Using Purchased FTP Software to Send Large Files
If your file is over 5 MB (or very close like 4.95) and/or you have a set of files
which are more than 5 MB, you have 2 options:

      Use FTP: Send the files over the web using a facility called FTP (stands
       for File Transfer Protocol). After the initial set-up, this is the fastest, most
       convenient way to send large files—it is as fast as emailing smaller ones.
           o If you have a PC using Windows 2000 or later, you can setup FTP
               with no extra software; see this set of instructions.
               However, if you have a different version of Windows, or a MAC or
               you simply wish to use a purchased FTP program, you will use the
               instructions given below.

      Make a CD: Copy the files to a blank CD and make or “burn” a CD and
       then mail CD to Candi, as you used to with tapes. This is almost like
       copying files to any other media such as zip disks or flash memory keys,
       but it takes 2 steps and a little more time. Click here to see instructions.

Using FTP software to send large files over the Web:

To use this method, you need to setup the following:

      An FTP program, often called an „FTP client‟. You can get one for free
       (with ads), a „shareware‟ version at the inexpensive price of $25-35, or a
       professional one for about $50-60. The free version with ads is often only
       a trial that lasts for 30 to 60 days. You can download them via a website,
       install. I would recommend purchasing one. See below for

      Once the software is installed, you initially setup an FTP Remote Site
       profile for the folder on a server that you wish to upload to. In our case this
       would be either an FTP folder Candi owns or an FTP folder Inverness
       owns. You will need the web address, FTP folder/box name, an User ID
       and a Password. This specific information will be in a separate
       document emailed to you by either Mary or Candi upon request.

Note: While not required, having high-speed internet access (cable, DSL, etc.)
definitely helps the process work faster and more smoothly.

After this initial setup, it is very easy to transfer files. See instructions below.
Recommended FTP client programs

There are dozens of programs out there; this is not a catalogue but ones I know
about by use or repute. If you know of another one or get a recommendation for
another, by all means use that one.

FTP for PCs:
   Filezilla made by the same people who make the Firefox web browser. I
      would now recommend this as the best, free FTP. For more info and
      downloading go to: Website:
   NOTE:Though CoffeeCup FTP is mentioned below, now instead I
      recommend Filezilla (5/2007).

      WS-FTP Home 2006 made by Ipswitch Inc. This is the high-end, most
       popular FTP client used by PC users. I use it for my web work. If this is
       your choice, use the Home paid version for $35. You can also use it free
       for 30-day trial.

FTP for MACs:
   Transmit 3.2 made by Panic Software. Generally considered the best FTP
      software for the MAC. Cost: $30. Has drag and drop of files capability.

      CuteFTP: A MAC FTP program that „s been around a long time. Free
       initial download for 30-day trial. Cost: $20

      Fetch 5.0.1 made by Fetch Software. One of the original MAC utilities. If
       you have an older MAC you might have it on your system. However the
       newest version is easier to use. Cost $25.

Note: Of course you can „google‟ FTP for PC/MAC and get dozens more but I do
recommend either using the vendor‟s own website or a safe, reputable source,
such as‟s Download site
I recommend this because all the downloads have been tested and are free of
Adware and Spyware. It covers mostly Windows but also plenty of programs for
MAC. Other good choices are the Download sections of: and

How to get an FTP client program
Since I don‟t know exactly how each step will look for each of these programs,
here instead is a brief outline of the steps involved in downloading and installing
an FTP client program:

1. Surf to the site and click the necessary buttons to get the software:
     Purchase: if purchasing, click any button that says to Buy, enter your data
       and credit card number.
     Free/Trial version: click on the Free download button to begin the

2. A page will appear with instructions and a link to begin the actual download of
the file. Remember, this first file is not the program itself, but is the Installer file. A
small screen will appear asking you to Save the file. Choose Save, not Open.

3. The installer file will save on your hard drive. This is usually in a standard
place: look on your Desktop, in My Documents, or a My Downloads folder.
Tip: if you save photos people email you, this file may save in the same place
those photo files do.

4. Once you find the file, double-click it and it will launch the installer software.

5. Follow the screens, using all the pre-set choices and clicking Next and/or
Finish. Once you click Finish. The software will begin loading.

6. When done installing, it should place a icon on your desktop.

Initial Setup of FTP Client Program

All FTP Client programs basically look and act pretty much alike, so the screens
I‟ll use below are all WS_FTP, but most other programs should have all the same
pieces that you‟ll see described here. These are for example only.

1. Open the FTP client program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (or
   you can open it by finding it in the list within Start > All programs >.)
2. When you first open the program, you‟ll be asked to set up a Remote Site
   profile of the FTP site you want to SEND to, for example, Candi's FTP site.
   You set this up once the first time and then just click on the profile thereafter
   every time you want to access her FTP site. You‟ll need 3 main pieces of
        Your name for this FTP site (like „Candi‟s site‟ is fine)
        the official ftp site—looks like a web address only „ftp‟ is where „www‟
           would be.
        the user name
        password
   This specific information will be in a separate document emailed to you
   by either Mary or Candi upon request
   The program may run you through a wizard which sets it up and asks you for
   each piece of information. This is an example of a beginning screen:

FYI: you can usually set up as many FTP profiles as you like, but you only need
one profile for any specific site. In other words, once you set up Candi‟s site, you
will just access this profile over and over.
See example screen above & below. EXAMPLE only; FTP address is not correct.

   See below for how your program will do this the next time you open the
   program and already have the profile setup.
3. After this you‟ll ask the Profile to access the file, probably by clicking OK or
4. Once the profile is open, the application will most usually appear in the
   following format: a split screen on top and a bottom panel shows not only the
   processes that take place during file transferring, but also the page you're
   uploading. In the top split screen, left side shows your computer's contents,
   the right side shows your FTP site's contents. See below for transferring file.

How to Transfer a File After Initial Setup
  1. Once you‟ve done the initial setup, when you open your FTP client
     application, you will be prompted somehow to open the Remote Site
     profile you earlier set up. Here are some example screens:
Once I click, Open a Remote connection, I get this screen which shows me all
my Profiles. You may only have 1—Candi‟s.

I select Candi‟s Site and click the Connect button. A double-click will likely work
as well.
2. Candi‟s FTP site will appear in the right side of the split screen.
3. There are 2 ways you can transfer files:
     Drag and Drop: Click-and-drag a file in the left side screen over to the
        right side screen and let go of the mouse button. The file will copy over
        onto the FTP site.
     Arrow buttons: Select the file or files you wish to transfer over to the FTP
        site. Then use the arrow button in the middle pointing to the right screen.
        The files will copy over.
Note: FTP will always transfer a copy of the file. The original file will always stay
on your hard drive.
4. Before you close the whole program down, it‟s best if you also close down the
    FTP site on the right side. Look for the standard red X close button on the
    right side of split-screen. It‟s a slightly safer way to shut down access to the

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