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					                             Academic Affairs 2010
                                  An Academic Affairs weekly newsletter, co-sponsored by
                                  MU-ADVANCE, featuring updates on program events,
                                  projects, and faculty achievements.

                            W E E K L Y               U P D A T E
News: Diversity Roundtable                                      Friday, February 26, 2010

On Friday, February 19, the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosted the Diversity Roundtable. Guest
speakers discussed the following topics: Recruitment and Retention Strategies, Understanding
Diverse Faculty, the Language of Diversity, and Strategies for Success. More...

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Nicholas Freidin

Dr. Nicholas Freidin is a Professor in the Department of Sociology
and Anthropology and the Director of Marshall’s Archaeological
Field School. As the Director of the Field School, Dr. Freidin shares
his knowledge and skills with current students by leading trips to
field sites in West Virginia to teach them how to survey, excavate,
and record their findings. Through their research, students may
discover remnants of West Virginia’s first inhabitants. Dr. Freidin
currently teaches Physical Anthropology. More...

Faculty Publications and Presentations: Faces of Appalachia

                                          Dr. Tina Cartwright will present “Launching Tomor-
                                          row’s Scientists: COMETS” at the Sarah Denman
                                          Faces of Appalachia Symposium. Focusing on stu-
                                          dent-led science discussions called “Science Talks,”
                                          Dr. Cartwright will present results from the COMmu-
                                          nities Educating Tomorrow’s Scientists (COMETS)
                                          Program in terms of its impact on the development
                                          of a science interest among minorities. More...

 Resource: Campus Conversations
 As a result of the first four Campus Conversations, six faculty workgroups and one university-
 wide committee were established and specifically charged with making recommendations to
 address newly-identified priorities. Two more Campus Conversations have been scheduled
 to discuss the various recommendations in detail. More...

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