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The Pseudo-Minutes for the cancelled meeting originally scheduled


									                  The Pseudo-Minutes for the cancelled meeting originally scheduled 10/22/09

Burning Issues        None were emailed to Leslye
Approval of Minutes 10/08/09
                      Tabled until next meeting, see attached
Treasurer’s Report/T&C Funds change:
              The District allowed us to keep all of our rollover from last year, but has cut our normal B budget in half. We have spent
              $466.66 so far. The cut will greatly effect how we do business for the upcoming year. The following changes will need to be
                      1. The Senate will be providing $150 in Travel and Conference Fund reimbursement instead of the $350 provided by
                      Senate in the past. The cap will now be set at $2500. (FYI: The contribution and cap is set by the Executive Board.) We
                      had a lot of people take advantage of T&C funds last year, which was great. But since we only have half of our budget, it
                      makes sense to cut the Senate contribution to T&C in half. This will allow many more people the opportunity to get some
                      help throughout the year.
                      2. We put a new program into action last year: the Senate contributed $100 to the department/division of the employee
                      who won the 'Employee of the Quarter' award. This program has had to be discontinued for the 09/10 year.
                      3. We need to scale back on pretty much everything we do. Last year was a good year and we took advantage of that fact by
                      purchasing a laptop among other necessities. Please note, all items were needed and discussed in Senate. This year is totally
                      different and we welcome any suggestions on where we can get creative and still afford and/or achieve what we set to do as a

Foothill & District Committee Reports
Campus Center Board– meeting on October 14, 2009
      John Kutei is the new Campus Center Board Chair for Fall Qtr.
      CAMPUS CENTER: Floor in front of food services was replaced. Student Activities bought sign board by bookstore facing quad which
      will be installed soon. There is a dip on the bridge in front of the electric doors of the cafeteria where the rain pooled on Tuesday. There
      was only one custodian so a student employee vacuumed the rain. They are looking into doming the bridge or putting in a drain but for
      now they have a vacuum. T-shirts have been ordered that say ―Campus Center Team (? on back)‖ so Campus Center Board members can
      take an active role in directing students and helping with the Campus Center outside of meetings.
      FRESH & NATURAL: Mystery shopper plan in effect (need about two per month for next 3 months, then quarterly). Volunteers will
      need to answer a 45 question survey and will get a free lunch. Those interested should contact Naomi at
      New frozen yogurt machine and sushi twice a month. Fernando Morales is the new kitchen manager who will oversee menu and catering.
      10% discount with OwlCard signs would like to be posted on registers.
      KJ’s: Very busy at both locations. Breast cancer awareness special: donation made with all pink drinks.
      ASFC SMART SHOP: More professional cash register by Friday that will give a daily balance.
       DESIGN CENTER: Please use Design Ctr as $ goes back to the college. No laminating machine but they will send jobs to Kinko’s if need
       be. 20% discount w/ OwlCard.
       BOOKSTORE: No report.
       POLICE: Busy. Wind & water makes parking permit machines not work and can’t use kiosk for funding reasons. Asked if ASFC can help
       with funding. There is no limitation for # of permits sold so can’t really help with parking problems. They issue warnings for
       unauthorized parking unless threatening safety, in which case they will issue a ticket. They tried shuttling in the past (parking off campus
       or far away) but it didn’t work.
       HEALTH SERVICES: Naomi is doing flu vaccines.
       INTRAMURALS: Come see Steve Mitchell for booking the Intramural Room for clubs or activities.
       VOLUNTEER CENTER: Volunteer Fair just happened, good student turnout but could’ve been better. Starting to plan blood drive and
       food/clothing drives now. College credit is available for volunteering. The office has students or staff from 9-5 but they are often busy and
       away from the office working on activities. You can look for Steve downstairs in the Intramurals Room if he’s not in the Volunteer Center.
       They have a handy website and might post that on the door.
       MIDDLE COLLEGE: Middle College is an alternative high school program with the high school teachers here on campus and some
       additional units might be taken at Foothill. Office is downstairs in Campus Center. Currently they have 70 students (about 34 juniors and
       34 seniors), and some of those students are part of the Volunteer Center. They were asked about helping put a permanent no smoking sign
       near their office and will talk to Naomi about it in our next meeting.
       PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES: No representative.
       BOOKSTORE: No representative.
       STUDENT ACTIVITES: Record numbers in new student orientation. Welcome Week was successful and vibrant, leadership classes are
       bursting. Club Day was successful and ASFC voting positions are all full. State elections are coming up, so they are working to hand out
       voter registration.
       ANNOUNCEMENTS: College hour is every Wed from 12-1, and they are open to co-sponsors of events. Check with Tricia or Erin for any
       potential calendar conflicts.

Employee of the Quarter Committee – See Treasurer’s report above
Staff Development Committee – There are a few travel and conference fund applications that have not hit our
               account yet and may not for another month to several months from now, but if all of them turn their paperwork in to get
               reimbursed, we are up to $704.20 of our $2500 cap.
Website ‘webmaster’ –                   09-10 Senate Minutes and Agendas are now and will continue to be posted

       Academic Senate –
            1) Faculty are needed to facilitate admin evaluations. The process is easier this year.
            2) Talk to your students about flu prevention and discuss contingency plans for missed work during flu absences.
                    1) Please encourage students to take the sustainable transportation survey asap. Here's the link to it:
                     2) Please consider paying Senate dues of $6/month so that we can offer student scholarships, our primary
                     expenditure. You can have these deducted from your paycheck directly.
                     3) Financial Aid launches a new scholarship website soon which allows students to easily scan apply for
                     scholarships online. Faculty and staff readers may also read applications online as well. A preview site is at
                     Readers for the applications are always welcome so if you are interested, let your senators know.
                     4) You might have noticed some very legislative types around campus last week. The State Legislative Analysts
                     sent a contingent on an info-seeking mission and many faculty and students talked to them about the reality of
                     community college life.
                     5) The notion of delaying the start of summer school by one week was brought up in the Academic and
                     Professional Matters (APM) committee last week. Mike Brandy will research the implications and unintended
                     consequences of that change---when CSUs start, how 8, 10,and 12 week summer sessions would be affected,
                     how PT faculty would be affected, etc. Stay tuned.
                     6) PaRC met last week to prioritize faculty-hiring requests. This is the first effort of our new, collaborative,
                     and transparent Strategic Initiative and Planning organization. The consensus is that the process works very
                     well and generates spirited and thoughtful discussion. The priorities for hiring for this year are faculty in these
                     A) Rad Tech
                     B) Transfer Counselor
                     Both of the above carryovers from last year
                     C) Psychology
                     D) Math
                     E) Sociology
                     F) Res Therapy
                     Eight other positions were requested and are being re-prioritized just in case funding for hiring is available.

College (Basic) Skills Committee – Volunteers needed; next meeting Oct 28th!
Commencement Committee - Volunteers needed
Educational Master & Strategic Planning Task Force – No report
Faculty & Professional Development Committee – Leslye Noone and volunteer needed
Planning and Resource Council (PaRC) –
      From D. Garrido
      Unofficial Summary of the Oct. 21, 2009 PARC meeting.
      1) Oct. 7 minutes approved (view all agendas and minutes at the college president's governance Web site:
2) Review of 09-11 Position Reduction Proposal: Judy Miner will forward to chancellor Brandy her plan to make additional cuts if
necessary by VP/area as she originally proposed to PARC. So if the bargaining units don't agree to any benefits and/or salary concessions
and management decides to eliminate 25.72 classified and administrator positions, they will be allocated as follows for Foothill:
VP                                                  TARGET
BARKER: EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES                           3.00
GALOPE: WORKFORCE                                       6.72
HUEG: EXTERNAL RELATIONS                                3.00
MYERS: STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                              6.00
SWETT: MIDDLEFIELD                                      2.00
TOWNSEND-MERINO: INSTRUCTION                            5.00

Categorical program cuts shouldn't impact positions directly. If concessions reduce the budget shortfall, a different method may be used to
allocate cuts.
Leslye Noone read suggestions from Classified Senate and individual staff to save money:
         Better business/payment practices, consolidation of services, revenue-generating ideas; focus on high-school instead of middle
         school and elementary students, don't offer overloads to FT faculty, coordinate curriculum between campuses, and switch to a 4-
         day week. Judy Miner responded that the college was pursuing grants to gain additional revenue, but the other suggestions were
         not particularly promising for a variety of reasons including contract language, Academic Senate rights, and limited potential for
         savings. Eliminating the campus police and contracting with the sheriff was also rejected. The campus radio program will be
         eliminated with its one faculty position. (Doc will retire.) KFJC should continue to exist as a community station, and we probably
         won't sell the FCC license to operate it.
3) Full-Time Faculty Requests: At the first PARC meeting on October 7, members were given details of requests for full-time faculty
positions from all the divisions. Members were asked to rank them for importance to the college by Friday, October 16, via an online
survey. At today's meeting the results of the survey and merits of the requests were discussed. The state may grant a waiver allowing
colleges to forego hiring additional full-time faculty to meet a required minimum called the Faculty Obligation Number (FON), but Judy
Miner determined that she would go ahead with approving the top four positions that would be required to meet the FON obligation.
Division deans are now authorized to advertise for the following faculty positions:
         Psychology, Math, Sociology, Respiratory Therapy
         Judy asked the PARC members to re-rank the remaining requests by October 30 with an intent to open as many as five additional
         full-time faculty positions. (Not all open faculty positions result in hiring someone the first time out, while others sometimes result
         in multiple hires if the pool is especially attractive.) Results of this second survey of PARC members will be discussed at the Nov. 4
         meeting. Still in the running:
         Software Training, Accounting, Voice, Biotechnology, Softball coach/PE, Biology, Math, Computer Networking
4) Formulating Action Plans: Strategic Initiative Committees had orientation kickoff October 13. Everyone in the college is invited to
suggest initiatives we will commit to completing. You have a couple options: 1) Attend open forum Friday, October 23, from 8:30-12 noon
in the Toyon Room to share ideas, and/or 2) Complete online survey:
The Strategic Initiatives are:
-Building a Community of Scholars
-Putting Access Into Action
        -Promoting a Collaborative Decision Making Environment
        Details about them are here:
        5) Announcements
           1) Accreditation training is coming; the agendas will be those that we come up with for the Strategic Initiatives.
           2) SJSU is sending us between 350-1200 college skills students for whom we may not have room.
           3) Transfer Day is Wednesday, October 28. Wear something from your alma mater that day!
           4) War Stories video showing (produced by De Anza College): limited free tickets still available for this Nov. 1 afternoon showing. Call
                (650) 949-6965 for more info or tickets.
           5) ASFC expressed appreciation for Judy Miner and Dolores Davison visiting their meeting.
           6) Foothill Master Symphonium performing October 24. See Fine Arts Web calendar for details.

From M, Chenoweth
      PaRC 10/21/09:
      The group took an online survey before the meeting to prioritize full time faculty requests. The results are listed below. Since there was
      consistent agreement among the top four, we did not discuss these much and these are approved to go out. It is possible we may be able to
      hire more. They are waiting for more budget information. In order to be prepared, Judy would like to look at the second set of priorities
      for full time faculty and we will discuss them in more detail in the second meeting. This discussion did begin in the October 21 meeting
      and there was a lively debate over the merits (or not) of hiring for P.E. and CTIS (mainly). The group will do another survey this week on
      the second set and talk about them at the next meeting on November 4. In addition, Judy reminded the group that the District is still
      asking for a plan to make more cuts should the State budget situation deteriorate and/or not enough benefits are cut in negotiations and
      encouraged individuals to forward any suggestions to the appropriate constituency leader.
      Foothill College PaRC FTEF Priority Ranking 10-16-09 (finalized in 10/21/09 meeting)
      IR&P DAP
                                                         COMBINED RANKING                 TOTAL SCORE
      Psychology (Division rank 1 of 3)                          1                                80
      Math Instructor (Division rank 1 of 2)                     2                                70
      Sociology (Division rank 2 of 3)                           3                                42
      Respiratory Therapy Instructor (Division rank 1 of 3)      4                                42
      Next group to rank by October 30 for November 4 meeting:
      Accounting (Division rank 3 of 3)
      Biotechnology Director/Faculty (Division rank 2 of 3)
      Biology Faculty (Division rank 3 of 3)
      Software Training Instructor, Interactive & Multimedia Technologies (Division rank 1 of 2)
      Computer Networking/CISCO Instructor (Division rank 2 of 2)
      Softball Coach/PE Instructor (Division rank 1 of 1)
      Math Instructor (Division rank 2 of 2)
      Voice Instructor (Division rank 1 of 1)

Program Planning Committee – Nhung Tran and volunteer needed
Strategic Initiative Planning Committees (PC):
     Building a Community of Scholars PC– David Garrido, Rhonda Goldstone
     Operations PC – Sindy Olsen, Judi McAlpin
     Promoting a Collaborative Decision-Making Environment PC – M. Chenoweth, Lori Thomas
     Putting Access into Action PC – What I really want to acknowledge is that our committee operates on a
     collaborative effort of all members and there's no single leader.
Student Equity Committee -- Volunteers needed
Sustainability Committee –
      1. Alternative Transportation Fair: The Sustainability Committee co-hosted with the Environmental Technology Club an Alternative
      Transportation Fair on Tuesday, Wednesday, and finished up today. There were bicycles, an electric/hybrid car show, as well as
      scooters and Segways.
      2. Transportation Survey: The fair also kicked off the 2009 Student Transportation Survey, which is being collected as part of our
      requirements in measuring our carbon footprint, as well as measure student involvement and support for possible transportation
      alternatives. It will be going on for the next few weeks.
      3. Brown Bag Lunch: There is a Brown Bag Lunch scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 12 noon in the Faculty/Staff lounge. We will be
      chatting and discussing what isn't happening on campus, that you would like to see with regards to sustainability. Bring your lunch,
      Mia will provide dessert!! (Please encourage them to come--its a great chance for folks to visit, and is not a formal discussion.
      4. Mia is not here today, because she is at a meeting with the director of VTA, with Becky Urrutia-Lopez. They will be opening a
      dialogue, to explore ways to increase bus ridership to campus and improving the bus routes serving Foothill.
Technology Committee – Volunteers needed

Board of Trustees – Volunteer desperately needed
District Budget Advisory Committee – was rolled in with Burning issues at CAC.
      We are now in our 3rd grand jury audit. There seems to be a flurry of school district audits going on.
      Ours involved salaries, and travel and mileage for the Board/Chancellor/Administrators.
      The other two had to do with Athletics and having classes open to all, and the number of hours of attendance by a student.

      This brings us to bad news with the budget. The way hours were counted looks like it will cost us around $500,000 in state apportionment
      we will have to return for the years 06/7 and 07/8. Last years apportionment is also being finalized and looks like we will have exceeded
      growth so that is another $500,000 and finally non-resident enrollment is down which will cost us 300-500,000 as well. So in one day we
      potentially lost 1.5 million, but those numbers have not been finalized. Just goes to show how volatile the whole budget still is.

District Chancellor's Advisory Council –
      CAC continues to review Board Policy. The current issues are not too relevant for classified staff – Academic Freedom and graduation
      requirements, in addition to add drop policies. They are checking with legal to verify that each campus can have a different requirement
      for grade change policy. Foothill wants a two-year limit, while De Anza a 3-year limit for students to request a grade change. This is how
      long faculty would be required to retain all student records. There is a time line and chart for getting through these policies. Basically
      constant review is required. (It looks like by the time you get through it, you have to start again.)
      They will go over the strategic plans next time.
      On the FH campus PARC is working on Integrated Planning Committee, and Shared Governance Handbook is coming to the Senate for
      Chancellor search should be having 1st round interviews at the end of this month. Hopefully with recommendations in November of who
      to forward for open forums.
      Also a lengthy discussion on the legislative visit that took place last week. I attended the luncheon with this group as well. They are the
      legislative aides and members of the LAO that implement policy and budget decisions for higher Ed. They are part of a project that is
      looking at how the policy decisions they make affect us. Some of the things they went over in the debriefing with Judy were PE,
      Differential fees, local control funding mechanism, instructional vs. non-instructional apportionment. There is a battle on where these
      decisions are made – is it guidance or dictum. We continue to stress that local control is important. Each district has different needs and
      knows better what they need rather than trying to make a one size fits all when it comes to policy.
      Interesting that they noted that we are in much better shape than so many other districts and they felt it was due to long-term
      management. Most districts have a much higher turn over in management than we have traditionally had.
District Diversity & Equity Advisory Committee – attended on 10/20/09
      1. Michelle Le Bleu-Burns (De Anza) began by discussing changes to AP 4640 and AP 5500. Both of these policies discuss complaints
      regarding harassment and discrimination. There are a variety of types – employee to employee, student to employee, student to district,
      employee to student, and employee to 3rd party all in the scope of 4640 and student to student falls within the scope of 5500. There is an
      informal process for managing these complaints. A victim has up to a year from the incident to file a formal complaint. If either type of
      complaint is to be filed, go to Pat Hyland’s office in Student Affairs.
      2. Edmundo Norte from the Diversity Office at De Anza did a role play—he is new
      to the District, no one attending the meeting knew him except Miriam Lamb. He walked in acting like the ―typical‖ Mexican, dressed in a
      workshirt and sunglasses, he carried on with a heavy accent for 15 minutes talking about his life as a kid from the barrio and how he ended
      up at De Anza. As he spoke about that he finally revealed himself by removing his ―costume‖ and putting on his suit coat and continued on
      in a 3-piece suit. We then talked about ourselves, our reaction to his charade and how easily it is to slip into prejudices. One conclusion
      was that prejudice and discrimination should also be addressed as part of program review and SLO’s.
      3. We were told to come back next time with ideas for district-wide diversity trainings.
      I had to leave right at 11:30 and didn’t hear the conclusion of the meeting. One agenda item that wasn’t addressed while I was there was
      the Climate Survey which seems to be a subject of interest once again. I assume they will be addressing it during the next meeting. (I don’t
      have a date for that meeting.)
District Educational Technology Advisory Committee – No report
District Legislative Committee – is trying to get things going. I asked about them meeting since I had been a member but had not
      heard of any meetings yet. They said they were trying to reformat the committee so that it met quickly when an issue of import came up. I
      told them we would like to be advised and participate.
District Professional Growth Advisory Committee – Just an update in regard to the 'chatter' you said you've heard. There isn't
      anything changing in the near future. Earlier this year, there was discussion of clarifying some of the language and revisiting the '48 hour
      minimum' in section #1. But nothing new has happened. I believe the benefit, layoff, and salary issues are taking the front seat on this go
Committee Nominee/Volunteer Ratifications
        I have not received any nominations or volunteers for the empty slots.
       The only question I got was from Allison Largent. She wonders if she could give up her position as our Rep on the Campus Center Board
       and if we should just ask Erin Clifford Ortiz take that on for us since she is at those meetings anyway. That way Allison could serve on
       another committee that needs a rep. What do you think? Since Erin is there as part of her job, should we expect/ask her to represent
       Classified Senate as well? Would there be a conflict? This can be discussed at our next meeting.
Discuss Governance Handbook—propose changes - Tabled until next face-to-face meeting, see attached
For the Good of the Order - I am attaching my earlier email, ―An explanation from your President‖ so it is clearly documented what
       happened on the 22nd, see attached. Concern re: attendance at meetings tabled till next meeting.
       Dear Classified Staff,
       About ninety minutes ago I learned that the Thursday Classified Senate meeting was cancelled. I believe you need an explanation.
       I knew I was not going to be able to run the meeting because I was going to be out of town for four days. I went to our Executive Board to
       ask for someone else to run the meeting and was unable to find a substitute because our VP Gigi would be at Banner training, Treasurer
       Denise couldn't run the meeting and Secretary Karen is still out on leave. Rather than cancel it, I contacted Past-President Maureen, asked
       her to run the meeting and she accepted.
       Unfortunately, she called me on Wednesday to tell me she would not be able to attend the meeting at all. I still felt strongly that I did not
       want to cancel our meeting so I asked ―Past-Past President‖ Dave to run it and he accepted. Then I dropped the ball. It was very late on
       Wednesday when I got notice from him (I was actually late to leave here on Wed. evening!) and I failed to tell everyone that all had been
       taken care of, I only let Gigi know.
       Denise and Maureen compared notes on Thursday and since Gigi wasn't there to tell them, they thought I had no one lined up; so the
       meeting was cancelled! Dave called Denise when he read that notice to tell her he and I had spoken but then they figured since the
       meeting had already been cancelled earlier, it would be too confusing to ―un-cancel‖ it.
       The plan now is to get written reports from everyone who was planning on attending/reporting last week and send a modified ―minutes‖
       out to you by this Thursday so you know what is going on around Foothill. Please accept my apology and plan on attending our next
       meeting. Don't hesitate to send me something you would like sent out with our pseudo-minutes-a burning issue, question or
       announcement, etc.-and I will try to include it.
       Thanks for your patience and kind understanding.
       Sincerely, Leslye Noone Classified Senate President

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