Enfield PCT and Haringey TPCTs Bidder Event by dfhrf555fcg


									        Enfield PCT and Haringey TPCT‘s Bidder Event
                    The Royal Chase Hotel
                     21st October 2008

The panel:
Rob Lee – Director of Primary Care – Enfield PCT
Grahame Bostock – Assistant Director Service Re-design – Enfield PCT
Pam Wiggett – Assistant Director Primary Care– Enfield PCT
David Lyons – Head of Primary Care East – Haringey TPCT
Dudley Tipler – External Consultant

                       Question and Answer Discussion

    Q.1: The time plan for those new to this process is very difficult to work
     with. Can we establish a new time plan?

A: The consensus from this meeting has led to a new timeline for the PQQ:

              Conflict of Interest Declaration deadline – 24th October 2008.
              Bidder Clarification Question deadline – 14th November 2008.
              Submission of PQQ deadline – 21st November 2008.

The ITT dates:

              ITT sent out to those who have successfully passed the PQQ stage
             – 12th December 2008.
              ITT meeting to be held at the Royal Chace Hotel
             – 18th December 2008 (12 noon – 4pm).
              Submission of ITT deadline
             – 30th January 2009.

    Q.2: Will Haringey and Enfield have the same service specifications and
     would you have to put in a tender for the two separately?

                                        1                              BJ 21/10/2008
A: Haringey will have a different service specification and to have a compliant
bid you would need to put in separate bids. As a point of further clarification
Haringey’s expected growth size is from 6,000 to at least 8,000 in the next five

    Q.3: Under ‘Other Services’ in the MOI it has physiotherapy, is the
     successful applicant expected to provide this service?

A: No, physiotherapy is expected to be provided on site, however the successful
applicant will be expected to integrate with the service.

    Q.4: When will the final specifications be provided and will costs be

A: Final specifications will be provided at the start of the ITT process (12
December) but indicative PCT costs will not be included.

    Q.5: If there is one panel how will they assess one bidder bidding for three
     separate bids? What if the bidder scores highly in one area but does not
     have the capacity for another scheme?

A: The Evaluation Committee will consider:
     Compliance
     Issues with capacity and other scoring templates will allow us to assess the
      bidder’s capacity to run one or both of the bids.

    Q.6: What organisations have access to the pension scheme?

A: As the APMS contract is to establish a commercial contract; on this
commercial basis the obligation falls on the part of the applicant to meet
pension requirements. However the PCT will investigate with NHS London some
of these pension related questions and give feedback.

    Q.7: With unregistered patients how do you not end up paying twice?

A: There will be some duplicate payments, but because it will reduce the
number of visits to A&E the NHS is prepared to accept this situation. However
the PCT will be putting in place reporting protocols within the specification that
will provide the necessary management information to understand the issue of
duplication/GP patient attendances. This will allow the PCT to take any
necessary actions.

    Q.8: In 3-4 years do you foresee a decrease in the number of walk in

A: Current modelling within the walk in centres in the London sector makes it
difficult to be prescriptive in expected volumes. This is an area of ongoing
discussion, which will need to take place between the PCT and the successful
                                      2                          BJ 21/10/2008
bidder.   This may necessitate some remodelling of the initial walk in centre

    Q.9: It is unclear how we are going treat an unregistered patient in the
     walk in clinic if they have a long-term condition. In the scenario where a
     patient has bowel cancer at what stage do you discharge them or
     transfer them?

A: Good clinical practices are already in place in out of hours and walk in
centre models and we would expect a clinical model along these lines to be
implemented. It is for the applicant to design clinical processes on how the
service will be run.

    Q.10: What IT System are you going to use for unregistered patients?

A: EMIS is the system we are requiring the successful bidder to use. EMIS are
currently trialling software, which should be available in 2009 that will facilitate a
walk in centre model. If however the trials are not completed in time,
Bidder/PCT discussions will need to take place to find other solutions.

    Q.11: At Evergreen Health Centre we understand there are other
     practices based there already, how will this affect the relationship
     between practices if patients want to move from those practices within
     the centre to the new practice?

A: It is the patient’s choice to move to another practice if they so wish to; they
already have that option open to them. The front reception desk and how to
make it work in the current model would be an area for bidders to provide
potential solutions.

    Q.12: If a practice that is already based at one of these centres is
     successful in its bid, what will prevent them from carrying patients over?

A: The NHS will make sure it is additional capacity and not a service shift that has
taken place, if it is found to be a service shift then funding potentially could be
stopped. The PCT needs to clearly show that they are procuring an additional
6,000 patient GP practice.

    Q.13: How soon will the successful bidder be informed they have been
     awarded the contract?

A: Panel decision to be ratified by EPCT board on 26th February 2009. All bidders
(successful and non-successful) will be notified on 27th February 2009. The 10-day
caveat for receipt of any appeals will apply.

In conclusion:

      Please look at the PCT websites for regular updates.
                                       3                                BJ 21/10/2008
   Do contact us with your clarification questions by 14 November 2008.

   Please get your PQQs in before the deadline to assist us in managing the
    project schedule.

   Those who have successfully passed through to the ITT stage will be invited
    to a pre ITT session on 18 December 2008.

                                    4                             BJ 21/10/2008

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