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									                       KINGSWESTON SCHOOL RISK ASSESSMENT: Christmas Disco 2007
                      Date of Assessment: 7 December 2007                                        Assessed by: Philip Beveridge
                                                                                 Section 1
 What is the    What Hazards        Who is affected   What Degree of       What Precautions are Already in Place to Either Eliminate or      What Likelihood/       What is The
Task/Activity   Are Present or       or exposed to       Injury Can               Reduce The Risk of an Accident Happening                  Probability is there   Risk Rating
     or            May Be               hazards        Reasonably be                         (Existing Controls)?                             of an Accident         (See Note
Environment      Generated?                               Expected                                                                               occurring?        Below & Risk
  You Are                                               (Risk Rating                                                                        (Risk Rating Matrix    Rating Matrix
 Assessing?                                           Matrix Table 1)?                                                                           Table 1)?           Table 2)?

1. Vehicle      Vehicles           All pedestrians.   Fatal/major        Movement on the site will be restricted to the outer car park.     Low                    Medium
movement on     moving on, off                        injury.            Gates around the site will be locked and that to the inner car
site            and around                                               park closed, allowing only pedestrian access. Speed limits
                the site and                                             are prominently displayed.
                interaction with

2. Visitor      Visitors having                       Minor              Ticket sales have been limited to 300. A number of rooms
                                   All visitors.                                                                                            Medium                 Low
control.        free rein to                                             are being used for activities to avoid over-concentration in
                wander around                                            any one area; form the hall, Foxes room, via the corridor to
                the school                                               rooms 3CE and 3CW to the Conference Room and along the
                premises.                                                corridor to the Gym. The rest of the school will be locked off
                                                                         and inaccessible.

3. Escape in    Visitors get       All visitors.      Fatal/major        The fire alarm system is tested and working. Fire doors will       Low                    Medium
case of         trapped on                            injury.            be unlocked and available in the hall, inside and outside KS3
emergency.      site.                                                    classrooms, in the Conference room, in the corridor leading
                                                                         to the technical block and in the Gym.
4. Minimising   Unanticipated      All visitors       Serious            All areas will have been tidied before the event begins. The
risk of         accidents                                                locations of activities are well sign-posted. All activities are   Low                    Low
accidents.                                                               supervised by members of staff. Any electrical wires used will
                                                                         be taped to the floor.
                                                                     Example Risk Assessment on
                                                                            Section 2 - ACTION PLAN
What is the Hazard            What Additional Precautions do You Need to Either Eliminate          Who is Responsible For      When Are These       When Were These
You Need to Control                    or Reduce the Risk to an acceptable level.                   Implementing These          Controls to be     Controls Implemented
         ?                                                                                                Controls           Implemented (Date)?          (Date)?

All the above.        In addition to the above, members of staff will be available throughout the   RY/PAB                  14.12.2007
                      evening in case of need and will be patrolling the school throughout the
                                                              RISK RATING MATRIX
                                            (Notes To Aid Completion Of The Risk Assessment Format)
                                                                       Table 1
          Potential Severity                                                                 Likelihood of        Meaning
          of Harm                Meaning                                                     Harm
          Fatal/Major Injury     Death, major injuries or ill health causing long-term       High                 Occurs repeatedly / event only to be expected
                                 disability/absence from work.                               (Frequent)

          Serious Injury         Injuries or ill health causing short-term disability/absence      Medium         Moderate chance/could occur sometimes
                                 from work (over three days absence)                               (Possible)

          Minor Injury           Injuries or ill health causing no significant long-term effects   Low            Not likely to occur.
                                 and no significant absence from work                              (Unlikely)

Table 2
                   Risk Rating - Degree of Injury by Likelihood/Probability
                                                        High (Likely)                      Medium (Possible)                Low (Improbable)
                   Fatal/Major Injury                   Very High Risk                     High Risk                        Medium Risk
                   Serious Injury                       High Risk                          Medium Risk                      Low Risk
                   Minor Injury                         Medium Risk                        Low Risk                         No Significant Risk
Table 3
                               Action Required : Key To Ranking
                               High or Very High STOP ACTIVITY!. Action MUST be taken as soon as possible to reduce the risks and
                               Risk                 before activity is allowed to continue.
                               Medium Risk          Implement all additional precautions that are not unreasonably costly or troublesome.

                               Low Risk              Implement any additional precautions that are not unreasonably costly or troublesome.

                               No Significant        No further action required. The risk is no more than is to be encountered in normal every
                               Risk                  day life & is, therefore, regarded as being acceptable.

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