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					Rrrrallye Team Supports Awards For Young People
The Rrrrallye Team is supporting a number of young people to achieve a variety of
awards through an event which is taking place on 14th June 09. Youth Achievement,
Duke of Edinburgh, Millennium Volunteer Award and Dynamic Youth are some of
the awards that young people can achieve through a fundraising event.

Youth Achievement Awards
These are for young people aged 14 and over who would benefit from accreditation
for volunteering through informal learning. Sharon Duncan, Senior Youth worker in
Keith and Fiona Herd Community Learning and development both support young
people aged 14 years and over to work towards their Youth Achievement Award.
The awards promote key life skills including planning, communicating, teamwork,
reflecting and leading.
The Scottish Qualifications Authority recently announced that the Youth
Achievements Awards which are licensed in Scotland through Youth Scotland, has
gained credit rating and levelling against the Scottish credit and Qualifications
framework. The S.C.Q.F. credit rating and levelling of the Youth Achievement
Awards now means that young people will be able to directly map their achievements
in youth work against school based qualifications. The Youth Achievements Awards
credit rating and levelling is :-
BRONZE;              Level 4 with 7 S.C.Q.F. credit points
                     Comparable to a General Standard Grade
SILVER;              Level 5 with 11 S.C.Q.F. credit points
                     Comparable to a Credit Standard Grade
GOLD;                Level 6 with 14 S.C.Q.F. credit points
                     Comparable to a Higher
PLATINUM;            Level 7 with 16 S.C.Q.F. credit points
                     Comparable to an Advanced Higher

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Karen Forbes, New Start Development Worker and Carol Holiday Keith Grammar
School, both support young people to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Award. This
award supports young people aged 14-25, to work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold
awards. Each young person builds their own individual learning programme through
four distinct sections of the programme, Skills, Physical recreation, Service, and
expedition (with a residential project at gold level only).

Millennium Volunteer Award
VCM Youth Development Worker Angela Hinchcliffe in an instrumental link
between organisation and young people. This link allows young people to access
organisations and be fully supported during their volunteering experience.
VCM fully supports the achievement of Millennium Volunteer Millennium Volunteer
Award. MVA is a national initiative that recognises the contributions young people
make to volunteering in their local community. Young people work towards 3
certificates; 50 and 100 hours, then finally a 200 hour certificate of excellence. Each
of these certificates bears the signature of a Scottish Government Minister. Not only
does this show potential employers/further education etc, that this young person has
worked incredibly hard to gain this recognition, but it also shows commitment and
dedication to making positive change within their community.
Volunteer Centre Moray, based at 15 High Street, Elgin IV30 1EQ
Contact Details
T: 01343 544104         F: 01343541749
Dynamic Youth
These awards are aimed at 10-14 year olds and only needs a minimum of 5 hours
commitment of volunteering. There are 3 levels to work towards, 5-15, 16-30 and
over 30 hours.

Young people can achieve a variety of awards through volunteering within their
community to build confidence, self-esteem and personal goals that can be
acknowledged by certificates of recognition, which can then be added to their
personal CV.

Jean Pryde (01542886630) Intensive Support Worker, from The Loft Youth Project
works alongside young people and workers to support the achievement of these
awards. She has close links to the VCM and actively encourages young people to gain
recognition by means of awards.

Further details on how to get involved in these awards and others can be sought from
the above people or a member of the Rrrrallye Team.