whole school self review of ict by lindash


									                        WHOLE SCHOOL SELF REVIEW OF ICT
                            WORKSHOP MAY 2nd 2007

The Better Schools Fund (2007-2008) Activity 6A proposes that LEA’s and schools;
    Promote understanding and adoption of ICT self review;
    Enable schools to carry out a robust assessment of their ICT capabilities and
      identify action needed to secure the effective use of ICT in teaching and
    Assess the impact of ICT in improving standards of attainment for their

We have invited Paul Martin, who has been seconded to WAG from Torfaen LEA, to
help run a workshop on the Becta self review framework. He has been the
national coordinator for a pilot on the Becta self review framework (SRF) and has
assessed four schools (including one in Merthyr) and become a lead assessor for the
framework and associated ICT Mark.

We invite all headteachers and their ICT Coordinators to a workshop on 2nd May
2007 at ESIS, 8.45 – 11.30am.

This session will cover;
    What is the Becta self review framework (SRF) and how can it be used to
       support school self evaluation? (This will include a practical exercise to
       acquaint people with the framework.)
    What is the ICT mark?
    How Merthyr intends to support this programme through BSF Activity 6.
    Feedback from Caedraw Primary School and Cyfarthfa High School on the
       impact that the self review framework has had on their schools

In order to support the attendance of ICT coordinators a contributions of £75 will
be transferred to schools budgets to cover any costs incurred in supply cover.

Please contact Lisa Thomas at lisa.thomas@merthyr.gov.uk to reserve your place.
Please could you confirm your attendance by the 30th March in order that room
and refreshments arrangements can be made.

Melissa Thomas
Education ICT Adviser

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