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									                        High Prairie Minor Hockey Association
                                    Board Meeting
                                   October 14, 2009
                                  E.W. Pratt Library

In Attendance:

Karen Zelman                 Pat Olansky                  Lori Matthews
Patricia Belyan              Laurie Keay                  Steven Cross
Mike Boisson                 Lynn Pardell                 Joyce Stokes
Dayna Jarvis                 Vernon Walker                Arnold Gauchier
Warren Billard               Greg Nesom                   David Belyan
Tyler Shantz                 Phillip Rose                 Doug Shantz
Tyson Strebchuk              Rod Hill

Meeting Chair: Pat Olansky          Meeting Scribe: Karen Zelman

1. Call to Order
   Meeting called to order by Pat Olansky at 6:45 p.m.

2. Adoption of Previous Minutes
   Motion – by Joyce to adopt the minutes from the September 10, 2009 meeting.
   Seconded – Steve
   Carried Unanimously

   Motion – by Steve to adopt the minutes from the September 24, 2009 meeting.
   Seconded – Mike
   Carried Unanimously

3. Additions to Agenda –
    - Start of the 2010/2011 season
    - Tournament Fees
    - Midget / Bantam Female Teams

   Motion – by Lori to adopt the agenda with addendum.
   Seconded – Mike
   Carried Unanimously

4. Business Arising from Minutes
   a. Atom Team Numbers

   In regards to the Atom teams Steve noted that the make numbers on the teams are 13
   plus goalie. Steve was told that these were how the teams were to be chosen and he
   was not aware of the 15/15 split. He felt the numbers should stay as they have been
   chosen. The board had no objections.

5. Old Business
   a. Goalie Incentives –

      The board was presented with an example of goalie incentives. One hockey
      association is reimbursing ½ of the registration fee for goalies once the season is
      complete to help with the financial burden.

      Motion – by Greg for Vernon to research how other towns / hockey association are
      getting and keeping kids to play goal.
      Seconded – Steve
      Carried Unanimously

6. Reports

 a.      Presidents Report – A written report was presented that included a thank you to
         the board members who helped with getting the season underway. Conditioning
         camp was a success with only one complaint being the atom/peewee group being
         to large. Try out week went fairly well other than a few player specific issues
         regarding player placement. The Power Plus Camp went well. Pat did not seek
         other advice with regard to the two midget players who were refused registration
         due to the fact both players have been released to a Junior B team. Pat will be
         attending the All Peace League AGM in Spirit River October 18, 2009.

 b.      Pond Hockey – Warren reported there have been 72 children registered for the
         2009/2010 season with a possible 8 more. Registration cut off will be capped at
         25 per group (1 hr ice time). November 27, 2009 will be the last registration date.
         The age groups are 5-8 year olds, 8-10 year olds, and two groups of 11-16 year

         Motion – by Warren to cap the groups at 25 kids and registration cut off to be
         November 27, 2009.
         Seconded by Lori
         Carried Unanimously

         Discussions occurred as to possibly having back to back ice times on Friday night.
         Greg will look into this. Pond Hockey is also in need of jerseys and socks.
         Discussion for sponsors for jerseys ensued.

         Motion – by Vernon for Robert to purchase socks for pond hockey.
         Seconded by Marlin
         Carried Unanimously

     Pond Hockey would like to host a one day tournament. March 13, 2010 was
     discussed as there should be available ice times.

     Motion – by Dayna to appoint Lori and Dayna to sit on the joint Pond Hockey
     Seconded by Steve
     Carried Unanimously

c.   Treasurer Report - Joyce presented the board with the financials that included
     total funds available (total of 3 accounts) being $188,075.56.

     Motion – by Lori to accept the treasurer’s report.
     Seconded by Steve
     Carried Unanimously

     Motion – by Lori to allocate $1,000.00 per team for tournament expenses.
     Seconded by David
     Carried Unanimously

d.   Registrar – Lori reported that squirts were over by 3 players and those 3 were
     moved up to novice. Sledge hockey registration has started and the fee is $36.00.
     If a minor hockey player wants to register the fee will be $19.85. This year’s
     registration numbers to date are as follows, 19 squirts, 34 novice, 30 atoms, 27
     peewee, 29 bantam and 37 midgets. The females are 12 atoms, 16 peewee, 11
     bantams, and 10 midgets.

e.   Ice/League Director – Greg reported he will be attending All Peace League AGM
     in Spirit River October 18, 2009. He reminded everyone that games do need to be
     confirmed with Rod. Games should be confirmed by Wednesdays, ice times may
     be let go if not confirmed. Exhibition games wrap up October 31, 2009.
     Discussions occurred to upcoming dates for tournaments, play downs, etc.
     Provincial registration deadline is November 15. The All Peace League
     scheduling meeting will be held October 24 th. If there is a problem where a team
     is tiered please let Greg know prior to the All Peace Meeting. Provincial play
     downs start January 22, 2010.

     Novice – Tyson stated he would like 2 practice sessions as he feels 36 kids on the
     ice at one time is too many. It was suggested that they could share ice time with
     squirts and novice.

     A petition was presented by Lori and read by Pat. H.P.M.H. goalies and their
     parents would like ice time scheduled for goalies only.

     Motion – Mike that Greg make available 1 ice slot per season for a total of 15
     slots at the expense of each team with the exception of squirts and novice, and to

     include any goaltenders of all levels or those that may be interested including
     pond hockey.
     Seconded by Joyce
     Carried Unanimously
     Note: Lori and Vernon abstained from the vote.

f.   Referee Director – Marlin reported that it looks like referee numbers look good
     for this season. The clinic is booked and it would be nice to see female referees.

g.   Casino paperwork needs to be done. Joyce will review what needs to be done.

h.   Pat reported for Robert that the water bottles have been ordered but not the

     Motion – by Greg for Robert to purchase water bottle holders for each team.
     Seconded by Dayna
     Carried Unanimously

     Squarehead Designs will set up Tuesday - Wednesday for jacket ordering.

     Motion – by Joyce that H.P.M.H change the jacket style to the new style that was
     presented by Squarehead Designs at a previous meeting.
     Seconded by Greg
     Carried Unanimously

i.   Coach Director – Mike reported that we have coaches for all levels

j.   Conduct Manager – Absent

k.   Tournament Director – Philip noted that the Pizza Factory would like to sponsor
     certificates for MVP players at tournaments as well as home league games if
     teams choose MVP.

l.   Team Liaison – Patricia reported that she is in the process of receiving a list of all
     team liaisons.

m.   Female Director – Lynne reported that discussions occurred at their meeting in
     regards to the bantam and midget teams. The decision was that these teams stay
     as is. Since that meeting date the female committee has been given two letters
     signed by some of the players-parents that they would like to combine the two
     teams as the commitment has not been seen and there will not be enough girls on
     the teams. Pat noted that she has been contacted by a parent of a bantam team
     member with concerns of combing the teams and her 13 year old daughter being
     in a dressing room with older girls. Discussions occurred as to combining the two

     Motion – by Lynne to combine the bantam and midget female teams.
     Seconded by Marlin
     Carried Unanimously

     Motion – by Greg that the two female peewee age players that were granted
     movement to movement to the bantam female team be moved back down to
     peewee as per the HPMHA Player Movement Policy. This motion rescinds the
     motion made at the September 10, 2009 board meeting allowing the two peewee
     players to be moved to the Bantam Female Team.
     Seconded by Lori
     Carried Unanimously

     Motion – by Lori that the Policy/Bylaw Committee brings forward
     recommendations to the Board regarding the approval dates for player movement.
     Seconded by Joyce

     Motion – by Greg to rescind the motion made on the goalie practice times as ice
     time will now be available Mondays at 7:30-8:30 at the GBC.
     Seconded by Joyce
     Carried Unanimously
     Note: Lori and Vernon abstained from the vote.

     Motion – Lori that HPMHA refunds $50.00 from the registration fee of each
     Midget female player due to the ice time being decreased from 3 hours to 2 hours
     per week. The refund will be credited to the Midget Timberwolves’ team fees
     and allocated to the player affected.
     Seconded by Steve
     Carried Unanimously

7.   New Business –
      a. Team pictures – Laurie and Greg will work on organizing pictures for
         November 3rd and 4th.
      b. Grant Application – Tabled
      c. Internet Service for HPMHA office – Lori will contact Howard Anderson
         for a quote for installation.
      d. Ringette Funds – High Prairie Ringette would like to donate funds to the
         female teams under the condition of a signed agreement.

     Motion – by Steve that HPMH accept the terms and enter into the agreement
     presented by Cote Bliss Bozarth Wright on behalf of the High Prairie Ringette
     Seconded by Mike

      e. The Recreation Board requested a letter of support for Tyler Wardman’s
         Hockey School proposal and would also like a tentative start date for next
         year’s season.

          Mike agreed to investigate what other associations do with regard to their
          hockey schools/start dates. This item was tabled to the next meeting.

      f. Request to Waive Late Fees - The board reviewed a written request for a
         waiver of late fees due to family illness circumstances.

          Moved by Marlin to approve the waiver of late fees as presented.
          Seconded by Dayna
          Carried Unanimously

8. Next Meeting – November 10, 2009 @ 6:30 p.m.

9. Adjournment at 9:50 p.m.


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