which may be affected by the event or pose a
risk to safety.
When planning the layout of the event, always ensure that fire hydrants are
not obstructed and that vehicle access to them is maintained.
HSC/CW                                                   The University of Salford
Issue: Working


Marquees can be booked through the Conference Office. Frame tent type
marquees should always be specified, no pole marquees with guy ropes will
be permitted.
Marquee fabric should be labelled with fire safety standards. Look for
standards BS 7837 in new tents and BS 5438 in older tents.

Consult OHSS for advice relating to a fire risk assessment of the marquee
structure. As a general rule, marquees for more than 50 people must have at
least 2 exits leading to different areas; the inside travel distance should be no
more than 24 metres; and the exits must be clearly signed with standard fire
exit signs. Fire extinguishers will also be required specific to the risk inside the

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment used on University premises must be portable
appliance tested, otherwise it cannot be used. If evidence of a valid portable
appliance test is not available, contact OHSS who may be able to undertake
testing on your behalf.

You must obtain permission from the Estates Division before allowing
contractors, etc. to connect to the electrical supply

First aid provision

All events should have a minimum of 2 first-aid-at-work trained first aiders
available throughout the event.

Welfare facilities

If you are planning an outdoor event, you will need to ensure adequate
welfare facilities are available. As a general rule you should provide the

Female – 1 toilet per 120 females
Male – 1 toilet per 600 males plus 1 urinal per 175 males

Handwashing facilities = 1 per 5 toilets


You will need to consider what level of supervision is appropriate for the type
of event you are planning. Contact OHSS to discuss further.

Emergency Procedures
HSC/CW                                              The University of Salford
Issue: Working

Each event will need a specific emergency plan. This should incorporate what
you want people to do in the event of an emergency and who will be
responsible for coordinating and managing the plan during the event.
Contact OHSS if assistance is required.

Useful Contacts

Clare Forster – Conference Office Manager 55487;

Michelle Dickinson – Catering & Business Manager 53189;

Jan Wilman – Commercial Services 52144

Claire Whittaker – Safety/Fire Safety Officer OHSS 55423;

Estates Helpdesk – 54444

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