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                                                             Lending China
                    15 - 16 November 2007 – Shangri-la Hotel, Shanghai

‘Foreign banks are eager to offer loans, mortgages                       Learn from these Industry
and credit-card services in the local currency to spur                   Experts:
expansion in the US$5.1 trillion industry’ (Xinhua)                      •	 Akihiro	Nagahara,	Managing Director and
                                                                           CEO, United	Asia	Finance	Ltd
‘The credit cards are experiencing fast growth in                        •	 Cartier	LAM	Chi-man,	Executive Vice
China, as of end of June 2007, a total of 1.095 million                    President, Bank	of	East	Asia	(China)	Ltd.
credit cards has been issued by larger banks in                          •	 Li	Weiping,	President of Peony Card
Shanghai, 80.1% increase compared to beginning of                          Center, ICBC
the year and 127.7% increase compared to June last                       •	 Lin	Mingzeng,	Director of Credit
year’ (CBRC Shanghai Office)                                               Department, The People’s Bank of China
                                                                           Shanghai	Head	Office
                                                                         •	 Liu	Jianjun,	General Manager of Personal
Since regulations now allow foreign entrants to China’s RMB retail         Banking, CMB
banking market, consumer finance has become the hot issue for both
                                                                         •	 Michael	Wei,	Senior Vice President of
international and domestic banks. While credit cards have received
the bulk of attention, consumer loans holds significant potential to       Credit Card Center, CMB
drive growth in retail lending. With China’s growing economy and its     •	 Paul	Skiadas,	Executive Vice President-
consumers’ increasing spending, how can banks provide new ways to          Card Products, Asia Region, GE	Money
leverage this booming market?
                                                                         •	 Philip	M.	Glickman, Director - Commercial
This conference provides you a not-to-be-missed opportunity to build       Cards Asia Pacific, Citigroup
your credit card and consumer lending business:                          •	 Senior Representative, CBRC
                                                                         •	 Tang,	Virginia	Yu,	Head of Credit Card &
• The ONLY conference focused on credit card and consumer lending in
                                                                           Personal Loan, Standard Chartered Bank
• Featuring case studies from leading domestic and international banks     (China)	Limited
   operating in China                                                    •	 TS	Anil,	Regional Head-Cards Products
• In-depth analysis on the changing attitudes of China’s consumers         and Marketing Strategy, Citigroup

organized by:         media partners:

                                                                              Registration Hotline
                                                                               +86	(21)	5292	8862

an informa business                                                                  
                        Credit Card and Consumer Lending China
                                                              Conference Day One
Credit Card & Consumer Lending China                          Thursday 15th November 2007
provides valuable insights into the issues in               0815   Registration and coffee
this dynamic market:                                        0900   Welcome and Chairman’s Opening Remarks
• What are the major challenges for
                                                            0915   Opening	Address:	Regulatory	framework		
   international and domestic banks in                             • How can foreign banks invest in China’s commercial banking landscape?
   China’s booming credit card market?                             • What are the current practices and procedures affecting consumer
                                                                     lending and credit cards in China?
• What are the potential opportunities in                          • When and how will non-banking entities be allowed entry?
   China’s consumer loans business?                                Senior Representative, CBRC

• How is China’s consumer behavior                          1000   Cashing	in	on	China’s	Massive	Credit	Cards	Market		
                                                                   • Overview of China’s credit cards market and successes so far
   changing in favour of credit and consumer                       • Analysis of listed domestic banks’ credit card business performance as
   lending?                                                          an indicator of potential
                                                                   • Unleashing the profit potential from credit cards and opening up a major
• What should international banks do to                              revenue stream
   adapt to the China market?                                      • What are the major challenges for both domestic and international
• How can domestic banks be competitive                            Li Weiping, President of Peony Card Center, ICBC
   in the face of foreign entrants?                         1045   Morning refreshments
• How do you control the risks through your
                                                            1115   Providing	New	Ways	for	China’s	Consumers	to	Spend		
   internal management?                                            • Changing attitudes towards spending and how to spend eg from cash to
                                                                     debit to credit cards
                                                                   • Analysis on the changing consumption habits in China – where and how
This event is crucial for: CEOs,                                     are they using credit cards compared to other forms of payment eg
Presidents,	VPs,	Heads	&	Directors	of	                               cash?
                                                                   • Segmenting the target market and card to understand and set your
Credit Cards, Consumer Lending/Credit                                qualifying criteria and limits
                                                                   • Credit card issuance and successes in reaching potential credit card
of:                                                                  customers
• Commercial Banks                                                 To be confirmed

• Private Banks                                             1200   Plenary Discussion: The market is open…rush hour for consumer
• Finance and Consumer Credit Companies                            lending in China
                                                                   • What is the reality now that China’s banking market is officially open?
• Credit Card Services                                             • What systems and infrastructure are needed to optimize investments in
• Financial Consulting Services                                      commercial banking and profit potential?
                                                                   • What are the primary areas of focus – credit cards or consumer loans?
• Financial Product & Solutions Providers                          Featuring speakers and delegates

• Banking Technology & Information                          1245   Networking Luncheon
  Technology Providers
                                                            1400   Experiences and Lessons Learned - Credit Card Business in The
• Law, Taxation And Accounting Advisors                            World’s	Largest	Consumer	Market	-	China		
• Bank & Financial Service Supervision                             Michael Wei, Senior Vice President of Credit Card Center, CMB

  Authorities                                               1445   Product	Portfolio	Management	-	Designing	Your	Products	to	Suit	the	
                                                                   China	Market	
• Consumer And Market Researchers                                  • Introduction of popular credit cards in the overseas market – what are the
                                                                     success factors?
                                                                   • Characteristics of credit cards in the China market
                                                                   • Lessons learnt in the China market
                                                                   Paul Skiadas, Executive Vice President-Card Products, Asia Region,
                                                                   GE Money
Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
Raise your branding and awareness at Credit Card &          1530   Afternoon refreshments
Consumer Lending China! Tailor-made sponsorship
                                                            1600   Leveraging International Experience Part 1: The US Credit Cards
opportunities are available for enhancing your corporate           Industry
profile in the banking industry. For further information           • Review of the major trends and continuing developments in the US
on marketing, exhibition or advertising opportunities via          • How are cards being differentiated in America
our event campaign, contact Joyce Lu, Tel: +86-21-5116             • Assessing the evolution of a profitable card business and how it can be
                                                                     applied in China
5912, ext 127 or email                    TS Anil, Regional Head-Cards Products and Marketing Strategy, Citigroup

          REGISTER	TODAY!	Call	our	Customer	Service	Hotline	today	to	reserve	your	
  1645   Leveraging	International	Experience	Part	2:	The	Asian	Experience	
         • What are the different characteristics of Asia’s credit cards markets and
           that of China?                                                                   “截至2007年6月底,沪上的大型银行保持着贷记
         • Comparative analysis between Asia and China’s credit card industry
         • Loyalty programmes and credit card privileges to increase share of credit
           card spending                                                                    增长了80.1%,同比增长127.7%”(上海银监局)
         • How can advances in Asia be applied in the China market?
         Senior Representative, HSBC
                                                                                                           会议第一天 11月15日
  1730   Remarks from the Chairman & End of Day One
                                                                                            0815 签到和早茶
    Conference Day Two                                                                      0900 组织者致欢迎词,大会主席开场致词
    Friday 16th November 2007                                                               0915 开场演讲:银行业政策法规解读
  0905   Chairman’s Opening Remarks
                                                                                            1000 最具潜力的信用卡市场——中国
  0915   Analysis:	Development	of	Consumer	Loans	in	Hong	Kong                                    李卫平,牡丹卡中心总裁,中国工商银行
         • History of the consumer loans market in Hong Kong
         • Characteristics of consumer loans in Hong Kong
                                                                                            1045 上午茶及自由联络
         • How to apply consumer loans products to mainland China?                          1115 了解中国消费者支付习惯
         • Product innovation in consumer loans                                                  演讲嘉宾待确认
         Akihiro Nagahara, Managing Director and CEO, United Asia Finance Ltd
                                                                                            1200 演讲嘉宾论坛——消费借贷在中国市场的高速发展时期
         Consumer Lending in China                                                          1245 商务午餐及自由联络
  1000   • Different kinds of products of consumer lending in China
                                                                                            1400 经验分享——信用卡业务在全球最大的消费市场-中国的
         • How about the profit making of consumer lending?
         • Risk management of consumer lending                                                   发展
         Tang, Virginia Yu, Head of Credit Card & Personal Loan, Standard                        魏展明, 信用卡中心高级副总裁, 中国招商银行
         Chartered Bank (China) Limited
                                                                                            1445 如何设计你的信用卡产品以适应中国市场特点
         Morning Refreshments                                                                    Paul Skiadas, Executive Vice President-Card Products,
  1045                                                                                           Asia Region, GE Money
         Trend of Consumer Loans in China
  1115   • Consumer loans in China
                                                                                            1530 下午茶和自由联络
         • Take-up of consumer loans versus credit cards                                    1600 美国信用卡业务发展
         • What are consumers using loans for?                                                   TS Anil, Regional Head-Cards Products and Marketing
         • What should banks do to minimize the risk of consumer loans service?
         Cartier LAM Chiman, Executive Vice President, Bank of East Asia                         Strategy, Citigroup
         (China) Ltd.                                                                       1645 亚洲信用卡业务发展
  1200   Minimising	Risks	via	Your	Internal	Risk	Management	System
         • What are the risks and how much could it cost you if not managed                 1730 主席结束陈词,第一天结束
         • How can you assess and manage the risks in your consumer loan
           product portfolio?                                                                             会议第二天 11月16日
         • Assessing the implications of increasing amounts of bad debt on risk
           strategies                                                                       0905 大会主席开场致词
         Liu Jianjun, General Manager of Personal Banking, CMB
                                                                                            0915 个人小额贷款在香港的发展
  1245   Networking & Luncheon                                                                   Akihiro Nagahara, Managing Director and CEO, 亚洲联
  1400   Introduction of Credit Rating System in China
         • Overview of the current credit rating systems available in China                 1000 中国消费借贷发展
         • How to assess individuals’ credit?                                                    唐愈, 信用卡及个人贷款业务总监, 渣打银行(中国)有
         • Management of bad debts
         • Comparison of different credit rating systems in China
         Lin Mingzeng, Director of Credit Department, The People’s Bank of                  1045 上午茶及自由联络
         China Shanghai Head Office                                                         1115 个人小额贷款在中国的发展趋势
  1445   Commercial	Card	market	in	Asia	Pacific	and	the	US		
         • Current travel management environment in Asia                                    1200 如何通过内部管理审查系统将借贷风险降到最低?
         • Client feedback                                                                       刘建军, 零售部总经理,中国招商银行
         • Citibank Commercial Cards solution
         • Trends of Corporate & Purchase Cards                                             1245 商务午餐及自由联络
         Philip M. Glickman, Director - Commercial Cards Asia Pacific, Citigroup            1400 中国征信系统分析
                                                                                                 林明增,征信管理处处长, 央行上海总部
  1530   Panel	Discussion:	What	next	for	Consumer	Credit?	
         • How will foreign entrants be able to participate in China’s consumer loans       1445 商务卡在亚洲及美国市场的发展
           market?                                                                               Philip M. Glickman, Director - Commercial Cards Asia
         • Comparison of different forms of consumer lending and their inter-relationship
         Featuring speakers and delegates
                                                                                                 Pacific, Citigroup
                                                                                            1530 演讲嘉宾论坛——消费借贷业务在中国的发展前景
  1615   Closing remarks from Chairman and end of Conference                                1615 大会主席致闭幕词,大会结束

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