How to Unzip a Zip File

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					How to Unzip a Zip File
What is a Zip file
A zip file is a file that has been created with one of the popular file compression programs such as
WinZip or EasyZip. You can identify most Zip files by the .ZIP file extension (the dot and three
letters at the end of the file name)

Most Zip files contain files and folders in compressed form. Sometimes a Zip file will contain only
loose files that have not been collected into folders, and sometimes the zip file will contain one or
more folders that in turn contain other folders or loose files.
Remember: A zip file can contain collections of files and folders organized in any imaginable

How to download a zip file
A Zip file may be downloaded to your computer from the Internet like any other file.
The easiest place to download a zip file is to your desktop. To do this:
Either LeftClick on the download link and select SAVE, or RightClick on the download link and then
LeftClick on SAVE TARGET. When you see a dialog box asking where to save, select DESKTOP.

How to move the zip file to your desktop
If you've downloaded a zip file to a place other than your desktop, then follow these instructions.
A zip file may be cut, copied, moved, pasted and deleted just like any other file.
If you want to get at the contents of a zip file (called unzipping) then the easiest way is to first copy or
move the Zip file to your desktop. (Generally, if you're not sure of a procedure, its better to copy and
paste rather then cut and paste, so that it will be possible to try again if things go wrong)
To copy the zip file to your desktop:
    1. Navigate to the location of the zip file
    2. When you can see the name of the zip file in a folder, do one of the following
            a. Either do this:
                RightClick the zip file, and LeftClick COPY from the menu that appears..…
                then RightClick your desktop and LeftClick PASTE
            b. Or, do this:
                  Make sure that the desktop and the zip file are both visible, then RIGHTDRAG the zip
                  file to the Desktop….when you stop dragging and let go of the right mouse button, a
                  menu will appear……LeftClick COPY on the menu.

How To extract the files and folders that are stored in a Zip file (this is called unzipping)
For safety sake, you must sometimes perform one more step before you can unzip. If we've worked
with this particular zip file before, and you know exactly how it's organized, you might decide to skip
this next step. But if we've never worked with this particular zip file, there is a chance that it contains a
large collection of loose files that will scatter themselves widely over your desktop. To guard against
this, before unzipping you must create a folder on your desktop, and then move or copy the zip file into
it. To do this:
   1. RightClick the Desktop, then LeftClick NEW, then LeftClick FOLDER
   2. Rename the folder if you want (RightClick the folder, then select Rename)
   3. RightDrag the Zip file into the folder and select MOVE

How To Extract the original files from your Zip file
Now we're ready to extract the material contained in the Zip file.
   1. Navigate to the folder that contains your Zip file.
   2. RightClick the zip file. A menu will drop down on your screen.
   3. LeftClick EXTRACT HERE (or some similar phrase) on the menu
   4. After a few seconds, the unpacked contents of the zip file will appear somewhere on your
       screen (often but not always close to the place where the zip file is located). Notice that the zip
       file has not been destroyed.
   5. Copy or move the unpacked contents to a convenient location,
   6. Now, finally close any working folder that you created, and move it, along with the zip file, to
       an out of the way place where you won't confuse it with the unzipped contents.

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