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                                     End Dental Phobia and Dentist Fear and Smile!
                                                        By Peter James Field

   Dental phobia and dentist fear are conditions often seen by the hypnotherapist. Usually, clients who
have suffered from this crippling fear for most of their lives are amazed to find that after just a couple of
sessions of hypnotherapy they have been released from their often overwhelming fear of the dentist.

After brief hypno-psychotherapy, they can at last visit the dentist and begin the process of restoring
their dental health in a calm and relaxed manner, without the heart-palpitating, terrible feelings of
anxiety and panic that they had previously experienced when thinking about, or actually visiting the

When it comes to dental phobia and fear of dental procedures, research has shown that it is a
surprisingly common condition. Indeed, according to a really comprehensive survey conducted by the
British Dental Association, a full 25% of the general population actually have a fear of the dentist and a
fear of dental procedures.

In really severe cases of dental phobia, simply seeing a toothpaste commercial or passing by a dental
surgery can provoke intense feelings of anxiety and distress.

Very often, by the time the individual with a dentist phobia or fear of the dentist actually arrives at the
hypnotherapy office, they have already allowed their teeth, gums and general oral health to reach such
a poor state that they really have no choice but to take action.

Often, their dentist will have referred them so that they can free themselves of this very real - yet totally
unnecessary and incapacitating - fear.

Many people will have already suffered agonising pain and discomfort because of their poor oral
health, yet so great has been their dentist fear and dentist phobia that they have felt compelled to
struggle on regardless, avoiding seeking proper dental care.

The simple truth is that their dental fear has somehow been more powerful than the real pain and
unsightliness of their decaying teeth and painful gums.

The origins of dental phobia very often lie in previous negative or painful experiences that the individual
has undergone at some time in the past when visiting the dentist. Sometimes, such fear can be passed

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

on from a parent, or it can even be caused by unhelpful comments made by a dentist or dental nurse
during previous dental procedures.

On top of this, feelings of loss of control, of vulnerability and helplessness, and a generalised fear of
the unknown can be triggered and exacerbated by the thought or the experience of being in the dental
chair. Yet the truth is that with today's modern dentistry and advanced pain control techniques, a visit
to the dentist needn't be at all painful or fearful. With modern dentistry, you can have really good,
sparklingly healthy teeth and healthy gums without having to experience any undue discomfort or pain
in order to achieve it.

Perhaps you already know this. Perhaps you are already aware that your dental phobia and fear of
dental treatment is unrealistic and largely irrational. But knowing this and being empowered to conquer
it are, of course, different things.

The good news is that no-one is born with this fear and, since dental phobia and dentist fear - in
common with all phobias - is a learned behaviour, it can indeed be 'unlearned'. And this is where
advanced transformational hypnotherapy is of such enormous help.

In the majority of cases, this is a fear that can be removed in just two sessions of effective

Through the medium of advanced hypnotherapy, correctly applied, you truly can free yourself from any
unnecessary fear of the dentist or fear of dental procedures. You really can end your dental phobia and
dentist fear.

Knowing that today's wonderful advances in dentistry can allow you to visit the dentist and receive the
proper dental care and attention you deserve without it being a painful or difficult experience, it just
makes sense to rid yourself of this irrational block to good oral health.

If you or someone you care about suffers from dental phobia or fear of the dentist, seek out a fully
trained and experienced transformational hypnotherapist and put the smile back on your face!

Peter Field is Consultant Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Tatum Institute -- world renowned center of
excellence for dental implants and advanced oral surgery. He is a Member of the British Association for
Counselling and Psychotherapy and Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. For more interesting articles
and other helpful information, visit his website: http://www.peterfieldhypnotherapy.co.uk

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                 Sedation Dentistry, the method to get rid of your dental anxiety and fear
                                             By Simon David

Sedation dentistry is the use of anesthesia during treatment to put patients into a relaxed state, almost
in a slumber. Sedation dentistry is often used during procedures that require an extensive amount of
time in the treatment chair, and sedation is extremely essential for patients who exhibit dental phobia
or have difficulty controlling their movements. Some forms of sedation dentistry only gets rid of
anxiety or put patients in a slumber, so that one does not feel the agony and pain of dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry allows you to be sedated so that you don't undergo the pain and trauma while going
through a dental surgery. Sedation during dentistry procedures can help you if you have sensitive
teeth, a fear of dentists. Conscious sedation or sleep dentistry allows dentists to use nitrous oxide,
which is also known as, laughing gas, to relieve the pain.

Many patients having painful dental care in the past or a traumatic experience in the dental chair, looks
for the pain free and anxiety free dentistal care . Those who suffer from dental phobia or excessive
fear, can avail of conscious sedation by the dentist to get anxiety-free dentistry. Manhattandentalspa
ensures you of making your visit to the dentist a relaxing and enjoyable one. If you are completely
relaxed and comfortable, it is easy for the sedation dentist to achieve in one or two dental visits, what
otherwise he would have taken years to perform.

There are many types and degrees of dental sedation; the sedation dentistry technique depends upon
the treatment being performed and the degree of the patient's dental anxiety. The dentist will suggest
whether one should be recommended for moderate sedation with oral sedatives or nitrous oxide, or
deeper sedation with intravenous drugs.

Some patients, specially children have a natural fear of the dentist, while others have had a traumatic
dental experience in their past that has made them reluctant to seek treatment again. Many patients
find their anxiety is eased when they undergo procedures while in a sleep-like state.
Manhattandentalspa has the best facility for sedation dentistry, and provides its patients the ultimate in
dental care in state of the art chamber.

Manhattan Dental Spa offers you the services of Sedation dentistry nyc which can offers you
absolutely pain less dental procedures in a relaxed state of atmosphere.For Further information Please
visit our site www.manhattandentalspa.com

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