A new project supporting Refugee Community Organisations
As a response to the increasing challenges facing Refugee Community
Organisations (RCOs) in accessing and managing funds, Refugee Council
and Refugee Action are developing a partnership project to help RCOs build
their organisational capacity to access and manage funding from the Big
Lottery (BLF) and other sources of funding.

The development phase of this project is funded by the BLF under their
Building and Sustaining Infrastructure Services (BASIS) programme. This
initial phase will last for approximately six months, and will focus on
developing the main project by working with RCOs and other stakeholders,
particularly infrastructure support organisations and funders, to:

      scope the support needs of RCOs in all English regions
      set up a national RCO data base
      develop a five year strategic plan to meet the identified needs.

If approved by the BLF, the delivery phase will concentrate on the actual
infrastructure-building services such as training and other support to RCOs to
help them secure longer term funding from local and regional funders in
general, and the BLF in particular. The delivery phase will also provide
training for BLF staff on refugee awareness to help them understand needs of
refugees and how to support and work with RCOs. The project will work in
consultation and partnership with refugee communities, and their involvement
from the outset is highly valued.

To find out more about the project and/or how you can get involved during the
delivery phase, you can contact:

Refugee Council (Fazil Kawani) on 020 7346 6761 or
Refugee Action (Gail Pringle) on 0116 2616210 gailp@refugee-action.org.uk

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