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					                           ALGOMA DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD

                              Monday, November 5, 2007 @ 6:30 p.m.
                              Education Centre, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.

Present: Kime Collver, Monica Dale, Joe Maurice, Dave Paquin, Jayne Pateman, Lesley Phillips,
         George Pinder, Bob Taylor
         via teleconference - Robert Ambeault, Peter Evans

Regrets: Maria Hawdon, Brent Rankin, Terry Sorokopud,

Resignations: Jennifer Mathison regrets, now that she is an employee of the Board, which she
              needs to resign her parent representative position on the committee.

Visitors: none

1. Welcome

2. Agenda – acceptance nominated by George; seconded by Jennifer; approved

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting - acceptance nominated by George; seconded by Jennifer;

4. Chair’s Report
   > With Jennifer’s resignation, the SCCC now has 3 parent vacancies. Two parents may be
     stepping forward, one each from Chapleau and CASS.
   > Each meeting, identify items for next issue of the Connections Newsletter (NL).

5. Senior Administration Report
   Number of new initiatives that the board is/will be receiving training on and then developing
   procedures and transferring to schools.

   > Safe Schools Strategy Training:
     > In October, 2 parents attended Ministry of Education’s “Safe Schools Strategy Training”,
        along with ADSB and Huron-Superior school board staff, trustees, all principals and VPs,
        5 teachers and 1 SEAC.
     > Training for changes that are to be implemented for Feb 2008. Changes are the result of
        Safe Schools Action Team’s consultations and review.
     > ADSB has set up committee with 3 subcommittees for bullying, policy and progressive
        discipline components.

   > Shared Solutions Training:
     > Ministry of Education’s “Shared Solutions” conflict resolution seminar in Sudbury in
     > Intended as a tool for Special Education process but applicable to prevent/minimize any
        conflict situations e.g., parent-teacher, parent-parent, teacher-teacher, student teacher.

   > School Effectiveness Framework:
     > Government Planning Manual with template for developing School Improvement Plans,
        and formalizes data collection ONSIS (Ontario Student Identification System)
SCCC Minutes Nov 5, 2007                                                                      1 of 3
       > Still in draft form but board instructed to start implementing at 4-5 schools as a pilot

   > PRO Grant:
     > Every school to receive baseline amount of $500 from the Government; those schools
       whose PRO grand proposals are approved will receive additional funding for their
     > SCCC has made a PRO application for a Regional Grant to facilitate meetings in rural
       communities, especially French and Aboriginal communities.
     > A SCCC goal is to ask the Ministry of Education for a listing of successful PRO projects.
     > Once known, Connections Newsletter will list the successful ADSB PRO Grants (NL).
     > Hopefully will know whether SCCC PRO Grant approved by next meeting - will decide
       how to spend the $6000 PIC funding.

   > Funding:
     > Received + $105,000 funding for specific initiatives to encourage aboriginal parents into
        school community.
     > Received $100,000 CODE (Council Ontario Directors of Education) funding – 3rd year of
        support – aimed at transition from elementary to secondary.
     > Government funding for new temporary (1 ½ years) ADSB Superintendent of Education
        position bring total number of board positions to 4 – current 3 of superintendents will
        maintain their family of schools, plus individual focuses (Kime Collver – Special Ed, Lu
        Reece – literacy and numeracy, Bob Cole – grades 7-12) while the new Superintendent
        will look after Operation of all Schools

   > Aboriginal Initiatives:
     > Number of Aboriginal self-identifying for support continually increasing, at almost 800.
     > Recent Aboriginal Workshop aim to build bridges between schools and aboriginal

   > Other:
     > November PA day will be focused on numeracy and transitions, and EAs will receive
        autism in-service training.
     > ARC (accommodation review committee) for potential replacement and combination of
        Bawating and Sir James Dunn, and Clergue and Rosedale schools - set up and receiving
        role training – public consultation process starts mid month.

6. Old Business
   > Aboriginal member:
      > potentially a Garden River colleague of Dave’s will serve as a Aboriginal Community rep
      > potentially a parent position could be set aside as an Aboriginal parent position
      > Dave to check bylaws
      > Kime to ask principals of schools with high Aboriginal population if can suggest a
         potential member

   > Fall Workshop:
     > 22 parents with 6 secondary and rest primary, 1 student (a school council president), 2
        trustees, 4 Superintendents and the Director
     > student assistance during workshop well done and very beneficial
     > “176 Ways to Involve Parents” book handed out to each school – more ordered to go to
        those schools that didn’t have attendees.

SCCC Minutes Nov 5, 2007                                                                        2 of 3
       > feedback:
         - good to excellent session - too short, want more time to cover subjects more in-
           depth/more subjects – have monthly sessions
         - roles and responsibilities dialogue very useful
         - future topic suggestions – deadly games, cyberbullying, violent games, volunteers in
         - monthly meetings, extend day so more time
       > SCCC needs to think about why attendance so low when workshops are high quality
       > SCCC have one member co-ordinate on actual day of workshop

   > SCCC Survey:
     > 6 back by deadline - Dave to email chairs that surveys are still being accepted
       1) hot topics: capital plan, parent involvement, accommodating students from a closed
          school; learning about government funding; engagement of our school, i.e., school-
          students-parents-teachers-community; First Nations initiatives; new school
          information-high schools; split grades; fundraising
       2) know what SCCC provides? - 1 yes/no, 1 yes, 4 no
          3) how can SCCC support SCs: support schools which are/have been consolidated; be
          a voice to the Board for the Bawating and SJD amalgamation; provide information and
          follow up on workshop for those unable to attend; not sure what available
       4) what past SCCC initiatives useful: chairs’ tele-conference; workshops; newsletters;
           e-mails about education subjects
       5) other recommendations/suggestions: SCCC members make themselves known to SC
          and SCCC let SC know how can help; SCCC plan events for out in area and Sault
          travel out to area; don’t know enough about SCCC to make any comment; keep up
          good work, doing excellent job

7. New Business
   > Spring workshop: St. Joseph Island Central School on Wednesday, April 9th – maybe bus
     service from SSM to Island for evening

   > SCCC Goal Setting:
     > Based on obstacles/problems/concerns/issues identified in survey, SCCC has set 2 of its
       goals as: (1) enhance current communications, and (2) increase SC’s knowledge of SCCC
     > Strategies to accomplish goals:
       - Connections Newsletter 2-3 x/yr (Bob)
       - website posting of (approved, detailed) minutes; contact information; meeting dates;
          upcoming events/news items (Lesley to Kime)
       - invite SCs to SCCC meetings (SCCC to pay District reps transportation and food
          expenses): invite 2 SC per meeting – start with SJD and Bawating (Dave)
       - SCCC take meetings/events out to rural areas (e.g., Spring workshop)
       - more frequent chairs/rep meetings for SC training information, etc.
        Motion for the above goals and strategies by Bob; Seconded by Jayne; Carried
     > Kime to contact principals to ensure have up-to-date SC chairs’ contact information

   > Capital Plan Update:
     > Updated at workshop, Brenda and Serge will provide further update at next meeting.

Next Meeting: Dec 3rd at 6:30; Jayne regrets can’t make that date.
Agenda items: PIC; Capital Plan; Spring Workshop

Adjourn: 8:35 pm
SCCC Minutes Nov 5, 2007                                                                   3 of 3