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Crew Wanted Crew Wanted
Name and Boat                  Contact Info                    Looking for../
Name                           Contact Info                    Experience/Availability
                                                               Availability for afternoon

Samples be low
Satrick Feet                   (416) 565-8020 Cell             Looking for experienced
                               satrickfeet@sample.com          foredeck/ spinnaker crew to
                                                               join our race team for 2008
                                                               Wednesday Night racing
Sample                                                         and possible weekend
                                                               events. The boat is a 41 foot
                                                               Hanse. Other members of
                                                               the crew have had past
                                                               experience in one design
                                                               racing in various sailboat
                                                               classes from dinghies to
                                                               keel boats.
Nuno de Matos                  nuno@sample.com                 I am 31 years old, with a
                               Cell: 647 383 1020              CYA Basic Keelboat
                                                               certification in 2008,
                                                               looking to get more
                                                               experience in keelboats in
Sample                                                         order to be
                                                               ready for an Offshore
                                                               Course in Europe.
                                                               My dream is to do
                                                               Caribbean Sailing and
                                                               Transatlantic Sailing.

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