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					House of Dereon
A hip-haute fashion legacy begins with Beyoncé and Tina Knowles'
House of Dereon, which was inspired by Tina's mother, the late Agnes
Dereon (Soul), a skilled seamstress who made woman's clothing for
private clients. Ms. Dereon's artistic spirit inaugurated three
generations of stylish women and continues to inspire countless others
today. Tina Knowles (Couture) is the visionary creator of trend
breaking style mixed with pure attitude. Based on her experience as a
designer and stylist to the stars, she brings excitement, creativity and
flare to the line. Beyoncé Knowles (Kick) serves as the muse for the
line. Her sense of style is unmatched and her chameleon-like take on
fashion is ever changing and flawless. She is the new generation of
self-expression and icon in the making. The young
contemporary women's line features ready-to-wear, casual
sportswear, and denim offerings, as well as furs, handbags and
footwear. The mission of these fashions is to fuse celebrity power and
design artistry into a brand of global importance... a house of
aspiration and inspiration...where entertainment and fashion merge
seamlessly. The House of Dereon - Couture. Kick. Soul

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