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           24 January                 1   London - SE9                  Eltham College
                                                                                                                 ENGLISH PRIMARY SCHOOLS
           30 January                 2   Colchester                    St Teresa`s                                    CHESS ASSOCIATION
 Saturday  30 January                 3   Ilford, Essex                 Newbury Park
           31 January                 4   Ilford, Essex                 Newbury Park                                                  National Schools Controller:
            th                                                                                                 Tony Corfe, 51 Borough Way, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3HA.
 Sunday    7 February                 5   Richmond (Closed)             Hampton                  Tel: 01707 659080 Fax 01707 661160 Mob: 07973 516718
 Saturday  6 February                 6   Worsley, Manchester           Bridgewater
 Saturday  6 February                 7   Liverpool                     Aughton St Michael’s                     Assistant Schools Controller: (Responsible for Zones):
              th                                                                                              Traci Whitfield Tel: 01782 623361
 Saturday  27 February                8   Bucks                         Gateway
 Saturday  6 February                 9   Newcastle-upon-Tyne           RGS Junior
 Saturday  6 February                10   Bradford on Avon              Christ Church
           7 February                11   Godalming, Surrey             Aldro                          National Primary Schools Chess Team
 Wednesday 10 February               12   Oldham (U9s Only)             St Edwards C Centre
           6 February                13   Grimsby                       Lisle Marsden
                                                                                                                Championship 2010
 Wednesday 24 February               14   Oldham (U11s Only)            St Edwards C Centre
              th                                                                                               U11’s – 41st Year             U9’s – 31st Year
 Saturday  27 February               15   Birmingham                    St Georges
              th                                                                                                For all schools with pupils aged 5 – 11 years
 Sunday    28 February               16   Northants                     Great Houghton Prep
 Sunday    28 February               17   St Albans                     Cunningham Hill
           7 March                   18   Rotherham                     Sitwell                                             Reigning Champions
 Sunday    7 March                   19   Stoke Newington               William Patten
           27 February               20   Sutton, Surrey                Homefield                                         Under 9 – Homefield
           20 February               21   Gibraltar                    Venue to be confirmed                        Under 11 – Haberdashers’ Askes’

 *Dates will be announced on the updated entry form on the Website              National Small Schools Chess Team Championship
      New Schools wishing to host an event in 2010 always welcome- just phone!
                                                                                                                                 U11’s – 14th Year
                            Tournament Chess Supplies advertisement                                               Reigning Champions : Blagdon School
           Chess Sets: The 'LONDON' Set is a quality plastic set (3.75” King.)
Sets - Yellow/Green - an interesting game more attractive to children. £6 per colour                          The Final will be played at Pontin’s Brean Sands, Somerset,
                 Black & White - £12each plus board special offer £17.50 total.                                   on Tuesday 6th July and Wednesday 7th July 2010.
              6+ Sets/Boards £15.75 each               10+ Sets/Boards £14.75 each

A plastic folding board: Durable and stores easily – choice of colours: Brown squares on                              All schools are welcome !!
                white board // Brown on Buff // Green on White - £7.25
    Demonstration Magnetic Roll-Up Board: EPSCA Schools £65 (normally £75)                      Headteachers who have established chess as an activity within their school recognise the
                                                                                                                 value it has in other areas of the school curriculum.
      Giant Chess Set : King (2ft)   Pieces only £320 (usually £370)     Board £130.
                                                                                               EPSCA wishes to encourage as many new schools as possible to play chess. In 2009
                            All prices include VAT & delivery                                  2,005 schools took part in the UK British Land Individual Championships with just over
                                                                                               67000 children playing in the early rounds
 Order all your chess supplies: Sets / Boards / Clocks / Books / Software from Tony
 Corfe at Tournament Chess Supplies, 51 Borough Way, Potters Bar, Herts. EN6 3HA.
 Tel: 01707-659080                                 email
 Fax: 01707-661160      our website:
 NATIONAL PRIMARY SCHOOLS COMPETITION 2010                                            At least the top two schools in each event, from each semi-final, will continue
                                                                                      to the Final Event. Schools qualifying for Round Two (Semi-Finals) may
Teams:          5 players - plus 1 reserve.                                           choose to play in the venue most suitable to them. Schools entering teams in
                Under 11 ( Yr 6 & below)                                              more than one zone or semi-final should note that a particular child may only
        Or      Under 9 (Year 4 & below)… (Age on 31st August 2009)                   play for one team in any round.

Round 1: Zones: January / February / March 2010                                       If you have any questions about the championship please contact Tony Corfe
Round 2: Semi-Finals – 6 rounds – 2 days at PONTINS                                   during office hours daytime or in the evening, up to 9.00 p.m. on 01707-
Brean Sands (Somerset) 15-16 May Prestatyn (North Wales) 19-20 June                   659080.
Camber Sands (Sussex) 26-27 June
                                                                                      Please return your entries by Friday 27th November 2009. Schools will be
                        th   th
FINAL : Tues / Wed 6 / 7 July - Pontins (Brean Sands, Somerset).                      allocated to zones on Thursday December 3rd. All the information, hopefully
                                                                                      for all zones, to arrive at your school by mid-January. Please assume your
Entry Fee: £14 per school for 1 or 2 teams (plus £7 for each extra team)              first choice of Zone unless we have made contact with you.
Schools which host a zone are not required to pay an entry fee.
                                                                                      The eight-team final will be played at Pontins (Hemsby, Norfolk) on Tuesday /
This successful competition, which started in 1969, is now in its 41st year. It is    Wednesday 6th/7th July. The teams accommodation costs at the venue are met
open to any school in England, Scotland, Wales or Gibraltar which can raise a         by EPSCA. Should there be less than 16 qualifiers in a Semi-final the
team of 5 children plus one reserve. Although the aim is to find the strongest        Controller may divert one of the places for the Final to a different Semi-Final.
chess playing schools in the country, it is intended to be an interesting
challenge to schools of any chess playing standard.                                   THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP: Traci Whitfield has arranged the
                                                                                      zones this year and would appreciate you keeping to deadlines. Should
Round One is played in regional zones which are expected to have up to 20             you have any queries about the zones please call her in the evening
teams (10 x U9's & 10x U11's). At the end of 5 matches the top 4 teams, or             before 9 p.m. 01782 623361.
4th=, or 50% (as appropriate for the size of the event), will qualify for the semi-
finals . For 4th = there is no tie break.                                             IMPORTANT - Schools entering Round 1 will be expected to play in Rounds
                                                                                      2 and 3 should they qualify. Please check your availability, and that of your
We are offering 21 zones this year for round one. It is quite possible that some      children, for the later rounds before entering Round 1.
zones will exceed the capacity of the host school. If this happens then we shall
endeavour to find another school to host a zone in the area on the same day.          Further Note: We are asking for the signature of the Head teacher to show
If you would be willing to do this please let me know ASAP.                           that they accept ultimate responsibility for their team throughout the
                                                                                      competition. Please speak to Tony Corfe directly if this causes any problems.
On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank all the schools which have
volunteered their premises and also the local organisers for offering to prepare      Should you know of any other schools, including Small Schools, which might
and host the zones. Without them this competition could not run.                      like to be invited, please copy this letter and pass it on.

Qualifying schools will opt to play in one of the 2 day semi-finals at Pontins.       …and finally please send Self Addressed Labels. Last year 17 schools forgot
In 2009 more than 1250 players played at Pontins and were supported by                and this gave a lot of extra un-necessary work.
2,800 teachers, parents, family and friends. Each self-catering apartment caters
for up to 6 people and costs about £210 for the weekend. The cost of the semi-
final weekend will have to be met by the individual schools.
              Entry to National Primary Schools Chess Team Competition 2010

School Name __________________________________________________ Telephone __________________

Number on Roll: Inf ____ Jnr ____ Total ______ Fax ______________e-mail(s)_______________________

Type of School: Inf / Jnr / Primary / Middle         Local Authority / Fee Paying / Other

Address _________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________Post Code ____________________

*Teacher / Parent to contact ________________________________ Home Telephone ___________________

We wish to enter _____teams in the Under 11 Competition; _____ teams in the Under 9 Competition.

If our team(s) qualifies for Round Two – Semi-Finals we would prefer to play at

** Brean Sands (Somerset) / Prestatyn (North Wales) / Camber Sands (Sussex)

We enclose our cheque for £ ________ (payable to English Primary Schools Chess Association)

We also enclose  5 x self-adhesive labels                 addressed to the school or other point of contact for
this competition. (These will be affixed to envelopes when sending details or results.)

The Zones we prefer are:      1st Choice Town                              Zone No.               Date

                              2nd Choice Town                              Zone No.               Date

Any further comments:

Please give the names of schools and addresses which may wish to receive details of this year's competition.

Signed: ___________________________________________________________ Dated ________________
             Teacher / Parent in charge of team

As Headteacher I accept full responsibility for my team and all of the arrangements made on their behalf by
my designated teacher and / or parent.

Name of Headteacher: _________________________________Signed: ___________________________

* / ** Please delete as necessary    Have you remembered the Self-adhesive labels?

Return by 27th November 2009 to : EPSCA, 21 Bankfield Grove, Scot Hay, Newcastle u Lyme,
Staffordshire, ST5 6AR