A Great Thanksgiving Week

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					                           A Great Thanksgiving Week
      Last week began with a beautiful day, a good group of scholars studying the Word
together at 9:30, and 63 at the worship hour, including 16 guests. John launched our
week of special emphasis on thanksgiving with a most appropriate sermon.

       We rejoiced with the angels that Bill Malone was baptized into the Lord’s kingdom,
family, and a new life of freedom from sin. We’re thankful that Roy had met and talked
with Bill, and assisted with his new birth.

        It was a joy to see several who had been out of circulation: Don, Frank, Terry,
Billie, Joyce and others. Among our guests were dear friends and snow eagles. We’ve
been especially thankful that Caryl has been in the area for family activities and with the
church family that he notably helped lead and encourage. Likewise, it brought smiles to
know that equally-honored Hugh and Marj were in town to make their “kids’” and
grandkids’ get-together more complete.

       A robust number, 30 of us, enjoyed lively discussions, food and fellowship at LIFE
small group meetings that evening.

        Thanksgivings are extra special when we can share and serve others. We hauled
in a humungous pile of donations for FIND food bank, and their truck loaded both barrels,
heaped up, plus a half-dozen extra bags full. For the second straight year, your generosity
has literally overflowed.

        And as we look forward to our December 6 blood drive, we’re thankful that we can
help in a unique way, by signing up to give a pint in the Bloodmobile that will be parked in
our lot from noon to 3 p.m. A few time slots are still available—see sheet on bulletin board
or check with Lucy.

       Our monthly pot luck lunch that day--we’re “the church that eats”, remember--will
bring the usual fun, food and foolishness and for all. We close November and begin
December well, indeed. Thanks be to God!