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									                                 High School Drag Racing

What is High School class?

The High School class (HS) is a recognized National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) ET
or Bracket style drag racing class. In this class, the handicap starting system allows a
Hyundai Pony to be matched up against a Z-28 with the Pony having an equal chance of

Please refer to the High School Drag Racing Brochure for further information.

                                     Motorsport Club

The motorsport club is open to any Terry Fox Secondary school student. The goal of the
club is to teach students how to race a motor vehicle in a safe and organized manner.
Members of the motorsport club will be responsible for maintaining / working on the
school race car, as well as participating in fundraiser events to help support the drag
racing program. Maintaining and operating a high performance racecar requires time,
dedication and equal participation from all members of the club. If each member does
their part, the motorsport club and drivers will be able to compete competitively against
other lower mainland schools. Students who have an interest in motorsports and would
like to show some school spirit should come out and join the fun.

Our goals are:
    1. to promote an interest in all forms of motorsport

    2. to keep racing off the streets, and on the track where it's safe
    3. to promote safe driving

    4. to encourage teamwork

Driving duties will be organized in the following format for the school owned car.

Note: All driving duties will be assigned / approved by the automotive teacher / sponsor

Main Drivers

   There will be 1 main driver who will run the elimination portion of the race.
         Preference will be given to grade a 12 student
   There will be a maximum of 2 main drivers that will alternate between events for the
         Preference will be given to 1 female and 1 male student

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   The driver must:
        Be in good standing with the school and other teachers
        Attend all classes regularly
        Have minimal absences / lates
        Have a positive / mature attitude
        Be hard working
        Spend time working on the racecar

Auxiliary Drivers

   Preference will be given to grade 11 students
   Seat time / track time will be LIMITED
     Preference will be given to main drivers
   Auxiliary drivers will drive the car when time allows
   Driving can occur during practice runs or at the end of the day during time only trials
    once the main driver has lost in eliminations

There will be a maximum of 3 drivers that will be able to drive the school car at any
event. One of the main drivers will practice and run the eliminations for that day.
The second main driver will also do practice runs and will run eliminations at the
next event. The auxiliary driver will do practice runs when time allows.

Parental Consent

   There will be a mandatory meeting in the evening for all drivers. Date TBA.
     Parents of drivers must attend
   During this time we will go over policies, the car, safety equipment, rules and general
    information regarding racing.

Required Forms

   There are a number of forms that must be signed by students and parents before
    participating at any event.
   All drivers and parents of drivers are required to come to a mandatory meeting at
    the school. Date TBA
   Drivers must complete all required forms before driving at any event
   Forms that are required include:
         Parental consent / waivers
         Specific school board forms
         Specific school forms
         Specific track forms
         Specific NHRA forms
         Drivers cards / license
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Note: Additional forms may be added at any time.

Driver Training

   Training sessions will be performed in the school parking lot under the supervision of
    the automotive teacher / sponsor teacher.
   These will be low speed maneuvers
    We will practice:
         brake stands                                   safety
         launching                                      track procedure
         maneuvering
         Driving privileges will be terminated on the spot

Classroom Training

   In the classroom training, we will cover track procedures, safety and race procedures.
   Track procedures:
         Tech inspection                                 Parking
         Speed limits                                    Location of key areas

   Race procedures:
        Dial in                                           Christmas tree
        Burnout                                           Track layout
        Track exit / entrance                             Rules
        Staging

Expectations at the track

   Walk through tour of the track                  Practice driving
   Observe others

Students Racing Their Own Vehicles

   Vehicle must be inspected by the auto teacher / sponsor teacher prior to going to the
   Must have all paperwork complete
   Pay own entrance fee
   Drive to / from race track solo
   Must have an approved helmet
   Must have completed all training with the automotive teacher / sponsor teacher prior
    to competing.
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Note: Regular car insurance is void when participating on a racetrack

This document is intended to be supplement to the British Columbia Secondary School
Motorsport Association (BCSSMA) Rules and Regulations as well as to all National Hot
Rod Association (NHRA) Rules and Regulations.

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