HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR STUFF Prepared for Green Neighbors 21 updated April 14 2008 Note Call first to confirm before dropping stuff off as circumstances can change 1 Check out the City

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HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR STUFF Prepared for Green Neighbors 21 updated April 14 2008 Note Call first to confirm before dropping stuff off as circumstances can change 1 Check out the City Powered By Docstoc
Prepared for Green Neighbors 21 - updated April 14, 2008
Note: Call first to confirm, before dropping stuff off, as circumstances can change!

1. Check out the City of Toronto's ReUse It Guide
List of over 30 organizations & what they accept
Below is a summary of the organizations listed. More details are provided in the Guide.
Go to:
Air conditioners       Keep Cool                            Air conditioners
Art supplies           Artsjunktion                         anything that can be used for arts &
                       SKETCH - Working Arts Studio for Art supplies, musical
                       Street Involved and Homeless Youth instruments/recording equipment,
                                                            non-perishable foods, computers
Batteries              Rechargeable Battery Recycling       Rechargeable batteries
Bikes                  Bicycles Crossing Borders            bikes, sewing machines
                       Community Bicycle Network            bikes
Blankets               Youthlink Inner City                 Linens, towels, blankets, refillable
                                                            drinking bottles
Cars                   Car Heaven                           Cars
Children's             Boys & Girls Clubs                   Fun items for 6-12 year olds
                       Jessie's Centre for Teenagers        Houseware, children's clothing
Clothing,              Canadian Diabetes Association        Clothing, houseware
Houseware, Books       Dress Your Best                      Clothing
                       Dr. Roz's Healing Place              Clothing, houseware
                       Goodwill                             Clothing, houseware, books
                       Interval House                       Clothing, houseware
                       Jane Finch Community Centre          Clothing, houseware
                       Oasis Addiction Recovery Society     clothing, books, small appliances
                       Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy Clothing, books, houseware
                       Ontario Society for the Prevention   Houseware, books, clothing
                       of Cruelty to Animals Thrift Store
                       Planet Aid Toronto                   Clothing
                       Progress Place                       Houseware, books, clothing
                       Salvation Army                       Clothing, books, houseware
                       St. Vincent of Paul                  Clothing, houseware, books
                       Woodgreen Red Door Family            Clothes, houseware

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Computers, TVs              Reboot Canada                         Computers, printers, scanners, etc.
                            excellent & close-by (near Bloor &    $10 monitor fee, $20 TV fee (for
                            Dufferin)                             safe recycling & disposal)
                            Renewed Computer Technology           Computers & peripherals
Food (perishable)           Second Harvest                        Perishable food
Furniture                   Furniture Bank                        Furniture
Home Renovation             Habitat for Humanity Restore          Home building materials,
supplies                                                          appliances, fixtures, windows,
                                                                  doors, cabinets
Lawn mowers                 Mow Down Pollution                    Gas mowers & trimmers
Printer cartridges,         Canadian Diabetes Association -       Printer cartridges, cell phones
cell phones                 Diabetes Recycle Ink
                            think Food/Phones for Food            Printer cartridges, cell phones
Textbooks                   Canadian School Book Exchange         Textbooks, encyclopedias

2. Also, check out what you can drop off at the City of Toronto
Environment Day in your area.
List of things you can drop off & pick up on that day Sept 28, 2008 at the Wychwood        Car Barns

3. If you have a car, you may consider dropping stuff off at a
City of Toronto Depot.
The closest depot to us is probably Ingram Dr. depot - north of Keele & Eglington. You
can drop off yard waste, tires, computers (no microwaves or TVs), polystyrene, scrap
metal, drywall, hazardous waste. (Microwaves & TVs, if dropped off at the depot, go to
the garbage.)
*Please call ahead to confirm applicable fees.
4. Get rid of stuff using free internet classifieds.                        Great free classifieds to buy and sell
                                                     items                            Great free classifieds to buy and sell
                                                     items            Awesome group that gives & takes -
                                                     Rule is that everything must be free.
                                                     Purpose of group is to keep things out
                                                     of landfill. Over 10,000 members in

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5. Other
iRecycle (416-558-7035)                           Residents can drop off only at
goal is to keep computer equipment out of         events: There is no charge at
landfills.                                        sponsored events. Upcoming event:
no store, local business (Bloor West)             Strawberries & Asparagus, Sat.,
they fix equipment & donate, or recycle           June 14, 2008. Will accept
                                                  computers, monitors, printers,
                                                  scanners, digital cameras, etc.
Future Shop & Best Buy                            Stores collect MP3 players, cell
                                                  phones, portable DVD & CD
                                                  players, batteries, ink cartridges,
                                                  CDs, DVDs
Accu-shred, Brampton                              They take computer equipment &
                                                  consumer electronics including TVs
                                                  (except plasma TVs) - they shred &
                                                  recycle everything! Drop off Mon-
                                                  Fri 9am-3pm. There is a charge.
Greentec, Cambridge 1-888-858-1515                They take all computer equipment &
Similar to Accu-shred but is far drive from       consumer electronics (except
Toronto                                           microwaves), all kinds of batteries.
                                                  They recycle everything. Can
                                                  schedule a pick-up ($100 for
GreenDisk, Inc., in the US                        Recycles floppy disks, wants to
                                                  extend services to Canada
Compact Fluorescent Lights, which contain         Bring to Environment Day, or City
mercury                                           of Toronto Depot

Please let me know of any errors or additions, or send me comments!

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