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Friday, April 8, 2005 -- Poquoy Brook Golf Club -- Lakeville, Massachusetts
           Defending Champions – Paul Dench & Mike Generazo
                                Pairings Sheet

 TEE    MEMBER1        MFIT                                                                  TEAM
TIMES    NAME        HANDICAP                            SKINNY                              ODDS
9:05A   Dad Hurley      36        Dad is coming off back-to-back scores of 123 and
                                  hasn't made a par since the par-3, 15th hole in the
                                  5th Annual MFIT, that's right 2002! While The Squire
                                  wondered if he was even invited to play in this year's
                                  event (a preposterous thought) the membership
                                  wondered how much longer our very own Arnold
                                  Palmer may continue to grace us with his presence
                                  before a storied retirement. This member is maxed
                                  out on the allowable MFIT handicap scale and shoots
                                  an average of nearly 7 shots over that handicap
                                  (which is not a field worst by the way) so he's got
                                  some work to do to vie for the title... not an easy task
                                  given the lengthy winter and the fact that carts will
                                  likely not be allowed on the course come Holy Friday!
                                  Playing in his 7th consecutive MFIT, we'll again ask
                                  him to lead us off this Friday. Best of luck.

        Kevin Kemp      17        A tremendous faux pas (pitching a no-show for
                                  Selection Committee) has deepened the hole this
                                  member needs to dig out of. A defensive posture
                                  taken for the homeless, that is, jacket-less members
                                  and a practically non-existent golf game for a man of
                                  his potential in the last two MFIT’s leaves the
                                  membership questioning his ability to get it up for a
                                  tournament this big. Making just one par playing
                                  alongside the COOiP and as a favorite last year only
                                  exacerbates his growing reputation of not raising his
                                  game to the level that is required to keep warm on
                                  the veranda. He’ll bring the refreshments again, this
                                  time as a penalty, for the driving range; let’s hope he
                                  can buy a golf game at the Bloody Mary store as

                                                     TEAM SKINNY                             2,000:1
                                  Call David Spade at the Capital One customer service
                                                                                              not a
                                  center for the chances of this team taking the title –
                                  that’s right, zero, zip, nada, nienka… Given their
                                  most recent scores in this tournament and the fact
                                  that they get a collective 53 strokes – they’ll need to
                                  need to use every single one - a statistical
                                  impossibility - to finish in the top half of the field.
                                  Enjoy the day boys and see you on the veranda.
                      Pairings Sheet (continued)

 TEE     MEMBER1          MFIT                                                                 TEAM
TIMES     NAME          HANDICAP                          SKINNY                               ODDS
9:05A   Mike Generazo      16      One of many members who made a golf trip to the
                                   land of Isleworth (Orlando, not Ireland) this spring to
                                   gain inspiration and search for a liver donor. How
                                   much inspiration this guy needs though should not be
                                   questioned as he became among the first to win his
                                   third green jacket last year and extinguish a drought
                                   that had parched him since 2000. His thirst for yet
                                   another pair of sleeves was only out-paced by his
                                   thirst for another 8 BL’s and a couple of Captain &
                                   Cokes from the cart girl at ChampionsGate. While
                                   this member is nearly always a factor in this major it
                                   is also unlikely he could repeat victory with the
                                   partner he rode to his first two victories. Armed with
                                   a new putter that he bought site unseen and seems
                                   to have more B’s in it than birdies, Friday will tell if
                                   he’s any more consistent over 18 holes of Major
                                   Championship golf.

         Jay Hanson        34      The handicap of this charter member was the topic of
                                   lively conversation at Selection Committee. It defies
                                   logic that a two-time former MFIT Champion is
                                   actually playing this year’s event at a 34 MFIT
                                   index!!! Has he reached his nadir?? The Committee
                                   graciously allowed for him to slip into oblivion a little
                                   further by keeping him 2 strokes beneath the
                                   maximum so it begs the question – can his game
                                   Baker-Finch any further than it already has?? Only
                                   Friday will tell. He hasn’t felt the warm gabardine
                                   since 2000 and it appears unlikely he will be able to
                                   re-kindle his fond memories with the partner he
                                   dressed with in his historic marches to victory in 1999
                                   and 2000, especially given the fact that he now only
                                   plays 4 times per year – Good God man! Even Duval
                                   plays more than you’ve played! This member
                                   remains a fixture at this major as a competitor but
                                   are his days in the broadcast tower looming near??

                                                       TEAM SKINNY                             1,500:1
                                   The chances of this team winning on Friday would be         again,
                                   like Gary Player winning the Masters in 1961 and then       not a
                                   again 17 years later in 1978 – possible, but highly          typo
                                   unthinkable. Keep play moving, enjoy the day and
                                   have some beer ready on the veranda for the
                                   incoming groups.
                     Pairings Sheet (continued)

 TEE    MEMBER1         MFIT                                                               TEAM
TIMES    NAME         HANDICAP                          SKINNY                             ODDS
9:14A   Matt Hurley      14      What was previously a monkey on his back has now
                                 become King Kong! Among the most consistent
                                 golfers in the membership, the blessed silk has
                                 continued to be like an albino gorilla in the mist –
                                 very, very elusive… Just purchased the new R5 - that
                                 got him an extra 30, so now his drives get out there
                                 with Corey Pavin - and used it to put together a
                                 remarkable southern swing, playing some great golf
                                 while sometimes chauffeuring around a bunch of
                                 drunkards. He appears poised to finally slip
                                 something between the primates and his own skin.
                                 Consistency aside, controlled aggression is what is
                                 needed at ANN, look no further than our brother
                                 Mickelson in 2004 at Augusta as an example of how
                                 to play on these storied links and take the title home.
                                 Continues to be the best player to never have won a
                                 major, good luck Monty!

        Jack Hurley      15      A few short months ago it appeared this 2-time MFIT
                                 champion may not play any golf this year when he
                                 found out he had a herniated disk. After a trip south
                                 and seven rounds with the links and the bottle (won
                                 on the turf, lost at the bar) he came back only to find
                                 out he had four, that’s right four, herniated disks! He
                                 begins PT tomorrow, just in time for Friday’s Major.
                                 Look for him to ask his partner if he can tee up his
                                 ball for him and to get him out of TGI Friday’s
                                 without a tail… A recent fitting of new X-18 irons –
                                 the irons Mickelson plays – should give this member
                                 what he needs to contend for the first time since his
                                 victory in 2001. Again, he’s gutting rooms in his
                                 house so physically he’s a disaster but his record
                                 indicates he sets his sights on the Majors and this
                                 year will be no different.

                                                    TEAM SKINNY
                                 This team could make history repeat with a victory.
                                 The last time a low handicap team went for a fitting
                                 was 2002 and the low handicap team hasn’t scared
                                 the top half of the field since. It is imperative they
                                 ding & dong around the links and get through Amen
                                 corner ahead of the field. A sweet romp on the
                                 veranda it would be for this duo. Good luck.
                      Pairings Sheet (continued)

 TEE     MEMBER          MFIT                                                               TEAM
TIMES     NAME         HANDICAP                          SKINNY                             ODDS
9:14A   Brian Hughes      19      One of our international members made himself a
                                  very costly error by showing up to Selection
                                  Committee an hour and ½ late!! Another member of
                                  the southern swing who was frankly appalled at the
                                  behavior of some of the college kids he went on the
                                  trip with… What? They were grown men? That’s just
                                  sad – but the COOiP digresses. He has exhibited
                                  some outward enthusiasm in the email banter leading
                                  up to the tournament but was decidedly quiet on the
                                  Kissimmee circuit, we don’t know if that’s because he
                                  had slipped into a coma on the golf course or he
                                  couldn’t really speak without slurring so decided
                                  against it. This member also is armed with the best
                                  driver on the southern tour (that’s the club, not the
                                  golfer), a new COBRA that is more forgiving than
                                  Bernie “the Pimp” Law. In the 2004 MFIT, he rode
                                  his partner around the course and finished a distant
                                  2nd in the runaway of the ’04 MFIT, his best finish in
                                  three tries. Harsh, you say? He shot 114 while
                                  carrying a 17!! You do the math! Let’s see if he can
                                  better that Friday.

         Jim Hurley       28      While this member skipped the Big Tour trip south he
                                  did make a trip on the Nike/ tour
                                  to Orlando getting some golf in while he burnt the
                                  first two layers of skin off his forehead! While he did
                                  finally find gainful employment he did again play a
                                  very limited schedule in 2004 and seems to have
                                  made a conscious effort to spend less time on the
                                  course – could be he’s developed a case of the little
                                  known HRV (Hosel Rocket Virus) and doesn’t want
                                  anyone to know. Now that we think about it, he did
                                  find a way to miss both the Orlando trip and the 36-
                                  hole event at Pine Hills – we may be onto to
                                  something here… Best of luck to you as well.

                                                     TEAM SKINNY                            10:1
                                  The consensus front runners given their potential and
                                  total strokes being given but they’re playing alongside
                                  some of the best golfers in the membership so that
                                  may throw them off a bit. They both average less
                                  than two pars per MFIT played so they need to better
                                  that to contend. This team either wins it or finishes
                                  in the lower half of the field, no middle ground for
                                  these guys.
                       Pairings Sheet (continued)

 TEE      MEMBER           MFIT                                                                  TEAM
TIMES      NAME          HANDICAP                           SKINNY                               ODDS

9:23A    Steve Hurley       15      “I’ll have a Bombay & Sapphire… I said a Bombay &
                                    Sapphire… what? They’re the same thing? OK, just
                                    bring me two, thanks.” Just a glimpse of the COOiP’s
                                    spring break tour of the greater Orlando area. In fact
                                    he acknowledged the aftermath of Orlando with an all
                                    expenses paid trip and chance meeting with Ben
                                    Wright and Pat Summerall at the Betty Ford Clinic…
                                    again, he digresses. The Chairman is also swinging
                                    new X-18’s but isn’t quite sure if they’re any better
                                    since he can’t remember how they felt when he
                                    played down south. Lives for this week and our
                                    parent tournament and of course the MFIT!! Drew
                                    what could be the best partner in the field and needs
                                    to guide his protégé around ANN in search of the
                                    poly/wool blend trophies for his third title and his
                                    partner’s first.

        Dave McGinness      22      ANN’s other international member is making the trip
                                    north from his new home east of Paris (Paris,
                                    Tennessee that is). This member created quite a stir
                                    at Selection Committee without even being there
                                    when it was announced that his handicap had risen 5
                                    full strokes to a high water mark of 22.6 – is he going
                                    the way of his Bryant classmate on his way to a 34??
                                    He’ll be jetting in on Thursday and his partner is
                                    hoping he packed his “A” game – the one that helped
                                    him to a near medalist-like 94 last year. The
                                    membership is obviously skeptical of the dramatic
                                    change in handicap given this members potential but
                                    if he’s playing like he says he’s been playing he’ll
                                    need all 22 to help this team to victory.

                                                        TEAM SKINNY                              20:1
                                    There is already talk among the membership that a
                                    victory by this duo would be tainted given the
                                    disparity in one partner’s handicap from 2004 to 2005
                                    but the COOiP doesn’t see it, when Selection
                                    Committee agreed to give him 22 the taint was
                                    removed. Getting more strokes than you’d think they
                                    need they certainly should be a factor come Amen
                                    Corner, let’s see if they can slip into something a little
                                    more comfortable on the veranda.
                      Pairings Sheet (continued)

 TEE      MEMBER           MFIT                                                                 TEAM
TIMES      NAME          HANDICAP                          SKINNY                               ODDS
9:23A    Paul Dench         23      This charter member and ANN webmaster made
                                    history last year winning his third title with an
                                    unprecedented third different partner. He’s now
                                    trying to write his legacy with a 3rd consecutive title
                                    and 4th different partner?! But while his commitment
                                    to the MFIT is unwavering can he really focus on
                                    Major Championship golf now that he is out of work
                                    and in search of another lucrative gouging, that is
                                    contract programming, job? He closely followed
                                    Bryant U’s quest for a DII hoop title only to see them
                                    come up short, you can’t help but think that playing
                                    in the final group for the 3rd consecutive year
                                    thoughts of coming up short may enter his mind on
                                    18 tee… look out for that pond?!

        Kevin Donnelly      17      We’re delighted that this still silk deprived charter
                                    member is so willing to leave the posh confines of his
                                    elitist private club and play on the public links that we
                                    all call home. During his trip south this guy got tired
                                    of having to stop the cart girl to replenish so he had
                                    the on staff doctor install an IV that allowed a
                                    constant drip of Bud Light to enter his system to keep
                                    his chemical balance on track… The result, he was
                                    the only southern swing golfer able to have even a
                                    sniff of alcohol on the Sunday we returned, a
                                    testament to his resiliency or his problem?! While he
                                    escaped scrutiny at selection Committee because of
                                    the McGinness debacle, it should be noted that this
                                    member’s handicap has gone up a full 3 strokes from
                                    his glory days of 2004 – quite a jump considering he
                                    plays 50 rounds a year at the enclave known as
                                    FRCC. Thanks as always go to this member for
                                    securing great tee times at our home course and for
                                    bringing along his family’s Hurst to cart off the body
                                    bags from the front of 16 green.

                                                        TEAM SKINNY                             25:1
                                    This team is no doubt a force to contend with this
                                    year – combining a 3-time champion with an also-ran
                                    could be the right combination for victory. It’ll be
                                    interesting to see how much “advice” the jacket-less
                                    member will try to give the 3-time champion. Good
                                    luck boys!

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