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									Rossetti Ng

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

there are more than one hundred and thirty

thousand international students who come to study

in Canada every year. Their tuition fees are at

least three times higher than what local students

pay, and the challenges of learning English as

well as their chosen subjects can be daunting.

To understand this it is essential to know why

international students have to come to study in

Canada and what their expectations are. How can

foreign students fulfil their goals with language

difficulties in order to compete with local


    The Fraser International College, or the FIC,

located in the Vancouver area at Simon Fraser

University provide University Transfer Programs

for international students. These programs

include language and cultural training to ease

this transition into local universities.     Are

educational institutions such as the FIC really

helping foreign students to get ready for further
education or are they just promoting their

businesses to earn money?

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